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Cream coloured, 1923 [or 1927 model, see related], White crane truck - serial number 4OR129600, engine number 647 - donated by Marlborough Electric Power Board [MEPB] to Marlborough Historicial Society and then to Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society. A letter [date unknown] to Vintage Farm Machinery Society, from Marlborough Electric Power Board, mentions that the Power Board will pay Vintage Farm Machinery Society $2,000 to restore this truck. It was donated by MEPB and restored by Society member. There is a possibility it once had solid rubber wheels. In the minutes of the Marlborough Historical Society, dated 27 November 1978, it says, "Moved that a letter be written to the Marlborough Electric Power Board suggesting that a Power Board Museum be erected for their 50th Jubilee, including restoration of the White truck which could be domeciled in an adjacent building" [Minute book 7, page 87, Archives/Bay 104/ Shelf B]. Minutes of Marlborough Historical Society, dated 26 February 1979, "Moved that a letter be written to the Marlborough Electric Power Board, advising that this Society agrees with their terms set out in their letter of 8 Febrauray 1979 re White truck, that is, that the White truck is jointly owned by Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc. Marlborough Historical Society and Marlborough Electric Power Board" [Minute book 7, page 95, Archives/Bay 104/Shelf B]. The Ford Quad truck in catalogue record VFM0.800.0071 was the MEPB replacement in 1986 for this White truck.
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