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Auger, Fruit

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Record 431/765
Copyright Renwick Museum and Watson Memorial Library
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Collection RML (unaccessioned) General
Description Iron raisin cleaner No.36 which could be attached to a bench or table. Raisins (grapes) could be fed into the shute at the top and the juice extracted.. The handle can be turned pulling the raisin through with the juice flowing out the bottom spout into a container. The remaining fruit is discarded underneath.
Made by Enterprise M.F.G. Co. Philadelphia. Patent applied for.
Instructions on the side: Wet the raisins

Donated by Mrs D. Green [log book]
A raisin seeder was donated by Mr Frank McDonald on 4/2/1975 [original log book]
Object ID RML0.800.0443
Object Name Auger, Fruit
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