Curiosities Sorted by Object name
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
RML0.800.0316 Accordion        
RML0.800.0372 Album, Photograph       1800s
RML0.800.0204 Armband        
RML0.800.0529 Ashtray        
RML0.800.0368 Attachment, Machine        
RML0.800.0147 Auger        
RML0.800.0443 Auger, Fruit        
RML0.800.0100 Awl        
RML0.800.0291 Awl        
RML0.800.0168 Axe        
RML0.800.0155 Axe, Side        
RML0.800.0238 Bag        
RML0.800.0341 Bag        
RML0.800.0047 Bag        
RML0.800.0663 Bag        
RML0.800.0664 Bag        
RML0.800.0665 Bag        
RML0.800.0666 Bag        
RML0.800.0667 Bag        
RML0.800.0668 Bag        
RML0.800.0216 Bag, Laundry        
RML0.800.0222 Bag, Laundry        
RML0.800.0036 Baleen        
RML0.800.0399 Bandage       1970s
RML0.800.0630 Barrel, Biscuit        
RML0.800.0749 Basin        
RML0.800.0039 Basket        
RML0.800.0041 basket        
RML0.800.0059 Basket        
RML0.800.0244 Basket        
RML0.800.0245 Basket        
RML0.800.0629 Basket, Fruit        
RML0.800.0439 Basket, Needlework        
RML0.800.0190 Beadwork        
RML0.800.0515 Beater       circa 1920's
RML0.800.0573 Beater       circa 1880's
RML0.800.0750 Bedpan        
RML0.800.0738 Bell, School        
0000.800.1552 Bellows       1800s
RML0.800.0376 Bicycle       1800s
RML1975.001.0001 Bicycle        
RML0.800.0559 Billy        
RML0.800.0677 Billy        
RML0.800.0678 Billy        
RML0.800.0754 Billy        
RML0.800.0203 Binder        
RML0.800.0257 Binoculars        
RML0.800.0030 Binoculars        
RML0.800.0092 Bit        
RML2010.013.0018 Bit, Countersink        
RML2010.013.0014 Bit, Twist        
RML2010.013.0015 Bit, Twist        
RML0.800.0193 Blouse        
RML0.800.0196 Blouse        
RML0.800.0225 Blouse        
RML0.800.0302 Bobbin, Lace        
RML0.800.0224 Bodice        
RML2008.001.0004 Bodice       1910
RML2010.013.0005 Bolt, Draw        
RML0.800.0367 Bone        
RML0.800.0358 Bookmark        
RML0.800.0359 Bookmark        
RML0.800.0326 Boot, Riding        
RML0.800.0033 Bottle       1840
RML0.800.0251 Bottle        
RML0.800.0523 Bottle        
RML0.800.0626 Bottle        
RML0.800.0652 Bottle        
RML0.800.0656 Bottle        
RML0.800.0657 Bottle        
RML0.800.0669 Bottle        
RML0.800.0670 Bottle        
RML0.800.0671 Bottle        
RML0.800.0672 Bottle        
RML0.800.0674 Bottle        
RML0.800.0681 Bottle        
RML0.800.0682 Bottle        
RML0.800.0683 Bottle        
RML0.800.0684 Bottle        
RML0.800.0685 Bottle        
RML0.800.0686 Bottle        
RML0.800.0687 Bottle        
RML0.800.0688 Bottle        
RML0.800.0692 Bottle        
RML0.800.0695 Bottle        
RML0.800.0697 Bottle        
RML0.800.0698 Bottle        
RML0.800.0699 Bottle        
RML0.800.0711 Bottle        
RML0.800.0713 Bottle        
RML0.800.0714 Bottle        
RML0.800.0647 Bottle, Apothecary        
RML0.800.0648 Bottle, Apothecary        
RML0.800.0309 Bottle, Condiment        
RML0.800.0696 Bottle, Condiment        
RML0.800.0366 Bottle, Hot-water        
RML0.800.0389 Bottle, Medicine        
RML0.800.0387 Bottle, Nursing        
RML0.800.0388 Bottle, Nursing        
RML2010.014.0021 Bottle, Nursing        
