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Nurses and doctors of the Picton Hospital. None of the names of the nurses or the matron are known. The men in the front row, left to right, are: Dr. William Redman; Dr. Gavin Watson Hill and Jabez Blizzard. Mr. Blizzard was secretary of The Picton Hospital and Charitable Aid Board. This photograph was possibly taken when Dr. Hill took over from Dr. Redman in October 1914. Part of the Picton Hospital Collection. Donor not stated. Dr. Gavin Watson Hill was born in Edinburgh. He took up practice in Picton in 1911. He was appointed anaesthetist to Dr. Ada Patterson in October 1912 at a salary of 75 pounds per annum. He was appointed Medical superintendent of Picton Hospital on the 1st of October 1914 and resigned from this position in November 1920. Dr. Hill took over Dr. Redman's practice in June 1914. In July 1915 he departed to serve King and Country. Dr. Hill served with the R.A.M.C. in Egypt, Gallipolli and France and was later in charge of the Brockenhurst Military hospital. He returned to Picton in March 1918. Dr. Hill died at his residence in Wellington Street, Picton on Saturday January 5th 1924 aged 40 years. ........................................................................ email from Kit Stevens, a Picton-based historian currently writing about Picton 'characters: Sent: Thursday, 11 December 2014 5:16 p.m. To: Subject: Updating your collection. " ................ photograph taken about October 1914. .......the Matron is Mrs Ada Redman - Dr. Redman's (third) wife, nee Robinson. The man second from left is correctly described as Dr Hill."
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