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D - Yellow sticker number 6: Handmade stool with manuka legs. Thought to be made by Joseph Wratt (1844-1929) of Waikakaho, but if so it should have the number 529 written in black ink under the seat. It is big enough to be used as a small table. As the Wratt provenance is far from secure and not proven, and that it appears to be a replica, it is being donated to VFM (steve Austin and Jenny Pierson, 17 May 2013.) According to Bernice Adams, as told to CE, Steve Austin, who told Registrar, Jenny Pierson 17 May 2011, this stool and legs were rotten and eaten by bugs and so it is a replica, which may well be correct as the number 529 is no longer underneath the seat of this stool. Put forward for deaccessioning at June 2013 MHS Committee meeting, no provenance to Marlborough, not a good example of its type, plus probably a replica, removed from VFM loan 66 and given to VFM for their permanent collection at their farm cottage. Accepted for deaccessioning 26 June 2013.
Stool -Farm Cottage -Copyright Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society Inc
Manuka Handmade Stool

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