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Collection Woodward
Description 1 Lemon Squeezer hat with a khaki and green Mounted Rifles band. Has 776823 Woodward written inside. Felt hat with peaked crown. Puggaree worn at base of crown is made of wool. Has a New Zealand Onwards badge on the front. WW1.

The New Zealand Army, whose uniforms have historically followed the British pattern, retain the felt campaign hat (known as the "lemon squeezer" hat) as their most visible national distinction. This headdress is distinguished by a high crown and deep indentations on all four sides. It was adopted by the Wellington Regiment about 1912 (as proposed by William Malone) and became general issue for all New Zealand units during the latter stages of World War 1. In addition to badge insignia, the different branches of service were differentiated by coloured puggarees or wide bands around the base of the crown (blue and red for artillery, khaki and green for mounted rifles, khaki and red for infantry, blue for engineers, yellow for Pay Corps, khaki and white for Army Service Corps, cherry-red for the Medical Corps and maroon for the Veterinary Corps.) The "lemon squeezer" was worn to a certain extent during World War 2, although often replaced by more convenient forage caps or berets. After being in abeyance since the 1950s, the "lemon squeezer" was reintroduced in 1977 for ceremonial dress, where it was usually worn with a version of the khaki "no 2" service dress of the British Army. Officer cadets and the New Zealand Army Band wear this headdress with a scarlet and blue full dress uniform.

In 2012 it was announced that the "lemon squeezer" was to be replaced for ceremonial wear by the "Mounted Rifles Hat"; a headdress resembling that of the Australian Army but without the turned-up side rim. The "lemon squeezer" will be retained only by colour guards and other limited categories [source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campaign_hat]
Object ID 1991.087.0001
Object Name Hat
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