RML0.800.0310 Bottle, Toilet        
RML0.800.0311 Bottle, Toilet       1933
RML0.800.0377 Bottle, Water        
RML0.800.0319 Bowl        
RML0.800.0633 Bowl        
RML0.800.0625 Bowl, Fruit        
RML0.800.0513 Bowl, Mixing       circa 1904
RML0.800.0605 Bowl, Serving        
RML0.800.0706 Bowl, Sugar        
RML0.800.0006 Box        
RML0.800.0104 Box        
RML0.800.0105 Box        
RML0.800.0290 Box        
RML0.800.0394 Box        
RML0.800.0655 Box        
RML0.800.0360 Box, Artist's        
RML0.800.0748 Box, Cash        
RML0.800.0364 Box, Chocolate        
RML0.800.0369 Box, Collar       1800s
RML0.800.0731 Box, Document        
RML0.800.0252 Box, Hairpin        
RML0.800.0253 Box, Hairpin        
RML0.800.0273 Box, Needlework        
RML0.800.0561 Box, Pin        
RML0.800.0562 Box, Pin        
RML0.800.0278 Box, Puff       1840
RML0.800.0642 Box, Spice        
RML0.800.0274 Box, Tobacco        
RML0.800.0276 Box, Tobacco        
RML0.800.0265 Box, Trinket        
RML0.800.0272 Box, Trinket        
RML0.800.0362 Box, Trinket        
RML0.800.0363 Box, Trinket        
RML0.800.0109 Brace        
RML0.800.0113 Brace        
RML0.800.0139 Brace        
RML0.800.0303 Bracelet        
RML0.800.0205 Braces        
RML0.800.0348 Braces        
RML0.800.0349 Braces        
RML0.800.0060 Broom, Whisk        
RML0.800.0259 Brush, Clothes        
RML0.800.0708 Buckle        
RML0.800.0435 Bullet        
RML0.800.0434 Bullet        
RML2010.013.0019 Burnesher        
RML0.800.0335 Button        
RML0.800.0024 Button        
RML0.800.0025 Button        
RML0.800.0026 Button        
RML0.800.0027 Button        
RML0.800.0589 Button        
RML0.800.0288 Buttonhook        
RML0.800.0289 Buttonhook        
RML0.800.0295 Buttonhook        
RML2011.006.0001 Cabinet, Filing        
RML0.800.0422 Caddy       1900s
RML0.800.0097 Calipers        
RML0.800.0121 Calipers        
RML0.800.0122 Calipers        
RML0.800.0123 Calipers        
RML0.800.0187 Camisole        
RML0.800.0781 Can, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0524 Can, Milk        
RML0.800.0611 Can, Milk        
RML0.800.0644 Candlesnuffer        
RML0.800.0720 Candlestick        
RML0.800.0729 Candlestick        
RML0.800.0145 Candlestick, Miner's        
RML0.800.0712 Cap, Bottle        
RML0.800.0181 Cap, Boudoir        
RML0.800.0179 Cap, Sailor        
RML2010.014.0010 Cardigan        
RML0.800.0342 Case        
RML0.800.0248 Case, Card        
RML0.800.0701 Case, Card        
RML0.800.0296 Case, Dental        
RML0.800.0442 Case, Display        
RML0.800.0568 Case, Needle        
RML0.800.0569 Case, Needle        
RML0.800.0580 Case, Needle        
RML0.800.0581 Case, Needle        
RML0.800.0565 Case, Needlework        
RML0.800.0328 Case, Pencil        
RML0.800.0081 Case, Razor        
RML0.800.0255 Case, Sovereign        
RML0.800.0178 Case, Traveling        
RML0.800.0228 Chain, Surveyor's        
RML1975.002.0001 Chair, Dentist's        
RML2008.001.0001 Charm, Wedding       1910
RML0.800.0089 Chest, Medicine        
RML0.800.0157 Chisel        
RML0.800.0158 Chisel        
RML0.800.0159 Chisel        
RML0.800.0160 Chisel        
RML0.800.0161 Chisel        
