Picton Hospital Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
PMHS.800.0022 Bag, Medicine        
PMHS.800.0023 Scalpel        
PMHS.800.0024 Chart, Visual-acuity        
PMHS.800.0025 Tin        
PMHS.800.0026 Crutch        
PMHS.800.0027 Scale, Balance        
PMHS.800.0028 Bottle, Hot-water        
PMHS.800.0029 Lens        
PMHS.800.0030 Case, Instrument        
PMHS.800.0031 Tin        
PMHS.800.0032 Bottle        
PMHS.800.0033 Bottle        
PMHS.800.0034 Bottle        
PMHS.800.0035 Bedpan        
PMHS.800.0036 Bottle, Specimen        
PMHS.800.0037 Inhaler        
PMHS.800.0038 Box        
PMHS.800.0039 Bottle        
PMHS.800.0040 Tin        
PMHS.800.0041 Tin        
PMHS.800.0042 Mortar & Pestle        
PMHS.800.0043 Crutch        
PMHS.800.0044 Tin        
PMHS.800.0045 Stretcher        
PMHS.800.0046 Bag, Gladstone        
PMHS.800.0047 Cup, Invalid        
PMHS.800.0048 Needle, Suturing        
PMHS.800.0049 Saw, Surgical        
PMHS.800.0050 Saw, Surgical        
PMHS.800.0051 Saw, Surgical        
PMHS.800.0052 Scoop        
PMHS.800.0053 Tobacco        
PMHS.800.0054 Cutter, Wire        
PMHS.800.0055 Knife        
PMHS.800.0056 Razor        
PMHS.800.0057 Scalpel        
PMHS.800.0058 Scissors, Surgical        
PMHS.800.0059 Scissors, Surgical        
PMHS.800.0060 Tweezers        
PMHS.800.0061 Tweezers        
PMHS.800.0062 Atomizer        
PMHS.800.0063 Thermometer        
PMHS.800.0064 Glass, Medicine        
PMHS.800.0065 Wheelchair        
PMHS.800.0066 Commode        
PMHS.800.0067 Tin        
PMHS.800.0068 Tin        
PMHS.800.0069 Bandage       1917
PMHS.800.0070 Bandage       1917
PMHS.800.0071 Tin        
PMHS.800.0072 Atomizer        
PMHS.800.0073 Box        
PMHS.800.0074 Urinal        
PMHS.800.0075 Kit, First Aid        
PMHS.800.0076 Bandage        
PMHS.800.0077 Tube        
PMHS.800.0078 Glass, Magnifying        
PMHS.800.0079 Box, Cash        
PMHS.800.0080 Scale, Balance        
PMHS.800.0081 Nameplate        
PMHS.800.0083 Picture        
PMHS.900.0024 Photograph First Picton Hospital 1865-1902 & Balcony   Picton  
PMHS.900.0025 Photograph First Picton Hospital Built in 1865   Picton  
PMHS.900.0026 Photograph First Picton Hospital Built in 1865   Picton  
PMHS.900.0027 Photograph First Picton Hospital prior to being demolished 1901-02   Picton  
PMHS.900.0028 Photograph Nurses at Picton Hospital Christmas 1917   Picton December 1917
PMHS.900.0029 Photograph Picton Group   Picton  
PMHS.900.0030 Photograph Picton Hospital in Colour   Picton  
PMHS.900.0031 Photograph Men's Ward at the second Picton Hospital   Picton  
PMHS.900.0032 Photograph Outbuildings at second Picton Hospital Wyber, R. William Picton  
PMHS.900.0033 Photograph Doctors and nurses of Picton Hospital   Picton c.October 1914
PMHS.900.0034 Photograph Dr. Gavin Watson Hill and Nurses   Picton after 1914
PMHS.900.0035 Photograph Nurse in Picton Hospital Garden   Picton  
PMHS.900.0036 Photograph Dr. Julius Decimus Tripe      
PMHS.900.0037 Photograph Picton Hospital   Picton  
PMHS.900.0038 Photograph Second Picton Hospital 1902-1953   Picton  
PMHS.900.0039 Photograph Second Picton Hospital 1902-1953   Picton  
PMHS.900.0040 Photograph Second Picton Hospital Built 1902   Picton  
PMHS.900.0041 Photograph Second Picton Hospital and Maternity Annex   Picton  
PMHS.900.0042 Photograph Marlborough's First Motor Car   Picton  
PMHS.900.0043 Photograph Second Picton Hospital built in 1902 Wyber, R. William Picton  
PMHS.900.0044 Photograph Second Picton Hospital built in 1902   Picton  
PMHS.900.0045 Photograph Second Picton Hospital taken from Victoria Domain   Picton  
PMHS.900.0046 Photograph Hospital ship Orange      
PMHS.900.0047 Photograph Nurses from Hospital ship Willochra     3 July 1915
PMHS.900.0048 Photograph Hospital Group   Picton  
PMHS.900.0049 Photograph Dr. Edward Battersby William Smyth      

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