McCusker Weddings Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1966.049.3684 Negative, photographic Mr. L. Aberhart and Miss L. Willis, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3685 Negative, photographic Mr. E. Adams and Miss Barratt, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3686 Negative, photographic Mr. Rae Dundas William Adams and Miss June Lorraine Burgoyne, a wedding por McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3687 Negative, photographic Mr. Sydney James (Jim) Adams and Miss Bernice Kathleen Squire, a wedding po McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3688 Negative, photographic Mr. Hollis Hamilton Adams and Miss Valda Mary Bowman, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3689 Negative, photographic Mr. Adams and Miss Innes, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3690 Negative, photographic Mr. Noel Adams and bride (possibly Iris Constance Adams), a wedding portrai McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3691 Negative, photographic Mr. Ronald Thomas Adamson and bride, Mavis Jean Adamson, a wedding portrait McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3692 Negative, photographic Mr.George Shorten Adamson and Zelma Joyce Warham, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3693 Negative, photographic Mr.S.R. Adler and his bride, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3694 Negative, photographic Mrs. Agar, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3695 Negative, photographic Mr. Robert Agnew and Lucy Marian Dobson, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3696 Negative, photographic Mr. Aldridge and bride, no further information available. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3697 Negative, photographic Mr. R. Alexander and his bride, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3698 Negative, photographic Mr. F.S. Allan and bridal party. The men are in uniform. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3699 Negative, photographic Mr. Charles Redmond Allen and Audrey Jean Simmons, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3700 Negative, photographic Mr. Jim Allen and Leonie Gardiner with Myrna Russell on left. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3701 Negative, photographic Mr. Geoffery Allen and Miss M. Steele (possibly Muriel) Jim Allen is on th McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3702 Negative, photographic Allen wedding. No further information known. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3703 Negative, photographic William Philip Allen and Lola Edna Allen c.1938, wedding portrait. William McCusker, Gordon   c.1938
1966.049.3704 Negative, photographic Allen wedding portrait. No further information is known. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3705 Negative, photographic Ray Allison and Mss C. Gardiner. On the right are Leonie Gardiner and Errol McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3706 Negative, photographic G. Anders wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3707 Negative, photographic Ashley Anderson and Zeta Cheeseman wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3708 Negative, photographic ? Anderson and Phyllis Tetley wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3709 Negative, photographic I. Anderson and Aileen Barton wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3710 Photograph Roland Andrews Anderson and Betty Marion Frost wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3711 Negative, photographic Leslie John Anderson and Doris Ann Slow wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3712 Negative, photographic Andreasen wedding. No further information is known. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3713 Negative, photographic The wedding party of ? Anderson and Miss Foley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3714 Negative, photographic Harold Herbert Gordon Andrell and Agnes Erskine McRobie wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3715 Negative, photographic M.R. Andrews and M. Cresswell wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3716 Negative, photographic L.J. Andrews and J. Neal wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3717 Negative, photographic E.H. Andrews and Miss Wratt, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3718 Negative, photographic N.S.. Andrews and his bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3719 Negative, photographic C.W. Annear and A. Peter, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3720 Negative, photographic Annills, c.1938. McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.3721 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3722 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Austin, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3723 Negative, photographic Mr. Harry Auty and Mrs Muielle Auty. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3724 Negative, photographic The wedding of; Mr. Noel Avery and Miss Jennie Wilkins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3725 Negative, photographic Mr. Graham Avery and Miss Joyce Andrews. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3726 Negative, photographic Avery, M.E.C. wedding portraits, no further information available. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3727 Negative, photographic William (Bill) John Archie and Thelma M. Mills wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3728 Negative, photographic Mr. Tim Archibald and Miss Vigers wedding portraits. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3729 Negative, photographic The wedding of Doctor John Donald and Meryl Reeves McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3730 Negative, photographic The wedding of William John Ashley and Joan Mary Pearcy. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3731 Negative, photographic The wedding of Kenneth Frederick Ashton and Alma Winifred Ham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3732 Negative, photographic The wedding of George Aston and Doris Gilbert. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3733 Negative, photographic Athol Badman and Ngaire Ruffel wedding portraits. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3734 Negative, photographic Daniel Francis Baigent and his bride; Theo Melva Baigent. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3735 Negative, photographic Two couples, both of the men are in uniform, pictured with their wives McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3736 Negative, photographic Baird, J.C. The wedding group McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3737 Negative, photographic E. Baker, a wartime wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3738 Negative, photographic Francis Graham Baker and Catherine Ada Charters, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3739 Negative, photographic The wedding of Mr. P. Baker and Miss G. McDonald. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3740 Negative, photographic The wedding of John Baldwin and Gwen Timms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3741 Negative, photographic Mr. J.C. Ball and Miss O.G. Foote. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3742 Negative, photographic Mr. Ball and Miss C. McNabb on their wedding day. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3743 Negative, photographic Mr. N.D. Bancroft and Miss Brown. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3744 Negative, photographic Mr. C. Barker and Miss L. Chambers. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3745 Negative, photographic Mr. Barlow and Miss Stack. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3746 Negative, photographic Mr. I.H. Bartlett and Miss Warburton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3747 Negative, photographic Mr. R. Barton and Miss N. Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3748 Negative, photographic Mr. Noel Trevor Barton and Gwendoline Frances Barton from The Tummil. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3749 Negative, Glass-plate Mr. Barr and his bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3750 Negative, photographic Mr. D. Barr and Miss M. O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3751 Negative, photographic Mr. Barratt and his bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3752 Negative, photographic Mr. W. Barratt and Miss P Buschl. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3753 Negative, photographic Mr. H. Barratt and his bride, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3754 Negative, photographic Edward Erwin Barrett and Estelle Wooster. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3755 Negative, photographic The wedding of Bill Barry. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3756 Negative, Glass-plate Barry and O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3757 Negative, photographic Barry and Moran. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3758 Negative, photographic N. Barry. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3759 Negative, photographic J. Barnett and J. Bowden wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3760 Negative, photographic Bassett, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3761 Negative, photographic F.K. Bate. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3762 Negative, photographic Batty. (Possibly John Mereweather Batty and his wife Nancy Batty.) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3763 Negative, photographic Mr. A. Bayson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3764 Negative, photographic Beasley and Emms, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3765 Negative, photographic Roy Douglas Beatson and Norma Alethea Lilian Beatson, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3766 Negative, photographic David Beaumont and Betty Adams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3767 Negative, photographic R. Bechan and Miss J. Harris, wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3768 Negative, photographic J. Becconsaul and S. Nesbit. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3769 Negative, photographic G.F. Bee and Miss B. Logan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3770 Negative, photographic L.F. Beecher and Miss B. Lord. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3771 Negative, photographic Bendall and Laugesen of Kaikoura. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3772 Negative, photographic N. Benseman (or Bensemann?) and M. Hart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3773 Negative, photographic David Joseph Benseman and Earlene Mary Thomson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3774 Negative, photographic Henry Benseman and Ina Hoar. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3775 Negative, photographic Bensemann wedding portrait, possibly taken in the 1930's. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3776 Negative, photographic Bennett. A wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3777 Negative, photographic B.L. Bergers and Hilda Margery Sanders. The chief bridesmaid is Nada Aileen McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3778 Negative, photographic K.W. Best and N.F. Ferguson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3779 Negative, photographic Best , a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3780 Negative, photographic R.A. Best and Miss Morney. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3781 Negative, Glass-plate Bevridge and Haswell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3782 Negative, photographic W.R. Biddle, a wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3783 Negative, photographic Bint and Ashton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3784 Negative, photographic Bird, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3785 Negative, photographic R. Bird, a wedding. Possibly Roy Arthur Bird and Mildred Bird of Spring Gro McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3786 Negative, photographic W.K. Bishell, wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3787 Negative, photographic Vernon George Bishell and Marie Beth Slade, with Ethne Slade by her side. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3788 Negative, photographic Douglas Graham Bishell and Maureen Ellen Hill McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3789 Negative, photographic Eric Arthur Renown Bishell and Gwenda Mary O'Leary McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3790 Negative, photographic Blunt. (Possibly Miss Blunt) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3791 Negative, photographic Mr. John Black and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3792 Negative, photographic T. Black and bride. McCusker, Gordon   1936
