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Record 430/765
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Collection RML (unaccessioned) General
Description Wooden display case with glass front. Has a display of various geological artifacts. These items are listed in the original Renwick Log Book, 1967 - 1979
The items are each labeled as follows:
Top right corner labelled Petrified wood from a sequoia tree in arizona, U.S.A. One natural (In log book #522), one polished (In log book #444) donated by W. Swan, Alberta, Canada, 1974.
Top left labelled Pottery, old orange piece made by Navajo Indians, who were cliff dwellers in Arazona, U.S.A.
Middle right, A dinosaur vertebrae, 70 - 90 million year old fossil found in the Drumheller badlands of the Red River Valley, Canada.
Middle left, Petrified oyster shell, Alberta Canada. In log book #525 (fossilzed shell) donated by W. Swan, Alberta, Canada, 1974.
Lower middle right. Petrified sharks tooth found on the beach, Chatham Islands
Bottom Flint used by North Americans to chip arrowheads, and bits of rock left. Found in Kananaskis Valley, Alberta Canada. On the right is the arrow head. In log book #524 (Indian arrow head) donated by W. Swan, Alberta, Canada, 1974. On the left, pieces of flint. Possibly #523 in log book (North Indian skin scraper) donated by W. Swan, Alberta, Canada, 1974.

The items are attached to blue material on hardboard with double sided adhesive tape. The dinosaur bone is attached with plastic covered wire.
Object ID RML0.800.0442
Object Name Case, Display
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