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Red school bus ex Warren Motors, Seddon. It is a 1937 Chevrolet - serieal number unknown - and was originally a one ton ute. It has 6 cylinders and runs on petrol. The 10 painted in black on the side is the Warren Motors fleet number (see image 1). The last licence plate is still on the bus, AU9420. Turned into a school bus for use in the Seddon area, it was known as the 'Biscuit Tin' and was used from 1937 up to the early 1970s. It is licenced to carry 16 children and has done over half a million miles. The blue light on top of the roof at the front of the bus (see image 1) was required by New Zealand law from the 1940s to 1960s, it told road users that the vehicle was a bus. Owned by the Henry Warren Family of Seddon and on loan to Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society in 2009. Excerpts from an article, "Bouncing in the biscuit tin", in The Sun newspaper Friday October 26, 2012, page 14: Built in Blenheim in 1937, it did its first school run in 1938. Its run was the Seaview run delivering children to the Seddon School. Mrs. Hazel Warren drove the bus. Darrel Jones filled in if a driver was away. Hazel and Harry Warren owned the Seddon garage, and a fleet of school buses which they used to transport children to Seddon school and the colleges under contract to the Ministry of Education. On a Friday evening this bus was used as a taxi for the Seddon women to go to Blenheim for shopping. This bus retired from its school run in 1970 and ended up on the Pickering family property in New Renwick Road. Now lives permanently at Brayshaw Park.
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