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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
0000.900.0705 Photograph "Beef a la Maori" Carving the bullock L Rollinshaw   11 August 1902
0000.900.0716 Photograph Akersten Macey, William Henry Blenheim  
1996.120.0011 Photograph Albert Stratford.      
0000.900.0703 Photograph April 17th, 1911, Easter: paddling in the surf     Easter 1911
1994.179.0010 Photograph Blenheim's first champion four, 1906 McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 1906
0000.900.0711 Photograph Boy on a road.      
1994.198.0005 Photograph Butt and Dick Wedding 1943 McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1943
0000.900.0706 Photograph Celebration of the Coronation of Edward VII 1902 Irvin, James (Jim) Junior Blenheim 11 August 1902
0000.900.0692 Photograph Coming up the Pelorus Sounds for supplies during the January holiday , 1962 Brayshaw, Norman Henry Blenheim 1962
1994.198.0002 Photograph Dick and Rush Wedding 1906 McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 1906
1994.179.0011 Photograph Ed Dalton on a horse Macey, William Henry Blenheim  
0000.900.0690 Photograph Goulter's dogs      
0000.900.0686 Photograph James Chinn. Chinn, James Beaily Blenheim  
2002.240.0001 Photograph Ladies in front of the Beef a la Maori McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 11 August 1902
0000.900.0691 Photograph Lake Timara and Homestead Brayshaw, Norman Henry Blenheim  
1993.116.0389 Photograph Lock-up Creek      
1993.168.0018 Photograph Lunch in front of the oat stacks Irvin, James    
1994.198.0004 Photograph Manning and Robinson Wedding 1927   Blenheim 1927
0000.900.0715 Photograph Norm Brayshaw   Blenheim 1960s
0000.900.0704 Photograph Photograph of a young woman McCusker, Arthur Blenheim Easter 1911
0000.900.0681 Photograph Portrait of a man Akersten, James Raglan Havelock  
0000.900.0682 Photograph Portrait of a man standing in a garden Akersten, James Raglan Havelock  
0000.900.0683 Photograph Portrait of a woman seated in a garden Akersten, James Raglan Havelock  
0000.900.0699 Photograph Portrait of a young man, possibly John Timms McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 14/7/1911
1993.116.0390 Photograph Portrait of Nurse Pattie and Nurse Redwood. McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 1903
1994.198.0006 Photograph Portrait of the baby. Allan Dick McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1913
1994.198.0003 Photograph Rouse and Rush Wedding Photograph McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1935
0000.900.0707 Photograph Spraying water from hoses in Market Place. McCusker, Arthur Blenheim 11 August 1902
0000.900.0688 Stereoview Stereoview of a still life of orchids and maiden-hair fern. Chinn, James Grove Road, Blenheim 1910
0000.900.0685 Photograph Still life of a vase of chrysanthemums Chinn, James Blenheim  
0000.900.0687 Photograph Still life of a vase of flowers Chinn, James Grove Road, Blenheim  
0000.900.0684 Photograph Still life of an orchid Chinn, James Blenheim  
0000.900.0702 Photograph Swimming in the river.      
0000.900.0689 Photograph The Goulter's house at Hawkesbury McCusker, Arthur Blenheim  
0000.900.0709 Photograph Three pig hunters Boyd, W. H. Blenheim  
0000.900.0712 Photograph Trekking up the valley      
0000.900.0713 Photograph Two pig hunters      
0000.900.0708 Photograph Waitata Bay, Pelorus Sounds. Akersten, James Raglan Havelock 1/1/1913
1996.120.0010 Photograph Wedding of Mrs. C. W. Smart, Wakamarina Valley, Canvastown. McCusker, Arthur Blenheim  
0000.900.0714 Photograph Women in white      
0000.900.0710 Photograph Young people with oars.      

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