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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
RML0.100.0001 Book Little Nell Dickens, Charles Melbourne and Sydney  
RML0.100.0002 Book Queen Primer Part 1.   Great Britian  
RML0.100.0003 Book Royal Princess Readers - Book 1   London 1904
RML0.100.0004 Book New Zealand Clear School Atlas   New Zealand  
RML0.100.0005 Book The Zealandia Geography For Standard V1   Chrischurch, Dunedin & Wellington c.1907
RML0.100.0006 Book English Grammar and Composition   Chrischurch, Dunedin & Wellington c.1890s
RML0.100.0007 Book Laundrywork in School Henney, E. & Byett, J.D Bedford Street, London W.C. 2 1953
RML0.100.0008 Book The Dominion Song Book No. 1.   Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin & Aus. c1940s
RML0.100.0009 Book The Chemistry of Housecraft Hall, Lucy & Grunbaum, Ida 50 Old Bailey, London 1912
RML0.100.0010 Book The School Journal Part 111 - For Classes V and V1   Wellington August 1908
RML0.100.0011 Book Whitcombe's Progressive Readers - Fourth Primer   Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin & Wellington  
RML0.100.0012 Book Whitcombe's Improved Progressive Speller - Book 1   Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Invercargill  
RML0.100.0013 Book Architecture of Molecules. Wright, G.J.; Dasent, W.E. & Vaughan, J. Wellington 1969
RML0.100.0014 Book School Books Published in New Zealand to 1960 Price, Hugh Palmerston North 1992
RML0.100.0017 Book Walter Watson Saga Watson, Herbert Walter   1988
RML0.100.0018 Book On The Origin Of Species: by means of natural selection, or the preservatio Darwin, Charles London 1909
RML0.100.0019 Book The Descent Of Man, and selection in relation to sex Darwin, Charles London 1882
RML0.100.0020 Book A Primer Of Evolution Clodd, Edward London 1902
RML0.100.0021 Book The Beauties Of Nature And The Wonders Of The World We Live In Averbury, The Right Honourable London 1902
RML0.100.0022 Book A History Of The Earth And Animated Nature, Vol. II Goldsmith, Oliver Glasgow 1774
RML0.100.0023 Book A History Of The Earth And Animated Nature Goldsmith, Oliver Glasgow 1857
RML0.100.0024 Book The National Ready Reckoner   London None
RML0.100.0025 Book The Popular Educator Of Complete Encyclopedia Of Elemetary, Advanced,Techni   London Pre 1877
RML0.100.0026 Book The Popular Educator Of Complete Encyclopedia Of Elemetary, Advanced,Techni   London Pre 1877
RML0.100.0027 Book The Popular Educator Of Complete Encyclopedia Of Elemetary, Advanced,Techni   London Pre 1877
RML0.100.0028 Book Education In New Zealand Butchers A.G. London 1930
RML0.100.0029 Book The Mother Tongue In New Zealand Wall, Arnold Dunedin 1936
RML0.100.0030 Book The National Encyclopedia Of Business And Social Forms... James, A. and McCabe, D. Dunedin 1882
RML0.100.0031 Book Brett's Colonist Guide and Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge James, A. and McCabe, D. Auckland, New Zealand  
RML0.100.0032 Book Household Cyclopedia Of General Information. Hartshorne, Henry MD.et al Sydney 1882
RML0.100.0033 Book Fifty Years Syne Chisholm, James Reverend Dunedin 1898
RML0.100.0034 Book Sacred Biography and History, Explorations In The Holy Land Tiffany, D.D. Osmond Dunedin, Guelph, Ontario, and Sydney, New South Wales 1878
RML0.100.0035 Book A Great Coloniser. The Reverend Dr. Thomas Burns Pioneer Minister Of Otago Merrington, E.N. Dunedin 1929
RML0.100.0036 Book The History Of The Presbyterian Church Of New Zealand 1840-1940 Elder, J.R. Christchurch 1940
