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New-Hudson 1913, model VB 500cc road bike and side car. Manufactured by New-Hudson Motor Cycle Company Limited, Birmingham, England. Has three speed gears in hub, like an old pushbike. Crank handle start. The side car is original. The VB was made especially for the rough colonial roads. Comes with the original hand-book (see RHMC.100.0001). The original owner was Mr. Starns of Black Cat Orchard, Lower Moutere, Nelson. He purchased it in 1914 and rode it until 1928 when he hit a cow. Hitting the cow bent the front and Mr. Starns never repaired it. The bike was never registered so has no numberplate. . Mr. Starns sold it to Ron Hebberd, then of Rai Valley, Marlborough, on 3 November 1959. Ron spent 400 hours restoring it and taught himself to basket weave so he could repair the original cane in the sidecar. See images 10-18 showing restoration. The first outing for the bike was at Ron's son, Keiron's, wedding to Rachel on 29th November 1997 (image 19). It was last ridden by Ron, with wife Shirley in the side car, at the Ward centennial in 2005 (image 20).
Bicycle, Gasoline -Ron Hebberd's Collection of Motorcycles -Copyright Ron and Shirley Hebberd

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