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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1959.011.0001 Mower, Horse-drawn        
VFM0.800.0081 Bicycle, Ordinary        
VFM0.800.0127 Separator, Cream        
VFM0.800.0128 Pump        
VFM0.800.0142 Trap        
VFM0.800.0156 Header, Grain        
VFM0.800.0157 Header, Grain        
VFM0.800.0167 Grinder, Meat        
VFM0.800.0168 Grader       c.1929
VFM0.800.0175 Roller       after 1928
VFM0.800.0190 Stuffer, Sausage        
VFM0.800.0192 Thresher/Separator       c.1860s
VFM0.800.0193 Scale, Balance        
VFM0.800.0194 Scale, Balance        
VFM0.800.0195 Scale, Balance        
VFM0.800.0196 Machine, Threshing        
VFM0.800.0197 Machine, Seed Treatment        
VFM0.800.0198 Mower, Horse-drawn        
VFM0.800.0199 Drill, Seed        
VFM0.800.0201 Grader        
VFM0.800.0202 Press, Wool        
VFM0.800.0216 Loader, Front-End        
VFM0.800.0223 Sprayer, Power       1900s
VFM0.800.0224 Harvester, Forage        
VFM0.800.0225 Wagon, Tray       c.1917
VFM0.800.0226 Drill, Seed        
VFM0.800.0230 Welder, Electric        
VFM0.800.0238 Rammer, Paver's        
VFM0.800.0265 Drill, Hand        
VFM0.800.0266 Harvester, Forage        
VFM0.800.0307 Turbine, Impulse        
VFM0.800.0308 Generator        
VFM0.800.0309 Scarifier        
VFM0.800.0310 Shears, Sheep        
VFM0.800.0311 Machine, Shearing        
VFM0.800.0312 Shears, Sheep        
VFM0.800.0313 Spanner        
VFM0.800.0314 Saw, Crosscut        
VFM0.800.0315 Binder, Grain       1909
VFM0.800.0316 Plough        
VFM0.800.0318 Plate, License        

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