RML0.100.0037 Book A Great Scottish Churchman. Dr Andrew Thomson Strang, Miller R. Dunedin 1961
RML0.100.0038 Book Chiromancy Or The Science Of Palmistry Being A Concise Exposition Of The Pr Frith, Henry and Allen, Edward Heron London  
RML0.100.0039 Book Out Of The People Priestly, J.B. Auckland 1943
RML0.100.0040 Book The Imperial Fortune Teller And The Book Of Fate   London pre 1879
RML0.100.0041 Book Church Praise Hopkins, E.J. Mus. Doc London 1883
RML0.100.0042 Book Holy Bible   Oxford 1855
RML0.100.0043 Book The Book Of Common Prayer   Printed Oxford University Press Pre 1900
RML0.100.0044 Book The Universal Bible Dictionary   London  
RML0.100.0045 Book Enquire Within Upon Everything. To which is added Enquire within upon fancy   London 1875
RML0.100.0046 Book Bohally. The Fulton and Pattie Families Pattie, Marjorie Blenheim 2004
RML0.100.0047 Book The Romance Of Rocks Hall, Charles A. London 1912
RML0.100.0048 Book Easons Lightning Index Calulator   Dublin  
RML0.100.0049 Book Memoir And Remains Of The Reverend Robert Murray M'Cheyne. Boner, Andrew A. Rev Edinburgh 1869
RML0.100.0050 Book The Municipal Handbook of New Zealand 1913 Fraser, Malcom Wellington 1914
RML0.100.0051 Book Yates Garden Guide. Hints For Amateurs   Auckland 1942
RML0.100.0052 Book Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory   Dunedin 1930
RML0.100.0053 Book Eagles complete trees and shrubs of New Zealand volumes 1 and 2 Eagle, Audrey New Zealand 2006
RML0.100.0054 Book Simple Tests For Minerals Or Every Man His Own Analyst Campbell, Joseph Sydney 1898
RML0.100.0055 Book Foulshams Original Old Moores Almanack 1950   London 1950
RML0.100.0056 Book Dr Chase's Last Receipt Book and Household Physician Chase, Alvin Wood   1887
RML0.100.0057 Book The handy natural history: mammals Protheroe, Ernest F.Z.S. London 1909
RML0.100.0058 Book The Detectives Of Europe and America Celebrated Cases On Life In The Secret   Hartford, England 1878
RML0.100.0059 Book The New Zealand Lawyer and Settler's Legal Handbook Shortland, Fred Fielding 1909
RML0.100.0060 Book The New Zealand Justice Of The Peace Haselden, William Reeve Wellington 1895
RML0.100.0061 Book Home Educator 1876     1896
RML0.100.0062 Book The Teaching Of Colour Rankin, H.A. London 1930
RML0.100.0063 Book Ladies Handbook Of Home Treatment   Warburton, Victoria, Australia. 1947
RML0.100.0064 Book A Text book Of Mining Geology For The Use Of Mining Students And Miners Park, James London 1911
RML0.100.0065 Book Robert Dick, Baker of Thurso, Geologist and Botanist Smiles, Samuel London 1878
RML0.100.0066 Book A Text Book Of Elemental Botany, Laurie, Charlotte L. London Post 1910
RML0.100.0067 Book Practical Plant Biology . A Course Of Elementary Lectures On the General Mo Dixon, H.H. London 1922
RML0.100.0068 Book The 'Special Express Salary' And Per Hour "Wages and Time Costing Reckoner" Inglis, Gall J. London  
RML0.100.0069 Book The Wonders Of Nature How animals & plants live & behave in relation to the Tunnicliffe, C.F.   Pre 1951
RML0.100.0070 Book The Book Of Wild Flowers. An introduction to the ways of plant life, togeth Showalter, William; Grosvener, Gilbert; Geske, F.J. Washington DC USA 1924
RML0.100.0071 Book The Household Medical Adviser. A complete popular scientific work of refere Muller, H. London 1924
RML0.100.0072 Book The Practical Home Physician and Encyclopedia of Medicine. Lyman, Henry. M ; Fenger, Christian; Jones, Webster H.; Belfield, W.T. London  
