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Record 457/765
Copyright Renwick Museum and Watson Memorial Library
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Collection RML (unaccessioned) General
Date May 28th 1984
Description Oil painting by Leslie Phillip Vorback, old school pupil 1923 of Renwicktown School.
Painting is impressionist or primitive style of water, mountains and trees. Signed by the artist with the word "original" added. Mounted in a kitset wooden frame. Canvas is a Rowney canvas panel.

Written on the back:
Oil painting somewhere in New Zealand, I think the South Island. I hope this painting is accepted as a gift to Renwicktown School.
To teacher. I am the pupil who set fire to Renwicktown School 1923 or 1924. Even on paying a visit to the school 1978 the hallway, the floor was as uneven as it was when repaired 1923-24.
Yes the police spoke to me from the Blenheim police department.
The fire was accidental. I was learning to strike matchs [sic]. I threw the lighted match under the school. How many years had childrens lunch papers collected under the school?
The house in Renwicktown is still standing where I was born in 1918.
In some way Renwick has changed but not the streetsstill same as was [in] 1918, may be some new streets. Mostly new people and faces, very few old folks. Yes old people are like the sands of time, they blow away.
Yes I must say I still have a place in my heart for Renwicktown. Mr Green was the head master of Renwicktown School.
Io volont a' tutto strada essere insieme Renwicktown.

Object ID RML0.800.0241
Object Name Painting
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