1966.049.3793 Negative, photographic S.G. Black and Miss Rutland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3794 Negative, photographic Roland Hugh Blackmore and Joan Elsie Roussel, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3795 Negative, photographic R.A. Blair and Miss Simmons, the bridesmaid is also Miss Simmons. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3796 Negative, photographic Athol Kenneth Blair, a teacher at Okaramio, and Jean Elizabeth Lilley Weave McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3797 Negative, photographic M.J. Blair and C.J. Oben. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3798 Negative, photographic Milton Vivian Henry Blee and Veronica Dorothy Furness. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3799 Negative, photographic Francis Charlie Bloxsome and Mary Josephine Youngfer. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3800 Negative, photographic Blythe and Martella. Possibly Anthony Blythe and Doreen Martella. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3801 Negative, photographic Herbert Keith Boddington and Elizabeth (Betty) Elaine Simpson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3802 Negative, photographic Richard Noel Boddington and Daphne Frances Wadsworth. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3803 Negative, photographic Ernest Walter Boddington and Beryl Alice Hoult. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3804 Photograph W.H. Boese. (Could be Mrs. William Henry Boese of Picton) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3805 Negative, photographic Boniface and J. Snowden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3806 Negative, photographic H. Booker. (Possibly Horace George Booker and Betty Isobel Booker of Onamu McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3807 Negative, photographic Booker. no further info. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3808 Negative, photographic A.R. Boon and B. Wratt. Possibly; Arnold Royce Kitchener Cozens Boon an McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3809 Negative, photographic Ellis Stanley Boon and Daphne Thora Morrison with Horace Boon as Best Man. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3810 Negative, photographic Hartley Fleetwood Bonnington and Miss Lovell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3811 Negative, photographic Alan Francis Lauritz Borck and Lucy Mary Hoult with Maureen Hoult bridesmai McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3812 Negative, photographic Jack Borck and Joyce Moreen Sheridan of Spring Creek. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3813 Negative, photographic D. Borrie and E. Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3814 Negative, photographic W.D. Bourke and A.M. Harvey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3815 Negative, photographic Bowler; a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3816 Negative, photographic Mr. Bown and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3817 Negative, photographic Donald Boyce and Virgie May Adams McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3818 Negative, photographic Mervyn Wheaton Boyce and his bride, Constance Elizabeth Victoria Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3819 Negative, photographic Mervyn Neal Boyce and his bride, Beryl Muriel Newman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3820 Negative, photographic Lewis Russell Boyce and Betty Monson of Renwick. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3821 Negative, photographic Trevor James Boyce and Veronica Mary Crompton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3822 Negative, photographic Eric Roland Boyce and Valmai Bell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3823 Negative, photographic Neil Benjamin Boyce and Betty Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3824 Negative, photographic Francis Nolan (Noel) Boyce and Ivylene Grace (Grace) Hay. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3825 Negative, photographic Boyce and Smart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3826 Negative, photographic M. Boyce and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3827 Negative, photographic Gilbert George Boyce and Joyce Frances Louise Gilmore. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3828 Negative, photographic Robert James (Bob) Boyce and Vera May Workman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3829 Negative, photographic A. Boyd and Miss Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3830 Negative, photographic E.C. Boyd of Kaikoura, and his bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3831 Negative, photographic Bradley and Higgins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3832 Negative, photographic Mr. Bramwell, dressed for a party? or after the party? McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3833 Negative, photographic K.A. Branthwaite and D.M. Gillespie. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3834 Negative, photographic Miss Geraldine Branton and her groom. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3835 Negative, photographic Breen and Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3836 Negative, photographic N.L. Brehaut and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3837 Negative, photographic R. Brew and Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3838 Negative, photographic Bright, a Wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3839 Negative, photographic Russell Trevor Bright and Margaret Wells Patchett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3840 Negative, photographic H. Bright and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3841 Negative, photographic Trevor T. Bright and Peggy O'Neil. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3842 Negative, photographic R. Bright and bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3843 Negative, photographic Bright and Groves, the Best Man is R. Bright, the groom from the previous e McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3844 Negative, photographic Bristow. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3845 Negative, photographic Noel Broadbridge, and Cameron. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3846 Negative, photographic Brooke and McDonald. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3847 Negative, photographic Frederick Ernest William Brooks and Phyllis Joyce Patchett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3848 Negative, photographic Ian James Brooks and Lowis Rita Terrill. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3849 Negative, photographic Brooks and O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3850 Negative, photographic C.A. Brosnohan (or Brosnahan) and A. Rasmussen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3851 Negative, photographic Broughan and Sowman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3852 Negative, photographic Broughan and Burroughs. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3853 Negative, photographic Broughan and Sowman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3854 Negative, photographic Albert James Brown and Alberta Ruth Tapp. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3855 Negative, photographic W. Brown and P. Gullery. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3856 Negative, photographic K. Brown and Stuart. (This may be Smart instead of Stuart) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3857 Negative, photographic James Ernest Rogerson Brown and June Anne Emms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3858 Negative, photographic G. Brown and bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3859 Negative, photographic M. Brown and J.K. Tebbutt. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3860 Negative, photographic Emil Joseph Brunel and Nita Kathleen Price, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3861 Negative, photographic Charles John Brunel and Margaret Ann Trudgian. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3862 Negative, photographic A.R. Brunning and McIntyre. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3863 Negative, photographic Bryant and Sanders. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3864 Negative, photographic Bryant. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3865 Negative, photographic William Gordon Buckman and Alice Mabel Nichol of Ward. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3866 Negative, Glass-plate V.F. Budgeon and Miss Delia Godding, the bridesmaid is also Miss Godding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3867 Negative, photographic Bugler wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3868 Negative, photographic J. Bugler and M. O'Connor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3869 Negative, photographic William Paul Buist and Monica L'Estrange Gee. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3870 Negative, photographic Bull wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3871 Negative, photographic John Bradford Bull and Camilla (Millie) Charlton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3872 Negative, photographic Bernard Vincent Bulliff and Maise Bulliff. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3873 Negative, photographic Burbridge wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3874 Negative, photographic William Alexander Burdon and Caroline May Gibbons McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3875 Negative, photographic Burdon and Saul. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3876 Negative, photographic Burgess. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3877 Negative, photographic C. Burns and Miss Gill. Tasma Gill is on the extreme right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3878 Negative, photographic Burrows and Collins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3879 Negative, photographic Edward John Bush and Joy Ruth Dowling. McCusker, Gordon   c1954
1966.049.3880 Negative, photographic Arthur Elvyn Butterworth and Agnes Myra Butterworth of Picton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3881 Negative, photographic Byrne and O'Leary. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3882 Negative, photographic R. Cade and Gibb. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3883 Negative, photographic D.J. Cadenhead and P. Thomas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3884 Negative, photographic O. Cairns and bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3885 Negative, photographic H. Caldwell and Provis. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3886 Negative, photographic J. Cameron. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3887 Negative, photographic Cameron and Dunckley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3888 Negative, photographic Cameron and Hall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3889 Negative, photographic Cameron. A lovely outdoor wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3890 Negative, photographic John Donald Cameron and Heather Joan Tombs McCusker, Gordon   c1947
1966.049.3891 Negative, photographic M. Cameron and Miss Ham. The bridesmaid is Alma Ham (later Ashton). McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3892 Negative, photographic Richard Robert Cameron and Iva Miriam Topp. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3893 Negative, photographic Cameron wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3894 Negative, photographic Cameron wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3895 Negative, photographic Graham Patrick Cameron and Phyllis Zella Matthew. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3896 Negative, photographic Alex Gordon Cameron and Joyce Beatrice Lammas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3897 Negative, photographic D. Cameron. Possibly Robert Bruce Cameron and Phyllis Naomi Prebble. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3898 Negative, photographic Arthur Geddes Campbell and Betty Lois Vercoe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3899 Negative, photographic John (Jack) Campbell and Catherine Joyce Wallace. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3900 Negative, photographic Colin Munro Campbell and Geraldine Florence Hillman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3901 Negative, photographic Robert John Earnshaw and Myra Doreen Simmons. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3902 Negative, photographic W.K. Carnahan and Muriel Laura Voice (or Voyce?) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3903 Negative, photographic Robert Carmont and Beryl Constance Gane, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3904 Negative, photographic J. Carson and E. Freshwater. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3905 Negative, photographic A.C.H. (Bob) Carter and Colleen Gray. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3906 Negative, photographic L. Carter. (Possibly Lawrence Carter.) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3907 Negative, photographic Noel Francis Casey and Nola May Casey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3908 Negative, photographic Jack Cassells and Jeannie Kinnaird wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3909 Negative, photographic Harry Catley and Jean Mary Mangos, also (on left) Graham Catley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3910 Negative, photographic Catley wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3911 Negative, photographic C. Chamberlain and P. Jones. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3912 Negative, photographic John (Jack) Chandler and Lucy Jessie Mears), the bridesmaid is Miss Mears. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3913 Negative, photographic Rex Chandler and Dorothy Louisa Woolley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3914 Negative, photographic Chapman wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3915 Negative, photographic Chapman wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3916 Negative, photographic Vernon Page Ching and Rata Tui Ching. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3917 Negative, photographic Ramon Douglas Ching and Allison Fay Strange. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3918 Negative, photographic I. A. Clark and Miss Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3919 Negative, photographic Donald William Bruce Clarke and Lorna Valerie West, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3920 Negative, photographic R. Clark and R. Beaumont. