Photographers of Marlborough 1869-1969
Goulter's dogs

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Record 10/41
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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) Photographs
Description Photograph of a woman with eight dogs. The dogs are hounds but the handwritten text at the top of the photograph says "Red setter dogs (Goulter's)"
The dogs are all named under the photograph.
From left to right: Watchman; Winsome; Weuby; Whisper (in front); Wistful; Wisdom (lying); Wanda; Wiseman.
The woman is un-named. [She is most likely Miss Mary Effie Goulter of Hawkesbury, the breeder of Merino sheep, but there were three other unmarried Goulter sisters that it could be - Jenny Pierson 10/1/2012].

This photograph was scanned in 2008 and the scan was put in the Changing - Photographers of Marlborough display.
Object ID 0000.900.0690
Object Name Photograph
People Goulter, Mary Effie
Title Goulter's dogs
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