Photographers of Marlborough 1869-1969
Blenheim's first champion four, 1906

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Collection Priddle
Photographer McCusker, Arthur
Description Blenheim's first champion four, 1906
Photograph of a group of men and boys standing outside a building.
There are four men and a boy in a uniform who appear to be a rowing team.
From front L to R: F. Dodson, W. J. Girling, E. T. Hegglun, J. M. Jackson, J. H. Morrison, G. Lucas (cox)
2nd row: ?, A. Jackson, J. McKinley (coach), W. D. Draper, J. Patchett.
3rd row: F. Redwood, P. Jellyman, W. Penny [Walter Blaymires]
4th row: C. Priddle, G. C. Jackson, N. Jordan, ?, S. Hale
Back: A. Callan, A. Norgrove, H. L. Ewart.

This photograph was scanned in 2008 and the scan was put in the Changing - Photographers of Marlborough display.
Year Range from 1906
Object ID 1994.179.0010
Object Name Photograph
People Callan, A.
Dodson, F.
Draper, William Daniel
Ewart, H.L.
Girling, W.J.
Hale, S.
Hegglun, E.T.
Jackson, A.
Jackson, G.C.
Jackson, J.M.
Jellyman, P
Jordan, N.
Lucas, G.
McKinley, J.
Morrison, J.H.
Norgrove, A.
Patchett, J.
Penny, Walter Blaymires
Priddle, C.
Redwood, Frederick
Place Blenheim
Title Blenheim's first champion four, 1906
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