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3921 Negative, photographic A. Clark and N. Taylor. (possibly Archibald Francis Clark and Lucy Ngaire C McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3922 Negative, photographic Edgar Roland Clarkson and Muriel Clarkson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3923 Negative, photographic Ronald Clarkson and Joyce Burton marriage McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3924 Negative, photographic Brian Edwin Clement and Gloria Maureen Watson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3925 Negative, photographic Clouston and Screen. Wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3926 Negative, photographic Douglas Edwin Clunies-Ross and Joyce Veronica Cameron. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3927 Negative, photographic F.E. Coates and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3928 Negative, photographic George Raymond Cole and Joan Ferris. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3929 Negative, photographic Coleman and Bythell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3930 Negative, photographic D.L. Coleman and J. Garnham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3931 Negative, photographic P. Coleman wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3932 Negative, photographic Wilfred Charles John Collett and Zelma Evernden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3933 Negative, photographic E.J.R. Collins and J. Schwass. (possibly Jean Dorothea Schwass. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3934 Negative, photographic Cedric Luther Collins and Kathleen Daphne Poole. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3935 Negative, photographic Collins and Jackson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3936 Negative, photographic Collte. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3937 Negative, photographic Conder and Braddock. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3938 Negative, photographic Miss Condon, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3939 Negative, photographic The marriage of Philip Coney and Val Andrews McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3940 Negative, photographic The marriage of Mr. Congdon and Miss Foord. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3941 Negative, photographic A.C. Congdon and Ruth Ward, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3942 Negative, photographic Clive Ray Connor and Margaret Mary Oliver, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3943 Negative, photographic Francis (Frank) Thomas Connor and T. Peters (possibly Yvonne, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3944 Negative, photographic George Conroy and J. Adams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3945 Negative, photographic John Augustine Conroy and Melva Joan Rutledge McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3946 Negative, photographic J. Coway wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3947 Negative, photographic Franklin Gordon Coway and Elizabeth (Betty) Hilda Cresswell, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3948 Negative, photographic H.J. Cook and Miss Green. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3949 Negative, photographic Hedley Terence Earnshaw Cooke and Lucy Lilian Cooke McCusker, Gordon   1957
1966.049.3950 Negative, photographic T.W. Coppersmith and Miss Burland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3951 Negative, photographic Donald George Corbett and Dorothy Jean Toms, the bride's sister on right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3952 Negative, photographic Corby and Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3953 Negative, photographic P.G. Cornish and L. Norton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3954 Negative, photographic P.E. Cornish. McCusker, Gordon   1942
1966.049.3955 Negative, photographic James Corrigan and Coralie Georgina Landon-Lane. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3956 Negative, photographic F. Costello and J. Carpenter. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3957 Negative, photographic D.J.K. Costello and M. Crispin. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3958 Negative, photographic M.P. Costello and bride. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3959 Negative, photographic Eric Coumbe and Margaret Tomlinson McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3960 Negative, photographic Alexander (Sandy) Chesney Coull and Ena Agnes Coull (nee ?) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3961 Negative, photographic Cox and Smythe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3962 Negative, photographic Harold Victor Charles Cox and Alice Lorna Rose. McCusker, Gordon   1937
1966.049.3963 Negative, photographic Rex Cragg and Doris Taylor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3964 Negative, photographic C. Craig. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3965 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Crampton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3966 Negative, photographic K. Crawford and E. Towne. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3967 Negative, photographic B. Crawford and D. Hudson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3968 Negative, photographic W. Crawford and P. Patchett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3969 Negative, photographic Kevin Thomas Crean and Alice Doreen Marfell McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3970 Negative, photographic Cresswell and Mason. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3971 Negative, photographic R.J. Cresswell wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3972 Negative, photographic Cresswell, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3973 Negative, photographic Arthur James (Jim) Cresswell and Barbara Joan Watson McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3974 Negative, photographic Graham Stanley Cresswell and Myrtle Eliza Carter wedding group McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3975 Negative, photographic Arthur Edward Cresswell and Phyllis Elsa Burtenshaw wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3976 Negative, photographic William Edward Roy Cresswell and Rita Hammond. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3977 Negative, photographic Crispin wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3978 Negative, photographic Alfred Ernest Crispin and Freda Pearl Ursula Deakin with Rod Crispin on the McCusker, Gordon   c1936-7
1966.049.3979 Negative, photographic J.D. Cruikshank and Miss Watson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3980 Negative, photographic A. Crombie and C. Gascoinge. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3981 Negative, photographic T. Cross and Shirley Brooks McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3982 Negative, photographic Crump, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3983 Negative, photographic Craven, wedding group. On the right of the group is Don Craven. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3984 Negative, photographic Cummins (or Cummings?) and Williams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3985 Negative, photographic Curline and Gilmore. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3986 Negative, photographic E. Cately and J. Burney. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3987 Negative, photographic Noel Arthur Daines and Nancy Mary Gill. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3988 Negative, photographic Daines wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3989 Negative, photographic Daines wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3990 Negative, photographic B.W. Daleford wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3991 Negative, photographic Brian Daly and Valerie Ryan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3992 Negative, photographic Verden James Daines and Beryl Aileen Saul, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3993 Negative, photographic Clarence (Clarrie) Dawes, and Sylvia Hart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3994 Negative, photographic Dangerfield and P. Peters. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3995 Negative, photographic Dangerfield and P. Peters. J. Davidson and B.J. Bothwell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3996 Negative, photographic G. Davis and Anne Watson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3997 Negative, photographic L. Davies and Aileen Jones. Also present; Roy Jones, Paul Jones and Ann Jon McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3998 Negative, photographic P.C. Davies. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.3999 Negative, photographic Hector Francis Davies and June Gardiner. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4000 Negative, photographic Calvin Davies and Elenora Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4001 Negative, photographic H.L. Davis and R.A. Pierce. A wedding group. H.L. Davis and R.A. Pierce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4002 Negative, photographic S. Dawes and Watson. A wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4003 Negative, photographic Dalziell and Stent. A wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4004 Negative, photographic W. Deas and D. Yarrell. McCusker, Gordon   1946
1966.049.4005 Negative, photographic J. Deakin and Avery. Wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4006 Negative, photographic Derbyshire. A wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4007 Negative, photographic Derbyshire and Clemett. A wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4008 Negative, photographic Devine, a wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4009 Negative, photographic Devine, a wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4010 Negative, photographic Louis Alexander Dew and Jean Margaret Stalker. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4011 Negative, photographic George Patrick Dew and Dorothea Ellen Bishop. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4012 Negative, photographic Diamond and Monroe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4013 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Dick. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4014 Negative, photographic Tom Airey and Phyllis Mary Dick. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4015 Negative, photographic Ronald Douglas Dick and Nina Beatrice (Sue) Woolley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4016 Negative, Glass-plate J. Dick, a garden wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4017 Negative, photographic Doakes and Archibald wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4018 Negative, photographic Dobson and Cody wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4019 Negative, photographic Dobson and West wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4020 Negative, photographic B. Dobson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4021 Negative, photographic John Francis Dodson and Elizabeth Anne (Betty) Stalker. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4022 Negative, photographic Edward Vincent Dodson and Sylvia Lily Wadsworth. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4023 Negative, photographic David Alexander Doggett and Nancy Woollmer Wright. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4024 Negative, photographic James Stewart Downie and Merle Bishell. Married 1944. McCusker, Gordon   1944
1966.049.4025 Negative, photographic John (Jack) Maurice Drake and Ellen Joyce (Nellie) Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4026 Negative, photographic Drake wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4027 Negative, photographic Kenneth Trayton Drake and Bernice Jean May. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4028 Negative, photographic B. Drinkwater. Possibly Robert and Elizabeth Ina Drinkwater of Springlands McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4029 Negative, photographic Dudley Herbert Driver and Nancy Bullen. McCusker, Gordon   1948
