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Record 652/765
1 x dentist's chair donated by Mr. M. Fryer and nurse Aailine Gray. An entry in the Renwick accessioning book for 1975 has: 1 dental chair on loan to Beavertown 12 November 1975 per Mr. M. Fryer and nurse Aailine Gray. A dentist's chair was found in the Beavertown/Tobacconist & Barber Shop on 11 June 2013 (see image 1). It is most likely the one borrowed from Renwick, as the dentist chair donated by the Picton Play Centre (see 1974.005) was a small child's one and not suitable for display in the newly constructed Barber and Tobacconist shops in Beavertown. That shop was still under construction in September 1974. The Stocker dentist equipment (see 1984.013) although mentioned in the 1974 MHS minutes was not collected/donated until 1984.
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