RML0.800.0509 Churn, Butter       1940
RML0.800.0558 Churn, Butter        
RML0.800.0085 Clamp        
RML0.800.0108 Clamp, Screw        
RML0.800.0590 Clasp        
RML0.800.0246 Clip, Hair        
RML0.800.0261 Clippers, Hair        
RML0.800.0262 Clippers, Hair        
RML0.800.0263 Clippers, Hair        
RML0.800.0264 Clippers, Hair        
RML0.800.0286 Clippers, Hair        
RML0.800.0336 Clippers, Nail       1907
RML0.800.0508 Clock        
RML0.800.0752 Clock        
RML0.800.0745 Clock, Alarm        
RML0.800.0751 Clock, Wall        
RML0.800.0042 Cloth Fragment        
RML0.800.0531 Clothespeg       circa 1880's
RML0.800.0650 Clothespeg        
RML0.800.0048 Club        
RML0.800.0049 Club        
RML0.800.0215 Collar        
RML0.800.0071 Collar, Pet        
RML0.800.0254 Comb        
RML0.800.0378 Commode        
RML0.800.0256 Compact        
RML0.800.0742 Cooler, Dairy        
RML0.800.0645 Corker, Bottle        
RML0.800.0240 Cover, Pillow        
RML0.800.0073 Cowbell        
RML0.800.0534 Cowbell        
RML0.800.0221 Cozy        
RML0.800.0088 Creel        
RML0.800.0023 crimper        
RML0.800.0084 Crimper        
RML0.800.0679 Crock        
RML0.800.0114 Crook, Shepherd's        
RML0.800.0621 Cruet        
RML0.800.0722 Crumber        
RML0.800.0723 Crumber        
RML0.800.0726 Crumber        
RML0.800.0727 Crumber        
RML0.800.0266 Curler        
RML0.800.0549 Curtain        
RML0.800.0518 Cutter, Cookie        
RML0.800.0135 Cutter, Glass        
RML0.800.0521 Cutter, Glass        
RML0.800.0570 Cutter, Glass        
RML0.800.0444 Decanter        
RML0.800.0227 Dickey        
RML0.800.0229 Dickey        
RML0.800.0231 Dickey        
RML0.800.0232 Dickey        
RML0.800.0233 Dickey        
RML0.800.0234 Dickey        
RML0.800.0138 Die, Screw        
RML0.800.0172 Die, Screw        
RML0.800.0635 Dish, Butter        
RML0.800.0624 Dish, Candy        
RML0.800.0320 Dish, Meat        
RML0.800.0321 Dish, Meat        
RML0.800.0704 Dish, Ring        
RML0.800.0603 Dish, Soap        
RML0.800.0213 Doily        
RML2011.011.0001 Doily        
RML0.800.0043 Doll       1940s
RML0.800.0538 Doorknob        
RML0.800.0386 Douche        
RML0.800.0102 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0013 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0014 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0015 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0016 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0017 Drencher        
RML2010.014.0003 Dress        
RML2010.014.0004 Dress        
RML2010.014.0005 Dress        
RML2010.014.0006 Dress        
RML2010.014.0008 Dress        
RML2010.014.0009 Dress        
RML2010.013.0016 Drill        
RML2010.013.0017 Drill        
RML0.800.0728 Earphone       circa early 1900's
RML0.800.0612 Eggcup        
RML0.800.0619 Eggcup        
RML0.800.0413 Epaulet        
RML0.800.0250 Eyecup        
RML0.800.0086 Eyeglasses        
RML0.800.0267 Eyeglasses        
RML0.800.0040 Fan        
RML0.800.0354 Fan        
RML0.800.0355 Fan        
RML0.800.0099 File, Round        
RML0.800.0098 File, Square        
RML0.800.0243 Flag       1867
RML0.800.0279 Flask, Powder       1840
RML0.800.0500 Flint        