1966.049.4030 Negative, photographic Howarth Duckworth and Myra Healy. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4031 Negative, photographic S.R. Duncalf and Constance Ethel Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4032 Negative, photographic Duncan and Miles, a wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4033 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Dungey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4034 Negative, photographic Dunkinson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4035 Negative, photographic Edward Patrick Dwyer and Barbara May Matthews. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4036 Negative, photographic R.S. Dysart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4037 Negative, photographic William James Dysart and Ray Diana Gamble. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4038 Negative, photographic C.F. Dyson and Mills. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4039 Negative, photographic V. Eagan. Wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4040 Negative, photographic T. Earnshaw and R. Bentley. Wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4041 Negative, photographic Eric Kenneth Eastgate and Patricia Cecily Lucas McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4042 Negative, photographic Eaton and Burland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4043 Negative, photographic Thomas Sugden Eckford and June Edith Miles wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4044 Negative, photographic E.R. Eddington and Mowat. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4045 Negative, photographic A. Eden, possibly Alfred Lawrence Eden and May Lilian Eden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4046 Negative, photographic Sydney Arthur Edinger and Margaret Elizabeth Jackson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4047 Negative, photographic B.S.S. Edinger and Dorothy Swain. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4048 Negative, photographic Peter James Edhouse and Ngaire Jean Powell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4049 Negative, photographic A.S. Edinborough, a wedding group. Other identities unknown. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4050 Negative, photographic Graham Richard Edwards and Ngaire Agnes Mace Humphreys. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4051 Negative, photographic Sam Eggers and I. Henderson. Also present are; Tom Russell and Winsome Egge McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4052 Negative, photographic Elder, wedding party. Attendants are; Dulcie Bradley and Mr. Daines. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4053 Negative, photographic N.E. Ellery and Mary Andrell wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4054 Negative, photographic A. Ellis and M. Knight wedding party. Others unidentified. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4055 Negative, photographic Jack Elson and Jean Sinclair. Attendants are; Tom Murphy and Jessie Sinclai McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4056 Negative, photographic Maurice Ashton Elvy and Marjorie Logan. Pam Rutherford is on the right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4057 Negative, photographic Kenneth William Elvy and Mary Sinclair. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4058 Negative, photographic John Alwyn Esson and Gwendoline Maud Esson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4059 Negative, photographic Mrs. Esson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4060 Negative, photographic Donald Charles Etheridge and Shirley Helen Rush McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4061 Negative, photographic J.R. Evans, a wedding. No further information known at present. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4062 Negative, photographic Frederick William Eves and Vera June McLellan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4063 Negative, photographic Richard Eves and Noyle Anderson Adams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4064 Negative, photographic Herbert Walter Eyles and Gladys Mary Brydon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4065 Negative, photographic Fairhall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4066 Negative, photographic John Eric Fairhall and Elvira Faye Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4067 Negative, photographic M. Fairhurst and R. Brooks. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4068 Negative, photographic Kenneth McKay Fairweather and Joan Rabbitts. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4069 Negative, photographic Hector Keith Graham Farmer and Lorna Valmai Fox. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4070 Negative, photographic Noel Warnock Farnell and Eileen May Gilchrist of Seddon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4071 Negative, photographic Farnell wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4072 Negative, photographic Farnham wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4073 Negative, photographic Fellowes wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4074 Negative, photographic Keith Wilson Fenemore and Dorothy Elizabeth White. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4075 Negative, photographic Rex Spencer Fenemore and Doreen Randall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4076 Negative, photographic Alex Fenemore and Margaret Elizabeth Hancock, farmers of Tapawera. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4077 Negative, photographic Leslie Arthur Fenwick and Kathleen Rosetta Hughes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4078 Negative, photographic John Ferdinand and Colleen West. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4079 Negative, photographic Ferguson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4080 Negative, photographic John Ramsay Ferguson and Enid Margaret Mitchell, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4081 Negative, photographic Ferguson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4082 Negative, photographic T.C. Ferguson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4083 Negative, photographic Ferguson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4084 Negative, photographic R.W. Fielding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4085 Negative, photographic S.M. Finlay. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4086 Negative, photographic Robert Douglas James Fisher and Ethel Maude Faulkner. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4087 Negative, photographic Frank William Fisher and Avis Joan Sutton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4088 Negative, photographic John Vernon Fisher and Mary Pamela Reeves. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4089 Negative, photographic P.J. Fissenden and N. H. Connolly. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4090 Negative, photographic Fittis wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4091 Negative, photographic Fleming wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4092 Negative, photographic John Lawrence Fleming and Barbara Margaret Agnes Ryan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4093 Negative, photographic D. Fleming wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4094 Negative, photographic Arthur Robert Flood and Ethel Mary Tetley McCusker, Gordon   1937
1966.049.4095 Negative, photographic Flood and Fielding. McCusker, Gordon   1937
1966.049.4096 Negative, photographic C. Foote wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4097 Negative, photographic R.R. Foote and Betty Rush, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4098 Negative, photographic Norman Reginald Forbes and Norma Rata Deily. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4099 Negative, photographic Wilfred Harold Forbes and Alison Gratwick Girling. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4100 Negative, photographic Jack Forbes and Jean Mary Hannah Jackson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4101 Negative, photographic Audrey Joy Workman and Roi Bernard Ford McCusker, Gordon   20 September 1948
1966.049.4102 Negative, photographic Bruce Alfred Ford and Margaret Maureen Ford of Kaikoura. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4103 Negative, photographic Ford and K. Harnett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4104 Negative, photographic Ford wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4105 Negative, photographic Ford wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4106 Negative, photographic Donald Formosa and Alice Joyce Jellyman McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4107 Negative, photographic Ian Lex Forrest and Pamela Mary Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4108 Negative, photographic Peter Forsyth and Dorothy Pearl Myles. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4109 Negative, photographic Forsyth and Nichol. The attendant on the left is Thomas John (Jack) Taylor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4110 Negative, photographic Foster. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4111 Negative, photographic Reginald Anderson Fowler and Jill Maree O'Sullivan. On the right is Mauree McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4112 Negative, photographic Thomas Bruce Fowler and Mabel Doreen Timms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4113 Negative, photographic John William Fowler and Winifred Thelma Baker. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4114 Negative, photographic Gerald Dryden Fowler and Gwendoline Mabel Andrews McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4115 Negative, photographic Geoffery Thomas Fowler and Elsie Cameron. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4116 Negative, photographic Charlie Pierson and Joyce Fowler. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4117 Negative, photographic Leonard William Francis and Monica Mary Elsey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4118 Negative, photographic Richard Norman Franklin and Barbara Orchard, of Kaikoura. McCusker, Gordon   1949
1966.049.4119 Negative, photographic Freeman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4120 Negative, photographic A. Freeth and T. Kelly. McCusker, Gordon   1951
1966.049.4121 Negative, photographic Harry Freeth and Mavis Jean Gilchrist McCusker, Gordon   1949
1966.049.4122 Negative, photographic W. Freeth and E. Robinson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4123 Negative, photographic K. Fretchling. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4124 Negative, photographic Patrick Ian Kitchener Fricker and Alexis Pearl Saul. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4125 Negative, photographic Edward Vernon Frost and Greta Kathleen Millard. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4126 Negative, photographic Frost wedding McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4127 Negative, photographic Frost and Woolley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4128 Negative, photographic B, Fry and R. Kiddle wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4129 Negative, photographic B, Fry wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4130 Negative, photographic T. Fuell and Trueman wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4131 Negative, photographic William James Fuller and Eva Gertrude Kennedy. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4132 Negative, photographic E.J. Fuller and J. Brew. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4133 Negative, photographic Donald Milsham Furness and Zoe Edna Thompson, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4134 Negative, photographic W.H. Gale wedding. McCusker, Gordon   1940
1966.049.4135 Negative, photographic James Galloway and Shirley Thomson. McCusker, Gordon   26 May 1949
1966.049.4136 Negative, photographic Geoffery Arnold Gane and Eileen Nita Hastilow. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4137 Negative, photographic Alan Keith Gane and Kathleen Jean O'Neill. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4138 Negative, photographic Herbert Leslie Gane and Ellen Eva Gridley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4139 Negative, photographic Laurence J. Gane and Doris Elizabeth Alice Brammwall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4140 Negative, photographic Mr Louis Stannard and Aileen Elizabeth Gane. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4141 Negative, photographic Gordon Gardiner and Kathleen Mary Simson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4142 Negative, photographic Allan Robert Gardiner and Alberta Mollie Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4143 Negative, photographic S.W. Gardiner and Miss Thomas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4144 Negative, photographic Leslie John Gardiner and Betty Maureen Falvey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4145 Negative, photographic Jack Gardiner and Sylvia Tombs. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4146 Negative, photographic Francesco Valentine Leon Gargiulo and Betty Alexandra Bythell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4147 Negative, photographic R. Garlick and G. Watson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4148 Negative, photographic Gapper and O'Mahar wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4149 Negative, photographic J.D. Garth and Mavis Stagg wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4150 Negative, photographic S. Gartner and Daphne Eleanor Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4151 Negative, photographic Lawrence Alfred Squire and Margaret Mary Garwan McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4152 Negative, photographic Leonard William Gee and Winifred Chapman wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4153 Negative, photographic Kenneth Richard Gee and Kelsie Joan Gee wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4154 Negative, photographic Gordon William Gee and Louisa Ellen Gee wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4155 Negative, photographic Eric Roger Gee and Iris Powis Gee wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4156 Negative, photographic J.Gee, bride and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4157 Negative, photographic Gee and Schwass wedding. Gee brothers and Schwass sisters. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4158 Negative, photographic D. Brett Gibb and Alexis M. Riley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4159 Negative, photographic W.C. Gibb and Nancy Nightingale. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4160 Negative, photographic Gibb and Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4161 Negative, photographic Reginald Percy Gibbons and Earline Meeta Sheridan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4162 Negative, photographic Eric William Gibbons and Paula Dorothy Nathalie Holdaway. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4163 Negative, photographic Ivan Edgar Gibbons and Mary Wilson, the group includes June Wilson and Caro McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4164 Negative, photographic Gibbons wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4165 Negative, photographic Jack S. Gibson and Pauline May Hawtin. On the right is Beryl Elaine Hawtin McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4166 Negative, photographic Leo Ernest Orr and Velma (Val) Gladys Gibson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4167 Negative, photographic Lennox John Gibson and Lorna Fanny Teresa Tapp. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4168 Negative, photographic Alfred Charles Gibson and Margaret Elizabeth Thoms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4169 Negative, photographic W. Gibson and S. Johnson with possibly Loma Johnson seated on the left. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4170 Negative, photographic Gibson wedding group. Gibson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4171 Negative, photographic Jack Pennall and Alice Gifford Gibson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4172 Negative, photographic Gerald Gifford, of Rapaura,and Miss Hope. Gibson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4173 Negative, photographic J.C. Gilbert, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4174 Negative, photographic J. Gilbert and Jeanette Penney. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4175 Negative, photographic Kenneth Thomas Giles and Lois Edith Mills. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4176 Negative, photographic Gill family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4177 Negative, photographic John Walter James Gill and Ruth Anne Connolly. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4178 Negative, photographic D. Gill and Warnes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4179 Negative, photographic Gerald Francis Gill and Mavis Eunice Horton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4180 Negative, photographic Kenneth Brian Gill and Ruth Bloxsome. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4181 Negative, photographic Keith John Gill and Barbara Rabbits. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4182 Negative, photographic Gillespie and Robson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4183 Negative, photographic Gillespie and Watere. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4184 Negative, photographic Robert Joseph Gilmore and Miss Randall. McCusker, Gordon   1952
