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Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc. have a collection of fuel and oil containers, plus a few dispensing agents, displayed on a shelf in their Denton building. This is a record of all the oil containers, whether in tins or drums. 1) Massey Harris box, can hold two 4 gallon tins of machine oil. 2) Big Tree motor oil, 4 gallon tin. 3) Golden Shell motor oil plain cans, holds 2 x 4 gallons. 4) Texaco motor oil, 1 gallon. Has a pourer on top. 5) Atlantic motor oil. 2 x 4 gallons. Atlantic Union Oil Company, Australia and New Zealand. 6) B.P. / Europa Anergol (oil) in a 60 litre drum. Possibly diesel motor oil. 7) Massey Harris machine oil, 2 gallon tin. 8) Caltex Altair oil, made in U.S.A., number 5558. 2 x 4 gallons. 9) Germ Process Motoil. British manufacturer. For air cooled and hot running engines and motor cycles "XH" [extra heavy]. 1 gallon. 10) Houghton's "Most efficient, Most Economical" oils. S.A.E. 30. Raykel Brosthers Limited. 4 gallon tin. 11) Texaco Motor Oil insulates [insulates against heat and cold] in a double skin drum. 4 gallons. Texaco later became Caltex. 12) Shell motor oil, 1 gallon tin. British Imperial Oil Company Limited. 13) Atlantic gear oil, S.A.E. 140. Atlantic Union Oil Company Limited. 4 gallon tin. 14) Mobil quality products. Vacuum Oil Coy (N.Z.) Limited. 4 gallon tin. 15) Atlantic motor oil, 1 gallon tin. 16) Essolube motor oil. S.A.E. 30. 1 imperial gallon. 17) Houghton's Vital-de-luxe with ZDD motor diesel oil. 4 gallon drum. Houghton & Company, Great Britain and U.S.A. 18) Esso Chassis Grease number 2. Atlantic Union Company. 4 gallon tin. 19) Wakefield Agricastrol tractor oil, 2 x 4 gallons in a wooden box. 20) B.P. motor oil, 4 gallon tin. 21) Atlantic motor oil, 20 litre tin. 22) Mobilube C.W. S.A.E. 90 gear oil. Vacuum Oil Company Limited. 23) Shell reaper and binder oil, 1 gallon tin. 24) Gargoyle Mobil Oil, a 10 or 12 gallon drum, with "Make the chart your guide" on the side. A spraying oil for fruit trees. 25) Wakefield Castrol BB motor oil. 1 gallon tin. 26) Three oil dispensing glass bottles. One litre 30 and one half litre 30/40 Shell Oil, and one half litre Caltex Super GT 30/40. 27) Double Shell motor oil, 1 gallon tin. 28) Mobil Oil A-30, 2 imperial gallons, Vacuum Oil Company Limited. 29) Mobil Oil, vacuum oil Company Limited, 1 gallon tin. 30) Gargoyle motor oil, 1 imperial gallon tin. 31) Round drum of Texaco motor cup grease for boats and motor cycles, manufactured at Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.A. 32) Wakefield Castrol oil tin, 1 gallon. 33) Mobil Permazone Standard Vacuum Oil Company Limited tin. 34) BP automotive oil, 5 litre tin. 35) BP automotive oil, 5 litre tin. 36) Wakefield Castrol motor oil, 1 gallon tin. 37) Crate of 6 half litre glass oil bottles. 38) Lister separator oil, 1 imperial gallon tin. 39) Shell Super racebred motor oil, new formula, oil bottle stand. For displaying packs of oil at service stations. 40) Lister separator oil, half gallon tin. 41) Lister separator oil, 1 gallon tin. 42) Lister separator oil, one pint tin. 43) 3 x oil measuring jugs, one with a Shell motor oil sticker on. From Lucas's Spring Creek Service Station. 44) Wakefield Agricastrol, S.A.E. 30 tractor oil. 4 gallon tin, or 20 litres. 45) One pint oil measuring jug, standard accuracy, American gallons. Made by C.H. McKay Limited, Wellington, standing in front of the Wakefield tin. 46) 1956 American Army jerry can, BP Energol motor oil, S.A.E. 30, 5 American gallons. 47) American Army jerry can, Shell X-100 motor oil, S.A.E. 30, 5 American gallons, for service ML-MM-MS. 48) RPM Caltex 10-30 Special motor oil, 4 gallon tin. 49) Shell Regular H.D. [heavy duty] motor oil, for service ML-MM-MS. From Lucas's Spring Creek Service Station. 50) Shell Oil dispenser / oil can, 1 imperial gallon. 51) Castorl Oil 2 gallon tin with a handmade tap. 52) Mobil Oil Super, 4 gallon tin for 10W-40 oil. 53) Mobil Oil tin, 20 litres.
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