RML0.100.0073 Book Ladies Handbook Of Home Treatment Richards, F.C.; Richards, E.S. Melbourne Australia Early 20th Century
RML0.100.0074 Book Cyclopedia of Nelson, Marlborough, Westland of Industrial, Historical and B     1906
RML0.100.0075 Book New Zealand Edition Illustrated Medical Guide. Volume I: A to I Muskett, Philip E. Wellington New Zealand 1903
RML0.100.0076 Book The Family Medical Guide 1871 Fullerton, George London 1871
RML0.100.0077 Book New Zealand Edition Illustrated Medical Guide Volume II: J to Z Muskett, Philip E Wellington New Zealand 1903
RML0.100.0078 Book Illustrations Of Regional Anatomy Section vi Jamieson, E.B. Edinburgh 1945
RML0.100.0079 Book Home Nursing The Authorised Textbook of the St Johns Ambulance Association   Wellington New Zealand 1943
RML0.100.0080 Book Manual Of Human Physiology Hill, Leonard London 1907
RML0.100.0081 Book The VAD Nursing Handbook   Auckland, New Zealand  
RML0.100.0082 Book Misery Mansion: grim tales of New Zealand asylums. Sainsbury, Arthur Otahuhu, New Zealand 1946
RML0.100.0083 Book Ars Vivendi: or the art of aquiring mental and bodily vigour. Lovell, Arthur Sydney 1898
RML0.100.0084 Book Hygiene for beginners. Reynolds, Ernest Septimus London 1896
RML0.100.0085 Book Modern mothercraft. Deem, Helen; Fitzgibbon, Nora P. Dunedin 1953
RML0.100.0086 Book The care of babies and small children: a guide for young people.   Dunedin  
RML0.100.0087 Book Healthy youth: with which is incorporated the Department of Health pamphlet   Wellington  
RML0.100.0088 Book Beeton's housekeeper's guide...   London  
RML0.100.0089 Book Vitalogy: or encyclopedia of health and home Wood, Geo P.; Ruddock, E.H. Chicago 1924
RML0.100.0090 Book Cassells household guide...   London.  
RML0.100.0091 Book The marriage book for husbands and wives, and all who love children.   London. 1930s
RML0.100.0092 Book Mothercraft. King, Mary Truby Sydney 1934
RML0.100.0093 Book Colonial everyday cookery      
RML0.100.0094 Book Warne's model cookery and housekeeping book Jewry, Mary   1880s
RML0.100.0095 Book Commonsense cookery book Public School Cookery Teaches Association on New South Wales Sydney 1930s
RML0.100.0096 Book The Peace recipe book Harvey, Elsie G. Auckland c1945
RML0.100.0097 Book The Red Cross war-time rationing cookery book   Wellington c1940
RML0.100.0098 Book Recipe book for seameal and sea-jell and seameal desert custard   Dunedin  
RML0.100.0099 Book Consumers' guide and cookery book   Christchurch  
RML0.100.0100 Book The new home cookery book   New Zealand 1951
RML0.100.0101 Book What do you know about bread.   [Blenheim] c1940
RML0.100.0102 Book Manual of gardening in New Zealand Tannock, David Auckland c1910
RML0.100.0103 Book Handbook of gardening for New Zealand Murphy, M Christchurch  
RML0.100.0104 Book Market garden husbandry for farmers and general cultivators Ablet, William H. London 1887
RML0.100.0105 Book Vegetable growing in the home garden Pritchard, D.K.. Wellington 1944
RML0.100.0106 Book The English farmer [sic] Manning, J.R.   1800s
RML0.100.0107 Book ABC and XYZ of bee culture Root, A.I.; Root, E.R. Medina, Ohio 1913
RML0.100.0108 Book Sheep, their breeds, management and diseases Youatt, William London c1837
RML0.100.0109 Book Sheep breeds and management. Wrightson, John London 1905
RML0.100.0110 Book Light horses breeds and management. Blew, W.C.A. et al. London 1898
RML0.100.0111 Book Horses, dogs, birds, cattle: accidents and ailments. First aid.   Slough, England 1899
