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D - Yellow sticker number 9: One multicoloured small rag mat similar to 0000.800.1070. This rag mat was in the Cob Cottage kitchen in January 2012. However, on 26 February 2013 Graham Gibson, VFM volunteer and ex-caretaker of cob cottage, told Jenny Pierson that he believed this mat was made by Lyndsay Adams of Langley Dale because she was the caretaker of cob cottage before he and his wife were. But I think it will be 1 of 2 (the other being 0000.800.1070) from Mrs. Ern Gibbons of Lower Wairau as explained below. According to a list of Cob Cottage contents found in an MHS correspondence file between two items for August 1967 & February 1968 (Bay 91/shelf B/Box MHS Corresp.& Balance Files 1967-70/Folder MHS Correspondence Y/E 31/8/1969), there are 4 rag mats, one in the bedroom made by John Wratt of Waikakaho [see 0000.800.1116]; 1 in the sitting room either made by or donated by Miss M. Logan of Blenheim; and 2 in the sitting room either made by or donated by Mrs. Ern Gibbons of Lower Wairau [0000.800.1070 & 0000.800.1558]. Removed from cob cottage on 23 January 2013 and taken to VFM farm cottage for display. Put forward for deaccessioning at June 2013 MHS Committee meeting, damaged, not a good example of its type, not 19th century, removed from VFM loan 66 and given to VFM for their permanent collection at their farm cottage. Accepted for deaccessioning 26 June 2013. 21/06/2013, Jenny Pierson: "2 ragg mats (M. Gibson - bought at sale". Written in an undated note made by the Cob Cottage caretaker, Mrs. Darcy Gibson [M. Gibson] regarding objects at Cob Cottage. Notes found in Archives Cob Cottage box, Bay 27/Shelf B, by Jenny Pierson on 26 May 2013.
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