1966.049.4185 Negative, photographic Girling. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4186 Negative, photographic Harold Glass and Margaret Campbell Murray. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4187 Negative, photographic E. Gledhill and L. Harper wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4188 Negative, photographic Mr. Gledhill and Molly Horgan. Also pictured is Joan Horgan on the right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4189 Negative, photographic Ian Murray Gleeson and June Avis Barnes. The best man is Colin George Saul. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4190 Negative, photographic Tom Gleeson and Freda Drake with Rita Drake on right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4191 Negative, photographic A.A. Glover and P. June Dunn. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4192 Negative, photographic Douglas Newton Godsiff and Joan Hall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4193 Negative, photographic Raymond Walter Godsiff and Shirley Eva May Webb. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4194 Negative, photographic Max Leland Godsiff and Jean Mildred Fowler. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4195 Negative, photographic J.T. Gooch wedding, of Gisborne. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4196 Negative, photographic Robert Bruce Allan Goodall and Barbara Dawn Morris wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4197 Negative, photographic Cyril Henry Goodhall and Leone Jean Holdaway. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4198 Negative, photographic E. Googan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4199 Negative, photographic H. Goulter. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4200 Negative, photographic Mr. C.H. B. Goulter. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4201 Negative, photographic A. Goulter and Munro. McCusker, Gordon   1947
1966.049.4202 Negative, photographic Ken Gibbons and Diana Grace. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4203 Negative, photographic D. Graham wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4204 Negative, photographic Graham wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4205 Negative, photographic James (Jim) Ambrose Graham (a teacher) and Daphne Ethel Pike. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4206 Negative, photographic J.R. Gray wartime wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4207 Negative, photographic J.W. Greig and C.E. Ashley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4208 Negative, photographic K.R. Greig and Foote. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4209 Negative, photographic H.Green and Phyliss Sheard. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4210 Negative, photographic Francis (Frank) Eric Griffin and Myra Ayleen Pope. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4211 Negative, photographic John Griffiths and Monica Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4212 Negative, photographic Alan Leslie Grylls, a postal official from Havelock in 1946 (Electoral Role McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4213 Negative, photographic Walter James Guard and Reta Jessie Palmer McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4214 Negative, photographic Herman Albert Guard and Helen Whitelaw Combe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4215 Negative, photographic Don Guild and Moira Reeves with Hector Guild and Morva Andrews attending. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4216 Negative, photographic William Louies Guillemot and Eva Matilda Robinson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4217 Negative, photographic L. Gullery and Connolly. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4218 Negative, photographic G. Gunson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4219 Negative, photographic Robert Bruce Hadfield and Myra Jean Hadfield. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4220 Negative, photographic Hadfield, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4221 Negative, photographic Hadfield, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4222 Negative, photographic Karl George Hagedorn and his bride Mary Eleanor Hagedorn. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4223 Negative, photographic Manson Albert Harris and Kathleen Mary Hagen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4224 Negative, photographic Geoffery William Hogg and Patricia Nolene Wright. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4225 Negative, photographic G. Haggie and N. O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4226 Negative, photographic Nathan Douglas Haines and Mavis Florence Eileen Lucas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4227 Negative, photographic Reginald John Haines and Rita Grace Johnston. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4228 Negative, photographic Kevin John Haines and Pauline Mary Newman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4229 Negative, photographic Douglas Henry Haines and Olive Margaret Martin McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4230 Negative, photographic Gavin Watson Hale and Phyllys Marion Hughes McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4231 Negative, photographic Hale and Jacobsen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4232 Negative, photographic Hall and Boyce. McCusker, Gordon   11 January 1944
1966.049.4233 Negative, photographic William Leslie Hall and Patricia Winnifred Spiers. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4234 Negative, photographic Hall and Moreland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4235 Negative, photographic Ronald Walter Hallett and Joyce Evelyn Sell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4236 Negative, photographic B. Halligan and Nolene Jensen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4237 Negative, photographic A. Ham and Joy Chandler. On the right is Beryl Ham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4238 Negative, photographic Maurice Robert Ham and Betty Lorraine Borck. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4239 Negative, photographic Robert Leslie Ham and Clarice May Louisa Gane. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4240 Negative, photographic Peter David Ham and Myra Jean Holdaway. To the left is Maurice Robert Ham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4241 Negative, photographic Erwin Francis Ham and Phyllis Margaret Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4242 Negative, photographic Ham, an early wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4243 Negative, photographic A. Hamilton, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4244 Negative, photographic Ian Arthur Hammond and Nancy Mary Mears. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4245 Negative, photographic A. Hammond, wedding group. On left is Cyril Desmond Broadbridge. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4246 Negative, photographic R. Hancock, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4247 Negative, photographic Hancock, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4248 Negative, photographic W. Hanncock, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4249 Negative, photographic John William Hansen and Dawn Cleone Byrnie. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4250 Negative, photographic Elmsley Newport (Tom) Hansen and Alma Lorea Gifford. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4251 Negative, photographic Kenneth Samuel Hanson and Dorothy Jean Morrison. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4252 Negative, photographic R. Harcourt and Valda Thompson. On the right is Victor Eric Congdon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4253 Negative, photographic R. J. Harcourt and B. Mead. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4254 Negative, photographic V. Hare wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4255 Negative, photographic Hare wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4256 Negative, photographic Tim Harnett and Gwen Ada Jennens and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4257 Negative, photographic P. Harnett and Higgins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4258 Negative, photographic Colin Patrick Harnett and (possibly) Audrey Hilda Harnett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4259 Negative, photographic Gordon Max Harris and Mabel Emily Maylen McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4260 Negative, photographic R. Harding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4261 Negative, photographic Harris and Last. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4262 Negative, photographic Harris and Botham. On the right is Joan Myrtle Botham, later Rutherford. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4263 Negative, photographic Norm Harris and June Oben. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4264 Negative, photographic Harris and Schwass. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4265 Negative, photographic Harris wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4266 Negative, photographic Harris wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4267 Negative, photographic D.R. Harris and Scwass wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4268 Negative, photographic Noel Cunninghame Harris and Joyce Elizabeth White. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4269 Photograph Ernest Vincent Harris and Merle Lucy Rayner. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4270 Negative, photographic Harris and McFadden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4271 Negative, photographic Arthur Henry Harrison and June Horton Emms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4272 Negative, photographic Hart wedding group. On the right is Miss Patchett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4273 Negative, photographic L. Hart wedding group, with Ron Hart attendant. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4274 Negative, photographic Ronald Edward Hart and Muriel Sharp Fowler. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4275 Negative, photographic Trevor Sidney Harle and Mary (Molly) Annette Satherley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4276 Negative, photographic William Christopher Harland and Margaret Mary McMahon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4277 Negative, photographic G. Harvey and M. Gluyas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4278 Negative, photographic Douglas Percy William Harvey and Sylvia Patricia Jellyman. Gwen Bishell is McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4279 Negative, photographic Hastilow and Agar. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4280 Negative, glass-plate Haswell wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4281 Negative, photographic Mr. Hawkeswood and Joan Worthington. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4282 Negative, photographic Mr. R. Hay and Ngaire Lankow. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4283 Negative, photographic Patrick John Anthony Hayes and Olive Grace Baker. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4284 Negative, photographic Leslie Malcolm Hayes and Rita Reynolds and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4285 Negative, photographic Wilfred John Hayward and Betty Irene Brown and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4286 Negative, photographic Flight Sergant Colin Wilfred Hayward and Joyce Edith Gosling. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4287 Negative, photographic T. Healy and group. (Possibly Thomas Vincent and Jessie Mabel Healy; Elect McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4288 Negative, photographic Noel Philip Healy and Nola Elizabeth Smart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4289 Negative, photographic C.R. Hebbard and C. Burr, and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4290 Negative, photographic Heffer and Hester. