Roll of Honour 1914-1919

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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) Objects
Description Large wooden framed coloured WW1 Roll of Honour for the Borough of Blenheim 1914 to 1919. It is headed N.Z. Roll of Honor(sic), Borough of Blenheim, then it lists all the places fought in by the soldiers: Gallipoli, Palestine, Pozieres, Ypres, Somme, Messines, Armentieres, Bullecourt, Passchendaele, Villers-Bretonneux. The has the words, "Victory 1914" and "Freedom 1919".

This is only a list of men who enlisted in Marlborough. If a Marlborough man enlisted in Canterbury or Wellington, for instance, he won't be on this list, similarly, if a man from outside of Marlborough enlisted in Marlborough he will be on this list.

An * beside the name means killed in action. Those 81 men are listed below. For the complete 470 names see the People field. For ease of entry, the names have been entered as they go across the page, therefore they are not in alphabetical order, but they are only out of order by five names each time, except for D and W which are both at the end of the list.

The men KILLED IN ACTION are listed below:
L.V. Jackson
T.W. Eyles
W.H. Johnston
B. Nathan
W. Jackson
F.E.S. Flavell
G.W. Funnell
R. Boden
J.A. (Son) Kitching
A. Simmonds
N.W. Farmar
G. Lane
C. Leece
H. Shipley
A.J. Bell
W. Scollard (R.N.)
T. O'Leary
G.B. Sheridan
H? Lacey
H.S. Simmons
E.A. Brewer
G.J. Fitzgerald
C.E. Simmons
R. Thwaites
W.L. Brown
G. Satherley
E. Satherley
G. Griffiths
N.A. Boyle
W. Bassett
F.J. Morrison
E.N. Pike
E.G. Stirling
A. Gallop
G.E. Barrett
S.M. Penny
W.B. Penny
F.G. Barry
H.H. Gill
S.T.W. Boundy
E.E. Patchett
J.H. Goulding
S. Patchett
E. Terrill
F. Costello
A.J. Curry
A.G. Patchett
John Crook
J.J. Trischler
C.J. Martin
F.J. Humphreys
J.H. Callan
J.H. Robinson
F. Harding
K. Riley
A.J. Coleman
G. Harper
L.G. Corbett
A. Hollis
D. Hollis
D.L. (Junior) Rees
McCusker, M.
W.J. Chuck
W. McColgan
D. Harper
A. Warner
F.C. Holdaway
R.D. McArtney
P. Wilson
J.M. Donn
R. Dunckley
R.H. Dodson
J. Deavaux
E. Doran
A.E. Dale
E.W. Wanden
H.W. Wanden
N.A. Watson
H.W.W. White
W.S. Walker
H.G.E. Walker
Year Range from 1914
Year range to 1919
Object ID 0000.800.2827
Object Name Roll, Muster
Other # 0201
People Ackland, G.
Agar, J.
Ahern, M.L.
Alderton, G.W.
Allcott, C.F.
Anderson, Hercules (Hec)
Attwood, J.
Avery, H.J.
Avery, S.
Ball, C (Senior)
Ball, D. (Junior)
Ball, Frank Shirley
Barber, T.
Barrett, George Edward
Barry, F.G.
Bartlet, A.E.
Bartlett, W.A.
Bassett, W.
Bassett. A.
Bateman, W.C.H.
Batty, P.
Beal, A.T.
Beal, R.W.
Beatson, R.E.
Benning, W.G.
Binley, J.V.
Blythe, W.
Boden, R.
Bottrell, H.C.
Boundy, S.T.W.
Bowe, T.
Boyle, F.G.
Boyle, J.
Boyle, N.A.
Boyle, R.W.
Braddock, C.
Brayshaw, C.
Brewer, E.A.
Brewer, S.
Brown, C.
Brown, F.C.
Brown, S.E.
Brown, W.L.
Brown, W.T.V.
Brunette, P.J.E.
Bulief, W.R.
Bull, A.J.
Burke, M.
Burton, John
Burton, Martin Bourke
Bush, H.B.
Bush, L.
Byrne, D.
Callan, A.T.
Callan, J.H.
Cameron, W.J.
Chuck, W.J.
Churchward, William Thompson (Billy)
Clark, F.
Claughton, C.H.S.
Clemens, G.
Clifford, E.G.
Clifford, L.E.
Clouston, Alfred Stewart
Clouston, N.B.
Cobb, E.R.
Coleman, A.J.
Connolly, A.M.
Connolly, E.J.
Cooke, C.W.
Cooke, P.I.
Corbett, C.F.
Corbett, L.G.
Corbett, W.H.
Corder, Mervyn Charles David
Costello, F.
Couch, T.S.
Crafar, W. (Junior)
Crafar, W. (Senior)
Crombie, A.B.
