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'The Pictorial Record'



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These scanned copies of the programmes are copyright 2013 Marlborough Museum-Marlborough Historical Society. If you would like to use them for some other purpose, please don't hesitate to contact the Museum at These on-line versions have been reduced in size, but hi-resolution copies are available. You can of course access the original programmes in the Museum Archives.


Marlborough Museum holds a complete collection of 'The Pictorial Record', a Marlborough publication during 1993 and 1994.

This exhibit contains full copies of all Pictorial Records. Each is an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. Even the smallest will be slow unless you have a broadband connection, but the publications are a great reminder of Marlborough Past.

They are organised by year, oldest first.

You can also see other details of these magazines that have been recorded by the Museum <here> (not published yet).


The Pictorial Record

October 1993
November 1993
December 1993
January 1994
February 1994
March 1994
April 1994
May 1994
June 1994
July 1994
August 1994
September 1994
October 1994
December 1994
(There is no November issue)
February 1995(issue 15)
March 1995 (issue 16)
April 1995? (issue 17)
(Did not have an issue date)
May 1995? (issue 18)
(Did not have an issue date)