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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
RML0.900.2186 Photograph Johanna Shaw Brydon (nee Piper) 1819 - 1909      
RML0.900.2187 Photograph William Brydon, 1817 - 1883      
RML0.900.2188 Photograph James Brydon,1851 - 1942      
RML0.900.2189 Photograph Helen (Ellen) McIsaac (nee Brydon),1837 - 1896      
RML0.900.2190 Photograph Elizabeth Davis-Goff (nee Brydon),1849 - 1884      
RML0.900.2191 Photograph Robert Dick McIsaac, 1828 - 1886      
RML0.900.2192 Photograph Mrs Janet Jordan (nee Wemyss)      
RML0.900.2193 Photograph Christian Richard Jordan      
RML0.900.2194 Photograph Sarah Bary (nee Blaymires), 1846 - 1943      
RML0.900.2195 Photograph David Nicol Sang 1846 - 1943      
RML0.900.2196 Photograph Gustaf Bary, 1834 - 1916      
RML0.900.2197 Photograph A.G.Mills with his sons Oscar and Wilfred      
RML0.900.2198 Photograph Mr Williams      
RML0.900.2199 Photograph Alice Amelia Williams      
RML0.900.2200 Photograph John Vorbach      
RML0.900.2201 Photograph Hannah Vorbach (nee Hammond), with her grandson John Williams      
RML0.900.2202 Photograph John Hounsell, 1857 - 1927      
RML0.900.2203 Photograph Mr McBride      
RML0.900.2204 Photograph Mrs. McBride      
RML0.900.2205 Photograph David Bishell of Caythorpe      
RML0.900.2206 Photograph Mr. K. McIvor      
RML0.900.2207 Photograph Elizabeth Laura Davis-Goff      
RML0.900.2208 Photograph John Newman, 1825 - 1888      
RML0.900.2209 Photograph Samuel Newman, 1880 - 1923      
RML0.900.2210 Photograph Sons of John Newman.      
RML0.900.2211 Photograph John Newman (1867 - 1950)      
RML0.900.2212 Photograph Maria Emma Newman      
RML0.900.2213 Photograph Emma and Thomas Maxted      
RML0.900.2214 Photograph Caroline Frances Mary Fairhall (nee Price)      
RML0.900.2215 Photograph Mr and Mrs David Bishell of Caythorpe      
RML0.900.2216 Photograph Samuel Eves      
RML0.900.2217 Photograph William Tissamin      

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