Stationary Engines Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1980.002.0001 Generator        
1980.002.0002 Generator        
VFM0.800.0005 Engine       1912
VFM0.800.0007 Engine        
VFM0.800.0023 Engine        
VFM0.800.0118 Engine        
VFM0.800.0119 Engine        
VFM0.800.0120 Engine        
VFM0.800.0121 Engine        
VFM0.800.0122 Engine        
VFM0.800.0123 Engine        
VFM0.800.0124 Engine        
VFM0.800.0125 Engine        
VFM0.800.0126 Engine        
VFM0.800.0129 Engine        
VFM0.800.0130 Engine        
VFM0.800.0131 Engine        
VFM0.800.0132 Engine        
VFM0.800.0133 Engine        
VFM0.800.0134 Engine        
VFM0.800.0135 Engine        
VFM0.800.0136 Engine        
VFM0.800.0137 Engine       1916
VFM0.800.0138 Engine       1918
VFM0.800.0139 Engine       1901
VFM0.800.0140 Engine        
VFM0.800.0141 Engine        
VFM0.800.0144 Engine       pre 1914
VFM0.800.0145 Engine        
VFM0.800.0146 Engine        
VFM0.800.0147 Engine        
VFM0.800.0149 Engine       1860
VFM0.800.0150 Engine        
VFM0.800.0153 Engine        
VFM0.800.0155 Engine        
VFM0.800.0161 Engine        
VFM0.800.0162 Engine        
VFM0.800.0163 Engine        
VFM0.800.0164 Engine        
VFM0.800.0169 Engine       1950s
VFM0.800.0176 Engine        
VFM0.800.0180 Compressor        
VFM0.800.0184 Engine        
VFM0.800.0185 Engine        
VFM0.800.0186 Engine        
VFM0.800.0187 Engine        
VFM0.800.0188 Engine        
VFM0.800.0189 Engine        
VFM0.800.0203 Machine, Shearing        
VFM0.800.0204 Engine        
VFM0.800.0217 Engine        
VFM0.800.0218 Engine        
VFM0.800.0219 Engine        
VFM0.800.0220 Engine        
VFM0.800.0231 Engine        
VFM0.800.0232 Engine        
VFM0.800.0233 Engine        
VFM0.800.0234 Engine        
VFM0.800.0235 Engine        
VFM0.800.0236 Engine        
VFM0.800.0237 Engine        
VFM0.800.0239 Engine        
VFM0.800.0240 Engine        
VFM0.800.0241 Engine        
VFM0.800.0242 Engine        
VFM0.800.0243 Engine        
VFM0.800.0244 Engine        
VFM0.800.0245 Engine        
VFM0.800.0246 Engine        
VFM0.800.0247 Engine        
VFM0.800.0248 Engine        
VFM0.800.0249 Engine        
VFM0.800.0250 Engine        
VFM0.800.0251 Engine        
VFM0.800.0252 Engine        
VFM0.800.0253 Engine        
VFM0.800.0254 Engine        
VFM0.800.0255 Engine        
VFM0.800.0256 Engine        
VFM0.800.0257 Engine        
VFM0.800.0258 Engine        
VFM0.800.0259 Engine        
VFM0.800.0260 Engine        
VFM0.800.0261 Compressor        
VFM0.800.0262 Compressor        
VFM0.800.0263 Generator, Gasoline        
VFM0.800.0264 Generator        
VFM0.800.0267 Engine        
VFM0.800.0268 Engine        
VFM0.800.0269 Engine        
VFM0.800.0270 Engine        
VFM0.800.0271 Engine        
VFM0.800.0272 Engine        
VFM0.800.0273 Engine        
VFM0.800.0274 Generator        
VFM0.800.0275 Engine        
VFM0.800.0276 Engine        
VFM0.800.0279 Engine        
VFM0.800.0280 Engine        
VFM0.800.0281 Engine        
VFM0.800.0282 Engine        
VFM0.800.0283 Engine        
VFM0.800.0284 Engine        
VFM0.800.0285 Engine        
VFM0.800.0286 Engine        
VFM0.800.0287 Engine       1904
VFM0.800.0288 Engine        
VFM0.800.0289 Engine        
VFM0.800.0290 Engine        
VFM0.800.0291 Engine        
VFM0.800.0292 Engine        
VFM0.800.0293 Engine        
VFM0.800.0294 Engine        
VFM0.800.0295 Engine        
VFM0.800.0296 Engine        
VFM0.800.0297 Engine        
VFM0.800.0298 Engine        
VFM0.800.0299 Engine        
VFM0.800.0300 Engine        
VFM0.800.0301 Engine        
VFM0.800.0302 Engine        
VFM0.800.0304 Engine        
VFM0.800.0305 Engine        
VFM0.800.0306 Engine        
VFM0.800.0321 Engine        
VFM0.800.0322 Engine        
VFM0.800.0323 Engine        
VFM0.800.0324 Engine       6/5/1930
VFM0.800.0325 Engine        
VFM0.800.0326 Engine        
VFM0.800.0327 Engine        
VFM0.800.0328 Engine        
VFM0.800.0329 Engine        
VFM0.800.0330 Engine       1916
VFM0.800.0331 Engine        
VFM0.800.0332 Engine        
VFM0.800.0333 Engine        
VFM0.800.0336 Generator       1929
VFM0.800.0337 Engine        

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