RML0.100.0112 Book The complete grazier and farmers' cattle-breeders assistant. Youatt, William; Fream, William; Bear, William E. London 1908
RML0.100.0113 Book Modern boot and shoemaker: vol. II. Crocket, H.G.; Manson, James A.; Sidwell, E.W. London 1930s
RML0.100.0114 Book Historians history of the world   London 1908
RML0.100.0115 Book The science of business Sheldon, Arthur Frederick Chicago 1917
RML0.100.0116 Book Pitman's shorthand instructor Pitman, Isaac London  
RML0.100.0117 Book Rules of the amalgamated wheelrights, smiths and kindred trade unions   Manchester 1919
RML0.100.0118 Book Complete amendment of the rules of the Wellington Coach and Motor-body Work   New Zealand 1924
RML0.100.0119 Book Cycle repairing and adjustment   London 1916
RML0.100.0120 Book The motor manual   London 1930s
RML0.100.0121 Book The gramophone handbook Wilson, Percy London 1957
RML0.100.0122 Book Materials of tomorrow Smith, Paul I. London 1945
RML0.100.0123 Book Telegraphy Herbert, T.E. London 1907
RML0.100.0124 Book General engineering workshop practices Wayne, John et. al. London  
RML0.100.0125 Book The story of James Nasmyth, engineer and astronomer Taylor, Lucy London 1911
RML0.100.0126 Book Workshop receipts for the use of manufacturers, mechanics and scientific am Spon, Ernest London 1870
RML0.100.0127 Book The painter, guilder and varnisher's companion Brannt, William T. Philadelphia, USA 1900
RML0.100.0128 Book Ring recollections Maxwell, Alan New Zealand c1935
RML0.100.0129 Book Illustrated book of patience games Hoffman, Professor London 1920
RML0.100.0130 Book Dame Curtsey's book of guessing games Glover, Ellye Howell Chicago 1917
RML0.100.0131 Book Stanley Gibbons Limited priced catalogue of stamps of the British Empire   London 1912
RML0.100.0132 Book Weldon's encyclopedia of needlework   London  
RML0.100.0133 Book The Women's Institute Library of dressmaking: care of clothing...   Scranton, PA, USA 1926
RML0.100.0134 Book A colour dictionary Waldhurst, B.W. London 1899
RML0.100.0135 Book Surrey water-colours Palmer, Sutton London 1915
RML0.100.0136 Book Practical nature drawing: a teachers handbook Green, R.E. Huddesfield  
RML0.100.0137 Book The art of pen and ink drawing, having special reference to book illustrati Robertson, H.R. London  
RML0.100.0138 Book Oil painting on glass: including mirrors, windows etc. Guillick, Thomas J. London  
RML0.100.0139 Book Lantern slides: how to make them Dresser, A.R.; Fry, Herbert S. London [1892]
RML0.100.0140 Book Ilford photographic formulae   London  
RML0.100.0141 Book The story of the Jubilee Singers: with their songs Marsh, J.B.T. London 1885
RML0.100.0142 Book Redemption songs   London  
RML0.100.0143 Book The leisure hour, 1853   London 1853
RML0.100.0144 Book Chambers's journal of popular liturature, science and arts. Various London 1879
RML0.100.0145 Book Chambers's journal, vol III Various London 1900
RML0.100.0146 Book The English illustrated magazine 1883-1884   London 1884
RML0.100.0147 Book Musings in Maoriland Brachen, Thomas Dunedin 1890
RML0.100.0148 Book Light in the home: an illustrated magazine for family reading   London 1935
RML0.100.0149 Book The world of wit and humour   London pre 1895
RML0.100.0150 Book The Ingoldsby legends of mirth and marvels   London pre 1895
RML0.100.0151 Book Family friend, vol VII   London post 1854
RML0.100.0152 Book A little book of cheer   London 1912
RML0.100.0153 Book Further thoughts for the day from Aunt Daisy's scrap book   Christchurch  
RML0.100.0154 Book Keep a goin' Stanton, Frank; Roosevelt, L. et al. New York  