RML0.800.0441 Folder, File        
RML0.800.0614 Fork        
RML0.800.0613 Fork, Dinner        
RML0.800.0601 Funnel        
RML0.800.0080 Gauge, Wire        
RML0.800.0082 Gauge, Wire        
RML0.800.0606 Glass, Malt-beverage        
RML0.800.0607 Glass, Malt-beverage        
RML0.800.0608 Glass, Malt-beverage        
RML0.800.0258 Glasses, Opera        
RML0.800.0198 Gown, Christening        
RML0.800.0517 Grater        
RML0.800.0640 Grater       circa 1950's
RML0.800.0520 Grater, Spice       circa 1900's
RML0.800.0636 Grater, Spice       circa 1890's
RML0.800.0637 Grater, Spice       circa 1907
RML0.800.0445 Grinder, Feed        
RML0.800.0107 Grinder, Mower-knife        
RML0.800.0070 Hacksaw        
RML0.800.0076 Hammer        
RML0.800.0079 Hammer        
RML0.800.0127 Hammer        
RML2010.013.0004 Hammer, Cross-peen        
RML0.800.0183 Handkerchief       1953
RML0.800.0200 Handkerchief        
RML0.800.0356 Handkerchief        
RML0.800.0197 Hanging        
RML0.800.0313 Harmonica       1920s
RML0.800.0314 Harp, Jew's        
RML0.800.0141 Helmet        
RML0.800.0544 Helmet        
RML0.800.0077 Hoe        
RML0.800.0169 Hoe, Garden        
RML0.800.0017 Holder, Match        
RML0.800.0298 Holder, Match        
RML0.800.0620 Holder, Match        
RML2011.005.0001 Holder, Thread       1920s
RML0.800.0574 Holder, Tissue        
RML0.800.0068 Hook        
RML0.800.0530 Hook, Coat        
RML0.800.0300 Hook, Crochet        
RML0.800.0020 Hook, Crochet        
RML0.800.0134 Hook, Meat        
RML0.800.0337 Inkbottle        
RML0.800.0373 Inkbottle       1800s
RML0.800.0676 Inkbottle        
RML0.800.0689 Inkbottle        
RML0.800.0690 Inkbottle        
RML0.800.0693 Inkbottle        
RML0.800.0338 Inkstand        
RML0.800.0002 Iron        
RML0.800.0003 Iron        
RML0.800.0004 Iron        
RML0.800.0005 Iron        
RML0.800.0009 Iron        
RML0.800.0011 Iron        
RML0.800.0012 Iron        
RML0.800.0013 Iron        
RML0.800.0014 Iron        
RML0.800.0015 Iron        
RML0.800.0016 Iron        
RML0.800.0001 Iron        
RML0.800.0755 Iron        
RML0.800.0756 Iron        
RML0.800.0757 Iron        
RML0.800.0758 Iron        
RML0.800.0760 Iron        
RML0.800.0761 Iron        
RML0.800.0763 Iron        
RML0.800.0764 Iron        
RML0.800.0765 Iron        
RML0.800.0766 Iron        
RML0.800.0772 Iron        
RML0.800.0773 Iron       Late 1800's
RML0.800.0774 Iron       Late 1800's
RML0.800.0775 Iron       Late 1800's
RML0.800.0776 Iron       1800's
RML0.800.0778 Iron       Early 1900's
RML0.800.0779 Iron       1940's
RML0.800.0780 Iron        
RML0.800.0782 Iron        
RML0.800.0785 Iron       Late 1800's
RML0.800.0787 Iron        
RML0.800.0788 Iron        
RML0.800.0789 Iron        
RML0.800.0790 Iron        
RML0.800.0791 Iron        
RML0.800.0792 Iron        
RML0.800.0793 Iron        
RML0.800.0794 Iron        
RML0.800.0218 Iron, Cauterizing        
RML0.800.0022 Iron, Curling        
RML0.800.0270 Iron, Curling        
RML0.800.0271 Iron, Curling        
RML0.800.0018 Iron, Curling        
RML0.800.0649 Iron, Curling        
RML0.800.0101 Iron, Soldering        
RML0.800.0226 Jabot        
RML0.800.0533 Jack, Lifting        
RML1987.001.0001 Jacket        
