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Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc. have a collection of fuel and oil containers, plus a few dispensing agents, displayed on a shelf in their Denton building. This is a record of all the fuel containers, whether in boxes or in tins. 1) Challenge Power Kerosene box, can hold two 4 gallon tins of kerosene. Has two Shell Oil (NZ) Ltd 20 litre tins in at present. The pump beside it is for pumping out lighting kerosene. 2) Mobilgas 2 gallon tin for petrol. 3) Valor kerosene tin, designed to be part of the kerosene heater. 4) Shell motor spirit, case and tins made in New Zealand for Shell Company of New Zealand Limited. 5) Shell clear petrol. Early Avgas. 6) A round tin, dated 24 May 1929, for T. Louis Can Company benzine. Has a cap and pourer. 7) Big Tree spirits / petrol. 2 gallon tin. 8) Plume motor spirit, Vacuum Oil Company Pty Limited. Plume later became Mobil. 9) Europa petroleum products, 2 imperial gallon tin for petrol or kerosene. 10) Big Tree 8 imperial gallons of kerosene for lighting and heating. A.S. Paterson and Company Limited, distributing agents. 11) Mobil methylated spirits, 20 litre tin. 12) Pennant kerosene, The Shell Oil (NZ) Limited, water white kerosene for lamps and stoves. 8 imperial gallons. Case mde of New Zealand timber. 13) Shell mineral turpentine, The Shell Oil (NZ) Limited, 8 imperial gallons. 14) Gilmore motor spirit in a wooden box. Refined in Los Angles by Gilmore Oil Company for Robertson Brothers Limited, Auckland, New Zealand. Holds 2 x 4 gallon tins. 15) Pennant kerosene 4 gallon tin and pump, a Shell Oil (NZ) Limited product. 16) Shell motor spirit, name embossed into tin, and a fuel pump. 17) Redex additive and tuning modern service test tank, litres marked on side. 18) Vacuum Oil Company Proprietary Limited, Laurel Kerosene, 2 x 4 gallons. Case made in New Zealand. 19) Laurel kerosene, "A Mobil quality product". 20) Steel can, possibly from New Zealand Railways, which holds about half a gallon. 21) Metal measuring jug for petrol. Holds 5 N.S. American gallons. 22) Victa 2-stroke fuel tin, 1 gallon. Used for motor mowers. 23) Chloroform poison in a drum with a screw on lid. Used for farm animals. 24) Valor refilling can for a gas heater. 25) 2 x metal funnels with gauze for using with fuel. 26) Petrol pump, manufactured by Easychange, Auckland.
Tin -Fuel Containers from the collection of the Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc -Copyright Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc

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