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4291 Negative, photographic Matts Gomez Hegglun and Dorothy Lucy Pawson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4292 Negative, photographic Tristan Freitas Hegglun and Patricia Mary Meachen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4293 Negative, photographic R.W. Henderson and G. Cameron. On the right is Phyllis Tetley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4294 Negative, photographic Eric Gerald Henderson and Lois Eileen Simmons. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4295 Negative, photographic H. Hendrick, bidal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4296 Negative, photographic Hendry and Burke bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4297 Negative, photographic K. Henson and R. Gardiner group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4298 Negative, photographic R. Henson and Coleman group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4299 Negative, photographic Frank Hepburn and Molly McCusker who later lived in Palmerston North. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4300 Negative, photographic Jeffery William Herd and Ngaire Constance Topp and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4301 Negative, photographic Herd family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4302 Negative, photographic Herd family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4303 Negative, photographic Herd family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4304 Negative, photographic William Benjamin Pascoe and Dulcie Edith Herd. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4305 Negative, photographic Herman and J. Curtis. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4306 Negative, photographic Herman and K. Hyndman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4307 Negative, photographic Ron Hester and Miss P. Stacey. Jean Weaver on left. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4308 Negative, photographic Heyward wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4309 Negative, photographic M.M. Hickey and Kennedy. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4310 Negative, photographic Hickman wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4311 Negative, photographic G. Higgison and D. Webster wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4312 Negative, photographic A.R. Hill wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4313 Negative, photographic Peter Freer Hill and Inez Margaret Curtis wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4314 Negative, photographic G. Hill and J. Tapp. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4315 Negative, photographic L. G. Hill and M. Vorback. McCusker, Gordon   1951
1966.049.4316 Negative, photographic A.M. Hill and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4317 Negative, photographic R.J. Hill and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4318 Negative, photographic E.R. Hille and Miller. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4319 Negative, photographic Allan Albert Williamson and Dulcie Mavis Gridley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4320 Negative, photographic Ray Keable Hills and Aileen Mary Gleeson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4321 Negative, photographic Colin Hipkins and Mavis Leighton Hay. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4322 Negative, photographic C. Hislop and Yarrall. McCusker, Gordon   1947
1966.049.4323 Negative, photographic R.J. Hislop and B. Watson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4324 Negative, photographic Colin Wilfred Hitchcock and Isobel Kathleen Garrett. McCusker, Gordon   22 February 1948
1966.049.4325 Negative, photographic Hoadley wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4326 Negative, photographic Harry Bernyl Thomas (Tom) Hoar and Betty Boyce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4327 Negative, photographic Rex Hockimgs and Molly Branton, standing on the right of the portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4328 Negative, photographic R. Hodgson and Fay King-Turner. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4329 Negative, photographic John (Jack) Reuben Hodson and Lorna Frances King. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4330 Negative, photographic Bill, William Robert George Hodson and Edna Avis Drake. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4331 Negative, photographic Hodson and Yarrall wedding McCusker, Gordon   1945
1966.049.4332 Negative, photographic C. Hodson and V. Lewis. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4333 Negative, photographic Ronald Maunsell Holdaway and Olive Grace Holdaway. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4334 Negative, photographic Leslie Irvine Holdaway and Olive Anne Stewart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4335 Negative, photographic Raymond Francis Holdaway and Elaine Frances Knight. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4336 Negative, photographic Geoffery Roy Holdaway and Doris Joan Perano. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4337 Negative, photographic Stanley Herbert Holdaway and Georgina Fay Maule, farmers from Rai Valley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4338 Negative, photographic John Graham Holdaway and Natalie Francis in 1953. McCusker, Gordon   1953
1966.049.4339 Negative, photographic S.F. Holcraft. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4340 Negative, photographic Bernard (Bernie) Leonard Hoult and Audrey Mary Pollard. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4341 Negative, photographic William Athelstan (Athol) Hood and Pauline Daphne Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4342 Negative, photographic Mrs. Hood in her bridal dress. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4343 Negative, photographic J.B. (or I.B. initials unclear) Hope and R. Stretch. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4344 Negative, photographic R. Horgan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4345 Negative, photographic Hore wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4346 Negative, photographic Horrocks wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4347 Negative, photographic Sergant H. Horton and Eileen Mary O'Brien. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4348 Negative, photographic John D. Hounsell and Lois Smith. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4349 Negative, photographic L.G. Houston. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4350 Negative, photographic J. Howarth and M. Wallace. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4351 Negative, photographic J. Huddleston wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4352 Negative, photographic Lindsay Wilfred Huddleston and Joyce Hilda Bishell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4353 Negative, photographic Hulme family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4354 Negative, photographic John Gordon Humm and Vyvian Anne Brownlee. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4355 Negative, photographic R. Hunter and B. Lawson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4356 Negative, photographic C.J. Hunter and Gilmore. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4357 Negative, photographic D. Hurford (or Tom Hurford) and Nola Marshall, McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4358 Negative, photographic Paul Leslie Hutchings and Maureen Mary Eden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4359 Negative, Photographic Mr. Hutton and Betty von Brown . McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4360 Negative, photographic John Emerson Hyndman and Marjorie Joyce Neave. McCusker, Gordon   1947
1966.049.4361 Negative, photographic Bob Ingles and Muriel D. Hale. Bridesmaid is Marjorie Hale. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4362 Negative, photographic Miss J. Inkersell, debutante. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4363 Negative, photographic Inkster and M. Marfell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4364 Negative, photographic Richard Ireland and Dulcie Constance Cruikshank. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4365 Negative, photographic D. Irons and Norma Mears. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4366 Negative, photographic Irvin and Reardon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4367 Negative, photographic Patrick Ernest Francis Ivamy and Norma Margaret West. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4368 Negative, photographic C.B. Ivory, family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4369 Negative, photographic Donald Ivory and Cynthia Hammond. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4370 Negative, photographic Bruce Alexander Jackson and Hilda Florence King. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4371 Negative, photographic Thomas Hayter Jackson and Nita Melva Patchett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4372 Negative, photographic Jackson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4373 Negative, photographic Jackson and McHale wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4374 Negative, photographic Valmont Frederick Savall Jackson and Maisie Kennington. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4375 Negative, photographic T. Jacobsen wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4376 Negative, photographic Archibald Keith Jamieson and Edna Beryl Mary Anne Gifford. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4377 Negative, photographic Robert Manly Jamieson and Coralie Joyce Williams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4378 Negative, photographic Clarence Alexander Jamieson and Marjorie Theresa Paton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4379 Negative, photographic D. Jane and Nancy Bowe McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4380 Negative, photographic F. Jarman wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4381 Negative, photographic L.J. Jarvis and Kelly, wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4382 Negative, photographic Alfred Lawrence Evenden Jarvis and Ellen Priddle. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4383 Negative, photographic L.C. Jeffs and Gwen Badman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4384 Negative, photographic Pierce Graham (Joe) Jeffs and Ngaire Joyce Lyford. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4385 Negative, photographic Norman Keith Jellyman and Catherine Mary Eves. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4386 Negative, photographic Miss Jellyman, wedding portraits. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4387 Negative, photographic Jellyman and Gardiner. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4388 Negative, photographic Arthur Henry (Mick) Jellyman and Joan Edna Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4389 Negative, photographic Jellyman and Nimmo. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4390 Negative, photographic Molly Jellyman wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4391 Negative, photographic Russell Herbert Jellyman and Pauline Georgina Dodson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4392 Negative, photographic L. Jennens and Bentley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4393 Negative, photographic Raymond Archibald Jensen and Kathleen Dawn Mears. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4394 Negative, photographic A. Jensen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4395 Negative, photographic Jensen, wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4396 Negative, photographic John Jermyn wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4397 Negative, photographic J.A.R. Johansen and Margaret McRobie. McCusker, Gordon   6 July 1951