Crook, H.G.
Crook, J.
Crook, John
Crook, T.W.
Cuddon, W.G.G. (Gordon)
Curry, Andrew John
Curry, L.R.
Daikee, Henry Owen
Daines, G.E.
Dale, A.E.
Davey, H.
Davis-Goff, Frank
De Denne, H.
Deavaux, J.
Denton, T.J.
Des Forges, G.
Dew, W.A.
Dixon, J.
Dodson, N.H.
Dodson, R.H.
Donn, J.M.
Doran, E.
Downs, H.
Draper, L.R.
Duncan, A. (Senior)
Duncan, D.L. (Junior)
Dunckley, H.E.
Dunckley, R.
Durlac, H.
Eckford, C.A.
Edinger, P.A.
Egan, G.J.
Elliott, J.
Emerson, J.S.
Ewart, E.J.
Ewart, J.W.
Eyles, T.W.
Farmar, F.B.S.
Farmar, N.W.
Faulkner, C.
Favell, F.E.S.
Fawcett, H.
Ferguson, W.
Ferris, R.
Fifield, E.
Fisher, A.A.
Fisher, R.S.
Fitzgerald, Gerald Joseph
Fraser, J.W.
Fraser-Tytler, W.B.
Fredericks, V.P.
Freeth, E.J.W.
Freeth, O.C.
Fulton, Robert Hall (Bob)
Fulton, W.
Funnell, G.W.
Gallop, A.
Gamble, William Vernon (Son)
Gibson, Arthur Gordon
Gill, E.
Gill, F.
Gill, G.R.
Gill, H.H.
Gill, J.
Gill, L.C.
Gill, N.C.
Gill, W.J.
Gillard, W.R.
Gillett, E.W.
Gilmour, J.W.
Goodman, H.C.
Goslin, S.J.
Goulding, J.H.
Grace, Francis Hastings
Gray, G.H.
Gregg, J.M.
Gregg, R.M
Gridley, Arthur Archibald
Gridley, Albert James
Griffiths, G.
Griffiths, George
Hadfield, H.B.
Hammond, C.P.
Hancox, G.G.
Harding, F.
Harding, G.W.
Harper, D.
Harper, G.
Harris, H.J.
Hay, T.B.
Healy, A.J.
Hennessey, C.M.
Herd, J.
Hickey, J.C.
Higgins, J.J.A.
Hill, J.L.
Hillman, E.H.
Hodson, G.
Hodson, H.E.
Holdaway, E.J.
Holdaway, Frederick Charles
Holdaway, W.G.
Hollis, A.
Hollis, D.
Hoult, C. W.
Hounsell, A.E.
Hounsell, H.G.
Howe, W.
Hugo, Roydon Victor
Humphreys, F.J
Humphreys, R.
Humphreys, W.H.
Hyndman, Bernard Percy
Hyndman, Stanley Clarence
Jackson, L.V.
Jackson, W.
Jackson, W.C.M.
Jacobsen, J.
Jarman, J.S.
Jennings, E.L.
Johnston, W.H.
Jones, E.W.
Jones, G.W.
Jones, H.C.
Keating, Michael
Kiely, J.R.
Kitching, Archibald Arthur (Archie)
Kitching, John Arthur
Knight, H.
Knight, R.G.
Lacey, H.
Lane, G.
Leece, C.
Lewis, Laurence
Lloyd, C.V.
Logan, Geo.
Logan, J.W.
Logan, Victor Andrew
Lucas, E.
Macey, W.
MacNab, A.A.
Maddock, R.L.
Maddock, W.C.
Maher, M.B.
Mahon, E.W.
Malloy, C.J.
Mapp, Richard William (Willie)
Marple, C.
Martin, A.A.
Martin, C.H.
Martin, C.J.
Mason, A.S.M.
Maurice, K.V.
Maxted, H.
Maxted, W.
May, A.L.
May, C.M.
McArtney, R.D.
McCaffrey, D.J.
McCallum, A.G.
McCallum, H.
McCallum, J.B.
McColgan, W.
McCusker, C.
McCusker, Gordon John
McCusker, M.
McFarlane, J.J.
McGrath, P.J.
McHugh, FH.J.
McIsaac, N.J.
McIsaac, R.
McIsaac, W.N.
McKay, A.J.L.
Mead, Owen Herbert
Mears, A.C.
Mears, H.
Mears, S.J.
Merriman, R.
Millington, C.W.
Mills, M.F.
Mills, W.H.
Mogridge, H.
Mogridge, S.J.
Moore, N.S.
Morgan, E.J.
Morgan, O.
Morrison, F.J.
Morrison, J.
Morrison, R.J.
Morrison, W.F.
Morrissey, A.
Morrissey, P.
Mulholland, E.J.
Munro, J.
