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Collection Church of Nativity
Description Guidon/flag/Regimental Colours and a long pole with a tassel for hanging it on, and one silver plaque, of the Nelson-Marlborough Mounted Rifles. Given by the Regiment to the Church of Nativity, Blenheim where it was hung in the church.

The silver plaque is engraved: Regimental Colours N.M.M.R. encased by N.Z. Divisional Cavalry Assn. on one side and N.M.M.R. on the other.

The Guidon. A perfect harmonising of rich colours and some wonderful examples of heraldic art and embroidery make the new guidon one of the finest military emblems belonging to any regiment in New Zealand. It was purchased at considerable cost in England November last and arrived at regimental headquarters recently.

The guidon has as its foundation a crown worked on crimson damask, especially woven for the purpose, and it is distinctive to the Nelson-Marlborough Mountd Rifles. On the foundation is worked in gold and silver tinsel and silk the badge, motto and title of the regiment, surrounded by a wreath of fern leaves ensigned with the Imperial Crown. In the centre is the handsome emblem of a stage's head, worked in silk, enclosed by the name of the regiment and this in turn is encircled by two fern leaves; a little further down, in a scroll of tinsel, is the regimental motto "Rem Gero Strenue," which in a free translation, means "Do anything that has to be done with all your might." This is flanked by the battle honours won by the members of the regiment during their services in South Africa and during the Great War and embroidered in black and gold. The honours are as follows: South Africa 1900-02. Anzac. Defence of Anzac. Hill 60 (Anzac). Sari Bair. Gallipoli 1915. Rumani. Maghdaba-Rafah. Egypt 1915-17. Jordan (Amman). Palestine 1917-18.

The Number of the regiment is inscribed in Roman numerals of gold tinsel on a blue background in the first and fourth corners and the other two are embroidered with the white horse of Hanover. The design is reproduced on both sides and is finished with a gold fringe; it is completed with a specially fluted polished ash pole, surmounted with a gilt lion and a crown, with gold and crimson cord and tassels.

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Object Name Guidon
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