1966.049.4398 Negative, photographic Johnson wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4399 Negative, photographic Johnson and Kemp wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4400 Negative, photographic Mr. Johnson and Nola Yealands. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4401 Negative, photographic Noel F. Johnston and Betty Maxted. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4402 Negative, photographic Graham Johnston and Ena Isobella Ann Foley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4403 Negative, photographic Innes Ralph Rutland Jones and Nola Mary Kennington. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4404 Negative, photographic Grosvenor Jones and Margaret Mary Eatin. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4405 Negative, photographic Noel Edward Jones and Molly Valma Nicholas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4406 Negative, photographic Arnauld Wilford Jones and Joan Hammond. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4407 Negative, photographic Gordon Neal Jones and Lottie Jane Jones. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4408 Negative, photographic Ian Oscar Jones and Verna Winnie Mears. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4409 Negative, photographic Jordan and Stevens wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4410 Negative, photographic Julian family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4411 Negative, photographic Keane family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4412 Negative, photographic Reginald William Keates and Thelma Elizabeth Laking McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4413 Negative, photographic B. Keogh and R. Mackel wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4414 Negative, photographic Keening and Gilling wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4415 Negative, photographic Keeper or Keeher? (hard to read) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4416 Negative, photographic Keeper or Keeher? (hard to read) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4417 Negative, photographic Kelworth wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4418 Negative, photographic Kelly and Simmons wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4419 Negative, photographic Kemble family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4420 Negative, photographic Kennedy family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4421 Negative, photographic Trevor Manson Kennedy and Gertrude Eva Boddington. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4422 Negative, photographic A portrait of Maisie Kennington and Gwynneth Maud Kennington. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4423 Negative, photographic V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. Ching. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. Ching. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4424 Negative, photographic Aubrey Bryan Kenny and Olive Pamela Rutherford. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. C McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4425 Negative, photographic William Aylmer Kenny and Sylvia Theresa White. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. C McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4426 Negative, photographic B. Kerr and B. Bulliff. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. Ching. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4427 Negative, photographic R, Kidd and possibly Miss Smith? V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. Ching. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4428 Negative, photographic Donald Clive Kilpatrick and Naomi Jean Sheridan. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4429 Negative, photographic Frank Lindsay King and Miss L. Wadsworth. V.J. Kenny and Ngaire I. Ching. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4430 Negative, photographic R. King and C. Simonsen wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4431 Negative, photographic Donald John Kinnaird and Nerissa Lynette Goodwin. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4432 Negative, photographic Charles Thornton Kinzett and Margaret Mary (Peggy) Dance McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4433 Negative, photographic Lawrence Roy Knight and Patalene (Pat) Rose Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4434 Negative, photographic Bramwell Albert Knight and Joyce Evelyn Knight. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4435 Negative, photographic H. Knight and June Brooks. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4436 Negative, photographic D.C. Knight and A. Barry wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4437 Negative, photographic Pat Herbert Knowles and Annie Rowena Mason wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4438 Negative, photographic Knuteson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4439 Negative, photographic Colin Laidlaw and Joyce Gane wedding group McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4440 Negative, photographic Frank James Laird and Betty Hille McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4441 Negative, photographic Ronald Denis Laird and Marie Frances Conlan and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4442 Negative, photographic Ellis Arthur Lammas and Betty Margaret Constance Cameron McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4443 Negative, photographic Tardy Lane (Dudley Gordon Lane) and Miss Stevenson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4444 Negative, photographic B. Lane and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4445 Negative, photographic Lane and Hill. Bernie Rowe is on the left. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4446 Negative, photographic Langdon Lane. ([possibly Landon-Lane? or Langdon and Lane?) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4447 Negative, photographic Mr. Landon-Lane and Eileen McDonald with Mary Wilson (later Gibbons) suppor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4448 Negative, photographic Mrs. Langford and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4449 Negative, photographic Darcy Milner Roberts Lankow and Olive Heatherbelle Anstiss. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4450 Negative, photographic J.W. Lankow and M. Wilkinson. On the right is Ngaire Lankow. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4451 Negative, photographic Larsen and Morrison wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4452 Negative, photographic Stanley Edgar Lawrence and (possibly) Lorna Elsie Lawrence. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4453 Negative, photographic K.R. Lawrence wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4454 Negative, photographic Mr. Leatherby and Doris White McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4455 Negative, Glass-plate Lee and Martin. Attendants are; Molly Hanley and Joan O'Sullivan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4456 Negative, photographic James (Jim) Hall Leef and Nesta Leef. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4457 Negative, photographic David Edward Leov and Joyce Marion Crafar wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4458 Negative, photographic Arnold George Leslie and Edna Jean Burroughs McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4459 Negative, photographic Roy Leslie and Leatrice Rose Boyce McCusker, Gordon   3 June 1961
1966.049.4460 Negative, photographic George Leslie and Margaret Ann Coleman. McCusker, Gordon   10 October 1953
1966.049.4461 Negative, photographic Robert Brian Leslie and Edith Isabel White. McCusker, Gordon   21 July 1951
1966.049.4462 Negative, photographic Lilley family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4463 Negative, photographic Lindsay and Thompson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4464 Negative, photographic Lindsay and Thompson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4465 Negative, photographic William Roy Litchfield and Flora Mabel Gane. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4466 Negative, photographic John Maxwell Litchfield and Nola Ewart McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4467 Negative, photographic Charles Liverton and June Gamble. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4468 Negative, photographic Henry (Harry) Lloyd and Valerie Jean Poidevin. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4469 Negative, photographic L. Loads and F. Johns. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4470 Negative, photographic Logan and Eyre wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4471 Negative, photographic Thomas Segrief Alexander (Alec) Logan and Kathleen Julia Hanley McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4472 Negative, photographic J.A. Lokes wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4473 Negative, photographic W. Long and P. Mead wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4474 Negative, photographic Longman family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4475 Negative, photographic Longman family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4476 Negative, photographic Longman family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4477 Negative, photographic Terence Daryl Looms and Shirley June Morrison. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4478 Negative, photographic George Lott and Murial Irene Anstis wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4479 Negative, photographic George Lott and Murial Irene Anstis wedding. Frank Lovell and Joyce Allsop McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4480 Negative, photographic John Watson Low and Janet Arabella Lang wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4481 Negative, photographic H.G. Lowe and I.F. Richardson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4482 Negative, photographic Bryce David Lucas and Nancy Violet Warburton wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4483 Negative, photographic Douglas Lucas and Kathleen Mary Shea. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4484 Negative, photographic W.E. Lunn family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4485 Negative, photographic Luscombe and Haywood. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4486 Negative, photographic A.K. Luttrill wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4487 Negative, photographic Lyford family wedding. Robert Lyford on the left. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4488 Negative, photographic Trevor Lyttle and Joan Winnifred Nicoll wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4489 Negative, photographic Thomas Desmond Mackle and Muriel Grace Hamilton wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4490 Negative, photographic Mackie and King-Turner family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4491 Negative, photographic Patrick John Mackle and Mary Imelda Links wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4492 Negative, photographic Patrick Mackle wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4493 Negative, photographic Mackle wedding group. (Possibly spelt Mackel) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4494 Negative, photographic Maddoves and Schwass McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4495 Negative, Glass-plate Madsen wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4496 Negative, photographic Dominic Joseph Maher and Kitty (Helena Kate?) Walsh. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4497 Negative, photographic W. Maher. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4498 Negative, photographic M. Maher and Beryl Falvey. Second from left is Ann Falvey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4499 Negative, photographic Alan W. Mahoney and Dulcie Holdaway. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4500 Negative, photographic C. Malipaard and A. Lawson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4501 Negative, photographic Mancer wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4502 Negative, photographic L.J. Mangos and Valmai J. Catley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4503 Negative, photographic Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Guillemot. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4504 Negative, photographic Manning wedding group. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Guillemot. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4505 Negative, photographic J. Manson and J. Knight wedding group. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Eliz McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4506 Negative, photographic T.F. Manwell and Muriel Hale wedding group. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4507 Negative, photographic A. Mapuki and Elaine Rose. Also Alwyn Rose and Alexis Saul. Brian Robert McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4508 Negative, photographic Maras wedding group. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Guillemot. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4509 Negative, photographic Raymond John March and Tonia Madge Spiers. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary E McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4510 Negative, photographic Ian Harold Marfell and Melva Adams. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabet McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4511 Negative, photographic Alfred Paul Marfell and Eileen Dawn Neilson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4512 Negative, photographic Maurice Edward Marfell and Beryl? June Emms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4513 Negative, photographic Eldon James Marfell and Colleen Reo Emms. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4514 Negative, photographic Marfell Jubilee Wedding group. Possibly Golden Jubilee? McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4515 Negative, photographic Noel Desmond Marfell and bride. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Gu McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4516 Negative, photographic Double wedding celebration. Marfell and Moreland, and Moreland and Abraham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4517 Negative, photographic Double wedding celebration. Marfell and Moreland, and Moreland and Abraham. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4518 Negative, photographic Ray Wisthead and Marie Emms. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Guill McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4519 Negative, photographic Marfell and Francis. Brian Robert Manisty and Mary Elizabeth Guillemot. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4520 Negative, photographic Ian Harold Marfell and Daphne Lyall May Walker. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4521 Negative, photographic James Langton Mark and Lois Margaret Carter. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4522 Negative, photographic T.L. Marks and Shirley Frances Thomson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4523 Negative, photographic R.H. Marks and Miss Neal (Possibly Doreen?) McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4524 Negative, photographic Marriott and Whiteford family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4525 Negative, photographic Warren Marsh and Morva Graham family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4526 Negative, photographic Marston family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4527 Negative, photographic Martin and Dalton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4528 Negative, photographic E. Martin wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4529 Negative, photographic R. Martin and Joan Hillman McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4530 Negative, photographic Noel Martin and Flora Boyle. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4531 Negative, photographic K. Martin and Ruth Brydon family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4532 Negative, photographic Francis Albert John Martin and June Beal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4533 Negative, photographic D. Mason and Hansen wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4534 Negative, photographic H.N. Mason and Stokes wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4535 Negative, photographic J.E. Mason and Hansen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4536 Negative, photographic C.C. Matthew and Shirley Cutler. Angela Hundleby on the right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4537 Negative, photographic Matthews family wedding. On the left is Zoe Matthews. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4538 Negative, photographic Matthews family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4539 Negative, photographic Russell Balfour Elbeck Matthews and Marjorie Nola Mitchell family wedding. McCusker, Gordon   24 July 1943
