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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
PMHS.800.0114 Scale, Balance        
PMHS.800.0115 Telescope       pre 1841
PMHS.800.0116 Sampler, Grain       c.1875
PMHS.800.0117 Shovel, Grain        
PMHS.800.0118 Shovel, Grain        
PMHS.800.0119 Fork, Header        
PMHS.800.0120 Bank, Saving        
PMHS.800.0121 Wig       after 1889
PMHS.800.0122 Tin       c.1860
PMHS.800.0123 Tin       4 June 1897
PMHS.800.0124 Holder, Cigarette        
PMHS.800.0125 Buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0126 Buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0127 Buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0128 Buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0129 Notebook        
PMHS.800.0130 Flask        
PMHS.800.0131 Pencil        
PMHS.800.0132 Pencil        
PMHS.800.0133 Pencil        
PMHS.800.0134 Holder, Pencil        
PMHS.800.0135 Holder, Nib        
PMHS.800.0136 Toaster        

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