RML0.800.0180 Jacket, Bed        
RML0.800.0426 Jacket, Book        
RML0.800.0658 Jar        
RML0.800.0673 Jar        
RML0.800.0675 Jar        
RML0.800.0700 Jar        
RML0.800.0691 Jar, Condiment        
RML0.800.0247 Jar, Cosmetic        
RML0.800.0297 Jar, Cosmetic        
RML0.800.0709 Jar, Food-storage        
RML0.800.0710 Jar, Food-storage        
RML0.800.0632 Jar, Pickle        
RML0.800.0715 Jar, Pickle        
RML0.800.0694 Jar, Preserving        
RML0.800.0716 Jar, Preserving        
RML0.800.0717 Jar, Preserving        
RML0.800.0718 Jar, Preserving        
RML0.800.0719 Jar, Preserving        
RML0.800.0610 Jug        
RML0.800.0628 Jug, Whiskey        
RML0.800.0557 Kettle        
RML0.800.0526 Key        
RML0.800.0545 Key        
RML0.800.0402 Kit, Enema        
RML0.800.0401 Kit, First Aid        
RML0.800.0370 Knife, Carving       1860s
RML0.800.0596 Knife, Fruit        
RML0.800.0133 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0148 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0149 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0150 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0151 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0152 Knife, Hay        
RML0.800.0412 Knife, Paper        
RML0.800.0371 Knife, Paper       1800s
RML0.800.0406 Knife, Pocket        
RML0.800.0407 Knife, Pocket        
RML0.800.0408 Knife, Pocket        
RML0.800.0428 Knife, Pocket        
RML0.800.0527 Knocker        
RML0.800.0703 Knot, Ornamental        
RML0.800.0582 Lace        
RML0.800.0449 Lamp, Burning-fluid        
RML0.800.0448 Lamp, Candle        
RML0.800.0032 Lamp, Carbide        
RML0.800.0447 Lamp, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0502 Lamp, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0506 Lamp, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0503 Lantern, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0504 Lantern, Kerosene        
RML0.800.0505 Lantern, Kerosene       1940s
RML0.800.0174 Last, Boot        
RML0.800.0173 Last, Shoe        
RML2010.013.0003 Level        
RML0.800.0375 Lifter, Pot       1800s
RML0.800.0209 Liner, Platter        
RML0.800.0210 Liner, Platter        
RML0.800.0292 Lipstick        
RML0.800.0430 Lock        
RML0.800.0535 Lock        
RML0.800.0510 Lock, Door       1940
RML0.800.0528 Lock, Door        
RML0.800.0304 Locket        
RML0.800.0308 Locket        
RML0.800.0705 Locket        
RML0.800.0440 Loom, Lace        
RML0.800.0322 Machine, Electrotherapy        
RML0.800.0532 Machine, Milking        
RML0.800.0357 Marble        
RML0.800.0170 Mask, Gas       1914-18
RML0.800.0281 Matchbox        
RML0.800.0282 Matchbox        
RML0.800.0283 Matchbox        
RML0.800.0287 Matchbox        
RML0.800.0333 Matchbox        
RML0.800.0237 Material, Cloth        
RML0.800.0156 Mattock        
RML0.800.0165 Mattock        
RML0.800.0166 Mattock        
RML0.800.0331 Measure, Tape        
RML0.800.0732 Mincer, Meat        
RML0.800.0733 Mincer, Meat        
RML0.800.0734 Mincer, Meat        
RML0.800.0735 Mincer, Meat        
RML0.800.0736 Mincer, Meat        
RML0.800.0325 Monogram        
RML0.800.0431 Mould, Bullet        
RML0.800.0432 Mould, Bullet        