RML0.100.0155 Book [Chap books of the eighteenth century] Ashton, John London circa 1882
RML0.100.0156 Book Shakespere's works Shakespeare, William London  
RML0.100.0157 Book The complete works of Shakespeare Shakespeare, William London 1916
RML0.100.0158 Book Shakespeare on friendship Shakespeare, William New York. 1912
RML0.100.0159 Book Literature and landscape in New Zealand Mulgan, Alan   1946
RML0.100.0160 Book Numbers I: a quarterly review   Wellington July 1954
RML0.100.0161 Book Sparkling humour, volume 5   Auckland circa 1943
RML0.100.0162 Book The works of early British dramatists Various London 1875
RML0.100.0163 Book Mundy's tour in India: Pen and pencil sketches, being the journal of a tour Mundy, Captain London 1833
RML0.100.0164 Book India Surridge, Victor London circa 1900
RML0.100.0165 Book The Euphrates and the Tigris: a narative of discovery and adventure   London 1879
RML0.100.0166 Book Armenian atrocities: the murder of a nation Toynbee, Arnold J. London 1915
RML0.100.0167 Book The wonderland of Egypt Salmon, Percy R. London circa 1920
RML0.100.0168 Book Frozen Asia, a stretch of modern Siberia Eden, Charles London 1879
RML0.100.0169 Book Atelier Du Lys, or an art student in the reign of terror, vol 1   London 1876
RML0.100.0170 Book Through the Suez Canal. Stewart Beal, D.M. Maidstone 1926
RML0.100.0171 Book Souvenir of Sydney, New South Wales   Australia circa 1880
RML0.100.0172 Book Album of Sydney views   Australia circa 1880
RML0.100.0173 Book Souvenir of Alexandria and its environs   Cairo circa 1920
RML0.100.0174 Book Alexandrie   Cairo circa 1920
RML0.100.0175 Book Calais     circa 1914
RML0.100.0176 Book The Pacific tourist. Williams' illustrated trans-continental guide   USA? 1879
RML0.100.0177 Book Orient-Pacific guide     c1900
RML0.100.0178 Book The landsman's lexicon      
RML0.100.0179 Book Mutiny on the Bounty and the story of Pitcain Island, 1790-1894 Young, Rosalind Amelia Wellington 1924
RML0.100.0180 Book The polar world: a popular description of man and nature in the Arctic and Hartwig, G. London 1892
RML0.100.0181 Book Rural efficiency guide: Health, engineering, agriculture, stock [in four vo   Columbus, Ohio 1920
RML0.100.0182 Book Catalogue of surgical instruments and appliances   London 1895
RML0.100.0183 Book A guide book for the use of prospectors in New South Wales   Sydney 1939
RML0.100.0184 Book Wingate's raiders Rolo, Charles J. London 1945
RML0.100.0185 Book Europe in storm and calm King, Edward Sydney 1885
RML0.100.0186 Book The student's Hume: a history of England Hume, David London 1862
RML0.100.0187 Book The romance of modern exploration Williams, Archibald London 1905
RML0.100.0188 Book Rambles and adventures in Australia, Canada, India etc Podmore, St Michal London 1909
RML0.100.0189 Book The worlds wonders as seen by our great tropical and polar explorers: an en Buel, J.W. St. Louis, USA. 1884
RML0.100.0190 Book Men of the time: a biographical dictionary of eminent living characters. Walford, Edward London 1862
RML0.100.0191 Book Captain Cook, his life, voyages and discoveries Kingston, William H.G. London  
RML0.100.0192 Book Pioneers in Australasia Johnson, Harry London 1913
RML0.100.0193 Book David Livingston: the story of his life and travels   London 1888
RML0.100.0194 Book Scott's last expedition, volume one Scott, Robert Falcon London 1913
RML0.100.0195 Book Voyage of the Endeavour Wood, G. Arnold London 1926
RML0.100.0197 Book Captain Cook's three voyages around the world Low, Charles R. (ed) London  