Munro, W.
Murphy, J.
Murphy, T.
Murray, C.R.
Murray, J.
Nathan, B.
Nation, H.
Neville, J.J.
Neville, P.J.
Neville, R.
Nevison, R.
Newport, W.F.
Nicholas, Albert Barrett (Bert)
Nicholas, L.
Nicholls, C.
Nicholls, F.
Nicholls, G.
Nicoll, C.
Nolan, J.
Norgrove, W.R.
O'Brien, J.
O'Brien, M.
O'Connor, C.G.
O'Connor, J.C.
O'Leary, T.
O'Meacher, W.P.
O'Neill, G.G.
O'Sullivan, J.F.
O'Sullivan, V.P.
O'Sullivan, W.L.
Oben, G.E.
Osgood, H.S.
Osgood, Ronald William James
Osgood, W.H.
Owen-Williams, J.
Parker, Frank Woolmer
Parker, J.B.
Parker, N.G.
Parry, S.M.
Patchett, A.G.
Patchett, B.
Patchett, C.M.
Patchett, E.E.
Patchett, H.G.
Patchett, N.D.
Patchett, S.
Pattie, K.
Penney, George John (Dick)
Penny, Samuel Murray
Penny, Walter Blaymires
Penrose, L.F.E.
Peters, R.
Philpott, H.
Piffard, H.R.G.
Pike, E.G.
Pike, E.N.
Pinkham, W.G.P.
Plomer, G.H.
Porter, A.
Potter, W.
Powell, V.L.
Prentice, A.
Price, J.W.
Priddle, C.F.
Priddle, W.
Purches, G.
Rabbits, A.G.
Rabbits, W.
Rabone, C.N.
Rabone, P.S.
Rabone, T.C.V.
Radd, E.
Radd, T.H.
Rainey, Henry Wilfred
Reader, E.A.
Reardon, C.
Reardon, D.
Reed, H.W.
Rees, D.L. (Junior)
Rees, J.L. (Senior)
Register, George Henry
Register, John (Jack)
Register, Leonard (Len)
Reid, L
Reid, R.
Renner, A.W.O.
Revell, G.A.
Rhodes, F.T.
Riley, C.
Riley, K.
Robertson, K.A.
Robinson, J.H.
Robinson, L.
Robson, E.
Rodda, J.
Rudd, Charles Herbert
Rudd, James Foster (Jim)
Salt, J.G.W.
Satherley, E.
Satherley, F.
Satherley, G.
Saunders, Frederick George
Saunders, Henry James
Scannell, W.
Scollard, W.
Shaw, Alexander Stuart
Shaw, Cuthbert John
Shaw, J.
Sheridan, G.R.
Sheridan, H.T.
Sheridan, N.
Shipley, Henry
Silcock, P.H.
Simmonds, A.
Simmons, A.W.
Simmons, C.E.
Simmons, H.S.
Simmons, P.F.
Simmons, W.G.
Simpson, E.
Small, G.
Smith, A.
Smith, Christopher Timothy (Tim)
Smith, J.
Smith, William Augustine (Gus)
Sowman, F.
Sowman, H.A.J.
Spence, G.M.
Stamp, J.A.
Stedman, J.A.
Stedman, L.A.
Stewart, L.
Stirling, E.G.
Storey, R.J.
Strickland, M.C.
Stubbs, E.
Sullivan, A.J.
Taylor, Albert William
Terrill, E
Terrill, W.
Teuton, A.
Thaine, R.A.
Thomas, A.V.
Thomas, F.B.
Thomas, F.E.
Thomas, G.H.
Thomas, J.W.
Thomas, W.
Thompson, A.E.
Thompson, B.W.
Thompson, Royden Melville
Thomson, A.M.
Thwaites, R.
Thwaites, R.
Todd, R.K.
Tombs, C.
Toms, H.
Trischler, J.J.
Unsworth, H.
Vance, G.F.
Vanninni, R.C.
Vercoe, Alfred John
Vercoe, F.G.
Vercoe, F.R.
Vercoe, G.W.
Vorbach, Arthur Amos
Wakelin, E.F.
Wakelin, H.R.
Walker, H.G.E.
Walker, W.S.
Wanden, E.W.
Wanden, H.W.
Wanden, M.W.
Warner, A.
Waters, R.J.
Watson, N.A.
Way, L.A.
Wemyss, C.A.
Wemyss, M.
White, Hamish Winsbury Wilberforce
Whitewood, J.
Wiblin, A.
Wilkens, W.
Wilkins, L.
Wills, R.J.S.
Wills, S.R.R.
Wilson, Peter
Winstanley, A.C.
Wolferstan, H.
Woodgate, H.
Wooster, A.H.
Wooster, J.F.
Wooster, L.L.
Wooster, R.
Wright, G.
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