RML0.800.0433 Mould, Bullet        
RML0.800.0555 Mould, Butter        
RML0.800.0743 Mould, Butter        
RML0.800.0744 Mould, Butter        
RML0.800.0560 Mug        
RML0.800.0579 Mug        
RML0.800.0600 Mug        
RML0.800.0211 Napkin, Bread Basket        
RML0.800.0201 Neckerchief        
RML0.800.0053 Necklace        
RML0.800.0055 Necklace        
RML0.800.0056 Necklace        
RML0.800.0057 Necklace        
RML0.800.0058 Necklace        
RML0.800.0306 Necklace        
RML0.800.0307 Necklace        
RML0.800.0400 Necklace        
RML0.800.0702 Necklace        
RML0.800.0184 Necktie        
RML0.800.0299 Needle        
RML0.800.0275 Needle, Sewing        
RML0.800.0514 Novelty       circa 1940's
RML0.800.0511 Opener, Can        
RML0.800.0512 Opener, Can        
RML0.800.0525 Oven, Camp        
RML0.800.0034 Packet        
RML2013.003.0001 Packet        
RML0.800.0639 Paddle, Butter        
RML0.800.0242 Painting Dr Thomas Renwick Colly   May 28th 1984
RML0.800.0241 Painting   Vorback, Leslie Phillip   May 28th 1984
RML0.800.0522 Pan, Bread        
RML0.800.0641 Pan, Patty (paper)       circa 1950's
RML0.800.0260 Paper, Writing        
RML0.800.0305 Pearl        
RML0.800.0519 Peeler, Vegetable       circa 1900's
RML0.800.0427 Pen        
RML0.800.0551 Pendulum        
RML0.800.0182 Petticoat        
RML0.800.0239 Petticoat        
RML2008.001.0003 Petticoat       1910
RML0.800.0163 Pick        
RML0.800.0164 Pick        
RML0.800.0167 Pick        
RML0.800.0171 Pick        
RML0.800.0142 Pick, Double-pointed        
RML0.800.0202 Picture, Needlework       1963
RML0.800.0739 Picture, Shell        
RML0.800.0223 Pillowcase        
RML0.800.0564 Pincushion        
RML0.800.0268 Pipe        
RML0.800.0269 Pipe        
RML0.800.0623 Pitcher, Hot Water        
RML0.800.0175 Plane        
RML0.800.0208 Plant       circa 1940s
RML0.800.0604 Plate, Luncheon        
RML0.800.0126 Pliers, Combination        
RML0.800.0094 Pliers, Combination        
RML0.800.0318 Press, Cloth        
RML0.800.0721 Print        
RML0.800.0725 Print        
RML0.800.0777 Print Lady Hibbard, Snow Ball and Crook Leg: merino sheep, property of G.W. Hunt,     1880s
RML0.800.0323 Projector, Motion-picture        
RML0.800.0737 Pulley        
RML0.800.0143 Pump        
RML0.800.0343 Pump        
RML0.800.0385 Pump, Breast        
RML0.800.0553 Pump, Water        
RML2010.013.0011 Punch        
RML2010.013.0012 Punch        
RML2010.013.0013 Punch        
RML2010.013.0010 Punch, Hole        
RML0.800.0707 Purse, Change        
RML0.800.0162 Ratchet        
RML0.800.0403 Razor        
RML0.800.0404 Razor        
RML0.800.0405 Razor        
RML0.800.0409 Razor        
RML0.800.0410 Razor        
RML0.800.0411 Razor        
RML0.800.0312 Record, Phonograph       1920s
RML0.800.0293 Reel        
RML0.800.0294 Reel        
RML0.800.0186 Ribbon, Commemorative        
RML0.800.0516 Ricer       circa 1880's
RML0.800.0540 Ring, Curtain        
RML0.800.0330 Ring, Napkin        
RML0.800.0332 Ring, Napkin        
RML2010.013.0002 Ripsaw        
RML2010.013.0006 Rivet        
RML2010.014.0007 Romper        
RML0.800.0044 Root        
RML0.800.0091 Rule, Folding        