RML0.100.0198 Book History of Australasia Blair, D Glasgow 1878
RML0.100.0199 Book Celebrities of the world... Dulcken, H.W. (ed) London circa 1885
RML0.100.0200 Book Heroes of the dark continent and how Stanley found Emin Pasha Buel, J.W. Sydney 1890
RML0.100.0201 Book The life and explorations of David Livingstone   London 1885
RML0.100.0202 Book Jack Sheppard Ainsworth, W. Harrison London 1854
RML0.100.0203 Book Life of Sir William Wallace; or, the Scottish chiefs Porter, J. London 1890
RML0.100.0204 Book Baden-Powell, the hero of Mafeking Aitken, Francis W. London 1900
RML0.100.0205 Book The coronation book of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth   London 1937
RML0.100.0206 Book Hazell's annual for 1895: cyclopaedic record of men and topics of the day Palmer, W.A. (ed) London 1895
RML0.100.0207 Book The Nuttall encyclopaedia being a concise and comprehensive dictionary of g Wood, James (ed) London 1900
RML0.100.0208 Book Whitaker's almanac: an almanac for the year of our lord, 1907 Whitaker, Joseph London 1907
RML0.100.0209 Book Famous regiments of the British Army: their origin and services Adams, W.H. Davenport London 1865 to 1880s
RML0.100.0210 Book War in South Africa between the British and the Boers     circa 1900
RML0.100.0211 Book Complete history of the South African war Stevens, F.T. London circa 1903
RML0.100.0212 Book The history of the Great European War, its causes and effects. Knight, W. Stanley Macbean London circa 1920
RML0.100.0213 Book With our fighting men, the story of their faith, courage, endurance in the Selleras, W.E. London 1915
RML0.100.0214 Book Attack, an infantry subaltern's impressions of July 1st, 1916 Liveing, Edward London 1918
RML0.100.0215 Book The New Zealand Division 1916-1919: a popular history based on official rec Stewart, H. Auckland 1921
RML0.100.0216 Book Sir Douglas Haig's despatches (December 1915 - April 1919) Boraston, J.H. ed. London 1919
RML0.100.0217 Book Greece, Crete and Sryia Long, Gavin London 1953
RML0.100.0218 Book Winston Churchill, the struggle for survival, 1940-1965 Wilson, Charles, Sir London 1966
RML0.100.0219 Book The second world war Churchill, Winston S. London 1970
RML0.100.0220 Book Webster's dictionary Webster, Noah USA circa 1900
RML0.100.0221 Book The home physician and guide to health   Warbuton, Australia circa 1930
RML0.100.0222 Book Easy steps in the bible story from creation to Joseph Evans, Adalaide Bee Warbuton, Australia circa 1930
RML0.100.0223 Book Men of might: bible pictures and stories from Moses to Samuel Evans, Adalaide B Warbuton, Australia circa 1930
RML0.100.0224 Book Stories of the kings Evans, Adalaide B Warbuton, Australia circa 1930
RML0.100.0225 Book Problems of Empire: the faith of a federalist Hythe, Viscount London 1913
RML0.100.0226 Book Le Palais de Fontainbleau Bourdier, A. Paris 1913
RML0.100.0227 Book Modern motherhood: a guide to parents Deem, Helen; Fitzgibben, Nora P. Dunedin 1945
RML1986.001.0001 Book        
RML2007.002.0003 Book Memories of my father: Rueben Ebenezer Watson JP, 1871 - 1947 Watson, Keith   2007
RML2007.003.0001 Book Antique Price Guide 2006 Miller, Judith 80 Strand, London WC 2R ORL 2005
RML2008.007.0001 Book The New Zealand graphic reader: fifth book   Auckland about 1907
RML2009.001.0001 Book The white cat and other stories   Auckland  
RML2009.002.0001 Book High country journey Newton, Peter Wellington 1952

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