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Dark green Fitch four wheel drive tractor, one of the first four wheel drive type tractors made in the world. Model 4JO10 - there is no serial number - built in 1919 by "4 Drive Tractor, Big Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A., 1916-1930." It has 20 draw horse power and 36 belt horse power. It has steel wheels and has to be cranked to move it, even for a short distance, otherwise the driving system gets damaged. The driver sits at the back, with the enormous engine in front of him, so that he has to stand up to see anything. Purchased by Vintage Farm Machinery Society for $500 from I. Giltrap on 2 September 1985. The tractor had originally come from Rob McCallum's farm at Riverlands where it was probably used on occassion for pulling the coastal steamer, Echo, off the Wairau Bar. It then went to the North Island for a while before it was purchased by I. Giltrap. It was one of the VFM tractors taken to the show in Christchurch about 2004. Wording in image 2: Fitch FWD Tractor. This Four Wheel Drive Tractor was built by Four Drive Tractor Co Big Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. The first one was built in 1916. This tractor was one of two that belonged to Marlborough Agriculture Contractors, Robert and Roy McCullum, Riverlands, Blenheim. The new purchase price was 650 pounds. It carried out all types of farm work including threshing with a Case tin mill, and later from stacks with a Sunshine header. Ploughing, discing, and all other farm work was done. This tractor, early in its life, had an engine transplant. It was eventually sold, and after changing hands again, was then owned by Ian Giltrap, Christchurch. He offered it to Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society. After a number of modifications the tractor ended up as it appears today.
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