RML2010.013.0007 Rule, Folding        
RML2010.013.0008 Rule, Folding        
RML0.800.0317 Rule, Patternmaker's        
RML0.800.0556 Rule, Slide        
RML0.800.0577 Saltcellar        
RML0.800.0602 Saltcellar        
RML0.800.0615 Saltcellar        
RML0.800.0185 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0191 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0195 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0212 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0230 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0199 Sample, Material        
RML0.800.0753 Saucepan        
RML0.800.0146 Saw, Frame        
RML0.800.0219 Saw, Pruning        
RML0.800.0220 Saw, Pruning        
RML0.800.0119 Saw-set        
RML0.800.0550 Scale        
RML0.800.0154 Scale, Balance        
RML0.800.0547 Scale, Balance        
RML0.800.0543 Scale, Computing        
RML0.800.0194 Scarf        
RML0.800.0019 Scissors, Surgical        
RML0.800.0128 Scraper, Stove        
RML0.800.0110 Screwdriver        
RML0.800.0111 Screwdriver        
RML0.800.0112 Screwdriver        
RML0.800.0129 Scriber        
RML0.800.0087 Seal        
RML0.800.0051 Seed        
RML0.800.0052 Seed        
RML0.800.0599 Server, Salad        
RML0.800.0653 Set, Cake Icing        
RML0.800.0654 Set, Cake Icing        
RML0.800.0340 Set, Manicure        
RML0.800.0617 Set, Salt & Pepper        
RML0.800.0618 Set, Salt & Pepper        
RML0.800.0425 Set, Shaving        
RML0.800.0597 Set, Tableware        
RML0.800.0189 Sham, Pillow       1940
RML0.800.0329 Sharpener, Pencil       1900s
RML0.800.0192 Shawl        
RML0.800.0078 Shears, Fuller's        
RML0.800.0176 Shears, Pruning        
RML2010.014.0018 Shears, Sheep        
RML2010.014.0019 Shears, Sheep        
RML0.800.0037 Shell        
RML0.800.0436 Shell, Shotgun        
RML0.800.0206 Shirt, Dress        
RML0.800.0235 Shirt, Dress        
RML0.800.0236 Shirt, Dress        
RML0.800.0345 Shoe        
RML0.800.0346 Shoe        
RML0.800.0347 Shoe        
RML0.800.0380 Shoe        
RML0.800.0381 Shoe        
RML0.800.0382 Shoe        
RML0.800.0383 Shoe        
RML0.800.0384 Shoe        
RML0.800.0324 Shoelace       circa 1900
RML0.800.0069 Sickle        
RML0.800.0595 Skewer        
RML2008.001.0002 Skirt       1910
RML0.800.0747 Slate        
RML0.800.0214 Sleeve        
RML0.800.0177 Slicer, Meat        
RML0.800.0548 Slicer, Vegetable       circa early 1900's
RML0.800.0643 Slicer, Vegetable        
RML0.800.0072 Smoker, Bee        
RML0.800.0095 Spanner        
RML0.800.0096 Spanner        
RML0.800.0103 Spanner        
RML0.800.0115 Spanner        
RML0.800.0116 Spanner        
RML0.800.0117 Spanner        
RML0.800.0118 Spanner        
RML0.800.0120 Spanner        
RML0.800.0124 Spanner        
RML0.800.0093 Spanner        
RML0.800.0539 Spanner        
RML0.800.0050 Spear, fish        
RML0.800.0616 Spoon        
RML0.800.0627 Spoon        
RML0.800.0598 Spoon, Serving        
RML0.800.0563 Sprayer, Hand        
RML0.800.0136 Spreader, Tire        
RML0.800.0144 Spring, Pressure        
RML2010.013.0009 Square       1941
RML0.800.0130 Square, Set        
RML0.800.0131 Square, Set        
RML0.800.0634 Stand, Cake        
RML0.800.0010 Stand, Iron        
