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Record 471/765
Copyright Renwick Museum and Watson Memorial Library
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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) General
Date 1800s
Description Foot bellows with oval wooden panels and leather gussets riveted on with large steel rivets. Maker William Allday and Co Ltd, Birmingham.
This company manufactured forges and allied equipment.

Jenny Pierson, 21 July 2012: Letter, dated 22 February 1968, to Dr. Roger Duff, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch. Dear Roger, many thanks for your letter of 19th February 1968 re foot bellows. I am sorry that the only pair we [MHS] have are on loan to the Renwick Museum. Just off hand I do not know where I could pick up another set. I will ask around and advise if I am able to help fairly soon. [Source: Page 73 of Norm Brayshaw's duplicate letter book 15/8/1967-29/8/1968 which is in Archives, Bay 91, Shelf B, Box MHS Correspondence 1964-74].
Hello, it has come to our attention, as we have been researching the documentation of the collections that belong to the Marlborough Historical Society, that there are some outstanding issues for discussion that relate to a collection item that you currently care for.

We have been working hard in recent years to document, as well as we are able, the items of Marlborough heritage that we have been entrusted by the community to hold for the people of Marlborough. This has not always been done to the standard that we now aspire to, therefore, we have some catching up to do and we hope that we can work with you to ensure that this is resolved and put on the record.

We now have documentation that will be of interest to you relating to:

Item: Foot Bellows

Explanation: It appears the item really belongs to MHS as found in the following:
From a Marlborough Historical Society Inc. letter, dated 22 February 1968, from Norm Brayshaw to Dr. Roger Duff, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch. "Dear Roger, many thanks for your letter of 19th February 1968 re foot bellows. I am sorry that the only pair we [MHS] have are on loan to the Renwick Museum". [Source: Norm Brayshaw's duplicate letter book 15/8/1967-29/8/1968, page 73, Archives/ Bay 91/Shelf B/Box MHS Correspondence 1964-74].

Renwick collection item number: RML0.800.0374.
MHS collection item number: will be generated when the loan is signed, then attached to the object.
Current location: Renwick Museum Display cabinet C.

We acknowledge that your organisation has cared for this item for some time and that in some cases successful restoration has been carried out. We recognize the hard work of your organisation and members. Nevertheless, we are endeavouring to formalise the current situation, and we want to do this maintaining good overall relationships within the heritage community of Marlborough. We share many goals in common which we wish to retain well into the future.

Therefore, we have agreed that currently it is best for you to retain the item, and to continue to display it as you have been doing. The item will be placed on long term loan with you for the period of ten years, and the possibility that this may be extended after that if agreed by both parties.

Attached is the loan agreement. We would appreciate it if you would complete it as soon as possible, and return it to us within 30 days. We understand that you may have further documentation relating to ownership which we would be happy to review. But our records currently show proof of ownership is not in doubt. This is our reason for trying to resolve the issue with you without creating unnecessary disruption.

If you have any concerns or questions please reply within 30 days.

Kind regards,
Dale Webb
For the Committee of the Marlborough Historical Society Inc.
Outgoing loan signed by Gwenda Hodson for the Renwick Museum on 17 December 2012.
Object ID 0000.800.1552
Object Name Bellows
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