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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
PMHS.800.0084 Shawl        
PMHS.800.0085 Suit        
PMHS.800.0086 Shirt        
PMHS.800.0087 Collar        
PMHS.800.0088 Box, Collar        
PMHS.800.0089 Holder, Hatpin        
PMHS.800.0090 buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0091 Bag, Needlework        
PMHS.800.0092 Glove        
PMHS.800.0093 Glove        
PMHS.800.0094 Hat, Top       1911
PMHS.800.0095 Hatbox        
PMHS.800.0096 Gown        
PMHS.800.0097 Shoe        
PMHS.800.0098 Shoe        
PMHS.800.0099 Vest       1850
PMHS.800.0100 Gown, Christening        
PMHS.800.0101 Petticoat        
PMHS.800.0102 Petticoat        
PMHS.800.0103 Bonnet        
PMHS.800.0104 Gown, Baby's       c.1880s
PMHS.800.0105 Shoe        
PMHS.800.0106 Shoe        
PMHS.800.0107 Buttonhook        
PMHS.800.0108 Petticoat       1920s
PMHS.800.0109 Dress       1920s
PMHS.800.0110 Drawers       1920s
PMHS.800.0111 Bonnet        
PMHS.800.0112 Umbrella        
PMHS.800.0113 Brush, Clothes        

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