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Cream coloured Ford Quad truck - no serial number or model number. A letter, dated 11 November 1987, to Kevin Andrews, President of Marlborough Historical Society, P.O. Box 308, Blenheim, from W.H. Allen, Chief Engineer of Marlborough Electric Power Board, Alfred Street, Blenheim, says, "Please find attached for your information an article prepared for "Live Lines", the Supply Authority monthly publications." "MEPB [Marlborough Electric Power Board] presents a Ford Quad truck to the Vintage Farm Machinery Society. The M.E.P.B. has presented the Vintage Farm Machinery Branch of the Marlborough Historical Society a Ford Quad truck. "The truck shown is the latest of three purchased by the Board in 1960 for line construction work, and this vehicle was taken out of service in 1986 and presented to the Society recently. "It was used on construction work all over Marlborough and was an ideal vehicle in wet and swampy terrain. A Kohler pole hole digger was operated from the jib. One of the first jobs was the erection of a 11kV line to the summit of Black Birch some 5000 feet above sea level. "The truck is powered by a V8 engine and has a 4 speed gear box with a high and low ratio transfer box. Its carrying capacity is 30cwt (we apologise for using the old weight units but we do so in respect of the old truck). "The three trucks were purchased from Giles Ltd in Christchurch for approximately 300 pound each. The vehicle in the photograph is the last surviving one. The other two had a much less glamorous end to their working lives. One was used for spares and the other finished up in the bottom of a gully during line construction on the East Coast 11kV line."
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