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Orange and black Chibi 60cc mini motorcycle by TAS Motors. Also known as a Monkey Bike, the handle bars fold down. TAS Motors bikes are only sold in the Asian and New Zealand markets. Bridgestone - Rockford - TAS - Buffalo. Bridgestone of England started producing motor bikes in 1958. Exports to America began in 1963 via Rockford Scooter Company of Rockford, Illinois (later Rockford Motors). Unconfirmed rumours spread that other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers made it clear to Bridgestone that if they pursued their competitive behaviour in motorcycles they would find themselves with no OEM [original equipment manufacuterer] market for their tyres. Bridgestone stopped making motorcycles in 1970. Rockford Motors purchased the rights to the not released Bridgestone 60 and 100 models and with Japanese company Tanaka Kogyo Limited, formed a partnership to supply Rockford Motors with a 100cc Enduro model Taka and two 60cc mini bike models Tora and Chibi. The agreement allowed Rockford Motors the U.S.A. market, sold as Rockfords and Tanaka to the Asian and New Zealand markets, sold as TAS Motor. These were sold in 1971 to 1975. The tooling was then sold to Taiwan and marketed as Buffalo.
Motorcycle -Ron Hebberd's Collection of Motorcycles -Copyright Ron and Shirley Hebberd

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