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D - Yellow sticker number 2: A wash basin found in the General collection by CE (Steve Austin) on 11 January 2008. It has no number and has not previously been catalogued. It has been taken to Cob Cottage for display. Cracked cream wash bowl with floral design, originally at BNZ in Beavertown, along with a washing jug and wash stand, according to Graham Gibson who remembers this bowl being in the BNZ before it went to cob cottage. Taken to cob cottage in 2008. Removed from cob cottage 23 January 2013 and taken to VFM Farm Cottage where it is on display. This bowl may belong in accession 1994.091 where there is a jug of a similar design. The shaving mug 0000.800.1556 may also be part of this collection. Put forward for deaccessioning at June 2013 MHS Committee meeting, no provenance to Marlborough, not a good example of its type, damaged, removed from VFM loan 66 and given to VFM for their permanent collection at their farm cottage. Accepted for deaccessioning 26 June 2013.
Basin -Farm Cottage -Copyright Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc

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