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41 Kerosene box ends - known as the Bernard Mason collection - on loan to Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc. There are also three tin signs. Bernard Mason is from the Avon Valley, Waihopai and in 2008 is Vice-President of Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc. Image 1: "These brand names from kerosene boxes are from the early days of motoring when all fuel came in 4 gallon tins, 2 to a case. In the 1930s drums, bowsers and tankers arrived and these names disappeared." Image 2: Pine Tree brand. Image 3: Big Tree kerosene. Image 4: Big Tree motor spirit. Image 5: Atlantic kerosene. Image 6: Atlantic motor oil. Image 7: Union kerosene. Image 8: Atlantic petrol. Image 9: Plume motor spirit. Image 10: Atlantic Union motor oil. Image 11: Blue Pennant kerosene. Image 12: Pennant kerosene. Image 13. Gargoyle Vacuum oil. Image 14: Texaco kerosene. Image 15: Texaco 89 hand separator oil. Image 16: Voco petrol. Image 17: Aerial? motor spirit. Image 18: Wakefield Castrol motor oil. Image 19: Dark Creosote Wellington Gas Co. Image 20: Caltex oil. Image 21: All in a line (1). Image 22: All in a line (2) [Jenny Pierson, data entry person, is in photograph]. Image 23: All in a line (3). Image 24: All in a line (4). Image 25: all in a line (5) - showing Laurel Kerosene made by Mobil [tin sign]. Image 26: Red Ball motor spirit. Image 27: British Imperial Cross Oil engine kerosene. Image 28: Shell Cross Oil engine kerosene. Image 29: Shell Compound No. 1. Image 30: Shell Fordson tractor oil. Image 31: British Imperial "Shell" benzine. Image 32: Shell specialised lubricants. Image 33: Shell motor spirit. Image 34: Shell turpentine. Image 35: Shell motor oil. Image 36: "Motor Spirit of Rome". Image 37: Pure Gum spirits of turpentine Wando brand. Image 38: Crown gasoline. Image 39: Gum spirits of turpentine. Image 40: Hercules. Image 41: Chester tractor distillate. Image 42: Gilmore gasoline. Image 43: Akbar mineral spirit. Image 44: Carso motor spirit [tin sign]. Image 45: Mercury motor spirit. Image 46: Archer illuminating kerosene. Image 47: Pine Tree turpentine. Image 48: Shell motor spirit [tin sign]. The following sides are on a different shelf in the Denton building (see images 49-55 and 56-62 for close-up images). Image 56: Gargoyle Mobil sign above a Caltex oil tin. Image 57: Plume motor spirit above a Plume box. Image 58: Two sides of a Texaco tin above a Wakefield Agricastrol box. Image 59: Shell single motor oil sign above a Mobil Methylated Spirits tin. Image 60: Tydol motor spirits sign. Manufactured by Tide Water Oil Company, New York, U.S.A. Petroleum Products. Above a Mobilube tin. Image 61: Shell sign above a Shell tin. Image 62: Gargoyle Mobil Oil "E" sign above a Gilmore box.
Box -Fuel Containers from the collection of the Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc -Copyright Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc

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