RML0.800.0429 Stay        
RML0.800.0552 Steel, Carving        
RML0.800.0740 Steel, Carving        
RML0.800.0741 Steel, Carving        
RML0.800.0609 Stein        
RML0.800.0038 Stick, Walking        
RML0.800.0546 Stirrer, Milk        
RML0.800.0659 Stopper, Bottle        
RML0.800.0660 Stopper, Bottle        
RML0.800.0578 Strainer        
RML0.800.0075 Strainer, Fence        
RML0.800.0125 Strainer, Fence        
RML0.800.0153 Strainer, Fence        
RML2010.014.0001 Strainer, Fence        
RML2010.014.0002 Strainer, Fence        
RML2010.014.0012 Strainer, Fence        
RML0.800.0554 Strainer, Milk        
RML0.800.0572 Strainer, Milk        
RML0.800.0327 Stretcher, Shoe        
RML0.800.0284 Striker, Match        
RML0.800.0350 Suspenders        
RML0.800.0045 Sword, Hunting Fijian Ceremonial Sword      
RML0.800.0390 Syringe        
RML0.800.0392 Syringe       1920s
RML0.800.0188 Tablecloth       1940
RML0.800.0662 Tag, Animal        
RML0.800.0035 Tankard       18 June 1988
RML0.800.0536 Tap        
RML0.800.0537 Tap        
RML0.800.0541 Tap        
RML0.800.0542 Tap        
RML0.800.0285 Tape, Adhesive        
RML0.800.0438 Taper        
RML0.800.0730 Tapestry        
RML0.800.0592 Teapot        
RML0.800.0593 Teapot        
RML0.800.0594 Teapot        
RML0.800.0661 Thermometer, Milk        
RML0.800.0029 Thimble        
RML0.800.0566 Thimble        
RML0.800.0584 Thread        
RML0.800.0585 Thread        
RML0.800.0586 Thread        
RML0.800.0587 Thread        
RML0.800.0588 Thread        
RML0.800.0249 Tin        
RML0.800.0365 Tin        
RML0.800.0393 Tin        
RML0.800.0395 Tin        
RML0.800.0396 Tin        
RML0.800.0397 Tin        
RML0.800.0398 Tin        
RML0.800.0414 Tin       1960s
RML0.800.0415 Tin       1960s
RML0.800.0416 Tin       1960s
RML0.800.0417 Tin       1960s
RML0.800.0418 Tin       1979
RML0.800.0419 Tin       1960s
RML0.800.0420 Tin       1930s
RML0.800.0421 Tin       1930s
RML0.800.0423 Tin       1900s
RML0.800.0424 Tin       1910s
RML0.800.0567 Tin        
RML0.800.0576 Tin        
RML0.800.0646 Tin        
RML0.800.0651 Tin        
RML0.800.0575 Tin, Baking        
RML0.800.0280 Tin, Cake       1840
RML0.800.0334 Tongs        
RML0.800.0137 Tongs, Hollow-bit        
RML0.800.0140 Torch        
RML0.800.0067 Trap        
RML0.800.0074 Trap        
RML0.800.0301 Tray        
RML0.800.0622 Tray, Serving        
RML0.800.0746 Tray, Serving        
RML0.800.0501 Trimmer, Wick        
RML0.800.0571 Trivet        
RML0.800.0769 Trivet        
RML0.800.0770 Trivet        
RML0.800.0771 Trivet        
RML0.800.0783 Trivet        
RML0.800.0786 Trivet       Late 1800's
RML0.800.0391 Tube       1920s
RML2010.014.0011 Tunic        
RML0.800.0046 Umbrella        
RML2010.014.0020 Urinal        
RML0.800.0631 Vase, Flower        
RML0.800.0217 Vise        
RML0.800.0132 Vise, Bench        
RML0.800.0361 Warmer, Bed        
RML0.800.0379 Washboard        
RML0.800.0083 Weight, Balance        
RML0.800.0680 Whip        
RML0.800.0315 Whistle        
RML0.800.0339 Winder        
RML0.800.0106 Wrench, Monkey        
RML0.800.0090 Wrench, pipe        
RML0.800.0207 Yarn        

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