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WW1 Map of France: Trenches revised from information received up to 21-9-18 [21 September 1918], Edition 5. C. Sheet 57B S.W. Scale is 1 : 20,000. In red on the bottom right is: Enemy Organisation 21-9-18. Reference. Main tracks Railways probably ift for use (Gauge written). Railways disused, not shown in detail Hutment Camp area hatched Dumps - Supply, Ammunition, Nature unkinown Single huts or shelters Aerodromes Red Cross Signs Observation PostsTelephone Centres Air Line Junctions Bridges - Traffic, Foot Balloons, normal point of ascent Small areas of movemnet H.Q.'s Divisonal Written in pen top left of map is "Wells N.I. or 8-6." On the back (front cover really) is: "C.J.A. 57B S W".
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