1966.049.4540 Negative, photographic James Trevor May and Margaret Elizabeth Atlinson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4541 Negative, photographic Dallas Henry May and Eylene Dawn Fissenden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4542 Negative, photographic Frank Albert May and Josephine Mary Newman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4543 Negative, photographic Sidney John Mead and Naome Bryant. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4544 Negative, photographic Alan Robert Mears and Kathleen Eleanor Roe wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4545 Negative, Glass-plate John Wellesley Mee and Norma Catherine Armstrong. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4546 Negative, photographic Peter Meikle and Marjorie Susan Maybank wedding group McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4547 Negative, photographic Melville wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4548 Negative, photographic B.J. Memahon and D. O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4549 Negative, photographic Middlemiss family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4550 Negative, photographic J.L. Middlemiss and Morton family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4551 Negative, photographic Neil Middlemiss and B. M. Tipple with Miss Wensley in attendance. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4552 Negative, photographic Miles and E. Lawson family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4553 Negative, photographic A. Millar family wedding. Terence Thomas in attendance. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4554 Negative, photographic Miller and Becconsall wedding. Patricia Catherine Newport (later Moran) o McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4555 Negative, photographic Colin James Miller and Nona Josephine Bush wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4556 Negative, photographic Clarence Edward Miller and Nita Hazel Hart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4557 Negative, photographic P. Miller and D. Mason family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4558 Negative, photographic Miller and Craven wedding. The only negative we have is the bride only. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4559 Negative, photographic R.C. Miller wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4560 Negative, photographic G.E. Miller wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4561 Negative, photographic Miller wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4562 Negative, photographic Milliard and Barnett. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4563 Negative, photographic W.S. Mills and Thorne. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4564 Negative, photographic Mills and M. Gilchrist wedding group McCusker, Gordon   1954
1966.049.4565 Negative, photographic Ronald Funnell Mills and Noela Francis Millard. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4566 Negative, photographic Dinny Mills wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4567 Negative, photographic Mills and Gledhill. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4568 Negative, photographic Mills and Davis-Goff. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4569 Negative, photographic L. Mills wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4570 Negative, photographic Brian (Bing) Mills and Joan Myrtle (Peggy) Rutherford. 1938 McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.4571 Negative, photographic Allan Edward Mills and Connie Macalister McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.4572 Negative, photographic Richard John Mills and Ella Joyce Woolley. McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.4573 Negative, photographic William (Bill) Millward and Joyce Ewart. McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.4574 Negative, photographic Richard Howden Mitchell and Lorma Meryl Johnston. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4575 Negative, photographic Mr. K.. Mitchell and June Matthews. 2nd from left is Edward Patrick Dwyer a McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4576 Negative, photographic May Mitchell (later Mrs. Basil Hundleby) in her wedding finery. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4577 Negative, photographic E. Mitchell family wedding, with Marjorie Mitchell on the right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4578 Negative, photographic Colin Rothwell Mitchell and Dorothy Jean Cameron. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4579 Negative, photographic Robert Mitchell and Pauline Rose Heffer. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4580 Negative, photographic G. Monaghan and Patricia Joy Morrison. McCusker, Gordon   1956
1966.049.4581 Negative, photographic George Monro and Alison Crispin. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4582 Negative, photographic Ron S. Munro and Fay Watson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4583 Negative, photographic L. Monro and V. May family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4584 Negative, photographic Francis Edward Monson and Emily Elizabeth Monson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4585 Negative, photographic Montgomery wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4586 Negative, photographic Ron Moore and Alma Davidson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4587 Negative, photographic Raymond James Moore and Corina Grace O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4588 Negative, photographic Ronald William Moore and Margaret Richardson Liley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4589 Negative, photographic V. Moore and Jean (or Joan) Higgins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4590 Negative, photographic Patrick Joseph Moran and Patricia Catherine Photine Newport. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4591 Negative, photographic John Moran and Shirley Anne Gibson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4592 Negative, photographic F.S. Moreland wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4593 Negative, photographic C.H. Moreland and Nichol. Bridesmaid is Hazel Gibbons. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4594 Negative, photographic Thomas Leslie Jackson Morgan and Freda Janet Morgan McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4595 Negative, photographic Morgan and M. Myles wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4596 Negative, photographic R.W. Morgan and B. Simmons wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4597 Negative, photographic F.R.B. Morrison and O. Grant wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4598 Negative, photographic Forest Burns Montgomery and Jean Cleator. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4599 Negative, photographic Dennis Francis Morrison and Erica Ena Maule. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4600 Negative, photographic R.J. Morrison wedding group. Number 4 in the line is Peggy Dance, later Kin McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4601 Negative, photographic D.M. Morrison and A. Marshall wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4602 Negative, photographic Patrick Joseph Morrison and Ursula Victoria May Provost. Mr. Stewart stand McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4603 Negative, photographic Morrison family wedding. (Possibly Norman Morrison). Cecil Morrison is on McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4604 Negative, photographic Brian Jasper Morrison and Marie Bernadette Broughan. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4605 Negative, photographic Cecil Morrison and Miss Reid. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4606 Negative, photographic Charles Halvey Thomas Morrison and Margaret (Peggy) Mary Daly. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4607 Negative, photographic W.J. Morrison and Mary Hammond. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4608 Negative, photographic Cecil Morrison and B. Maule. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4609 Negative, photographic Mortimer family wedding group. No names are known. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4610 Negative, photographic L. Mortimer and Lovell family wedding group McCusker, Gordon   1938
1966.049.4611 Negative, photographic E.M. Morton wedding group Kaikoura. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4612 Negative, photographic W.J. Moulder and Lacey wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4613 Negative, photographic Mrs. Mowat. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4614 Negative, photographic Linn Dillon Moxon and Olive June Knight. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4615 Negative, photographic D.J. Mullholland wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4616 Negative, photographic Flight Officer D. Keith Mullighan and June Litchfield. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4617 Negative, photographic Mullin and Inkersoll. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4618 Negative, photographic Mr. Mumford. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4619 Negative, photographic William Charles Munn and Betty Rosa Ussher of Havelock. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4620 Negative, photographic Herbert Martin Murdoch and Eileen Ada Vercoe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4621 Negative, photographic Mervyn David Murdoch and Alma Dawn Wadsworth wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4622 Negative, photographic Thomas Murphy and Jessie Marion Sinclair. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4623 Negative, photographic Mick Murphy (John Patrick?) and Vera Mary Branton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4624 Negative, photographic Daniel Ignatious Murphy and Esme Margaret Stretch. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4625 Negative, photographic W. Murray and J. Mead. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4626 Negative, photographic Murray family wedding. Second from left is Noel Francis Casey? McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4627 Negative, photographic W.J. Musgrove family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4628 Negative, photographic George Simpson Musgrove and Hazel Ellen Archibald. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4629 Negative, photographic A. Mustard and C. Hebberd. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4630 Negative, photographic S. Mustard and N. Faulconer. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4631 Negative, photographic William Myles and Eileen Pearl Myles. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4632 Negative, photographic James David McArtney and Nerrole Joy Hodson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4633 Negative, photographic Frank McBride and Olive Gibson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4634 Negative, photographic McCabe family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4635 Negative, photographic Ian Duncan McCallum and Myrie Lillian Gridley. McCusker, Gordon   8 March 1939
1966.049.4636 Negative, photographic Stewart McCallum and Fay Walker. On the left is Neil McCallum. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4637 Negative, photographic Alexander James (Jim) McCallum and Dorothy Stella (Peg) Thompson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4638 Negative, photographic Neil Robert McCallum and Marguerite Bowe. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4639 Negative, photographic G. McConchie and Eileen Johnston. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4640 Negative, photographic Miles Patrick McConway and Mary Kathleen O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4641 Negative, photographic The wedding of J.P. McConway and Nell Dilrew McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4642 Negative, photographic A.J. McConway and J.M. Inkersell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4643 Negative, photographic George McDonald and M.Rees. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4644 Negative, photographic Robert MacDonald and Margaret Joyce Elizabeth Middlemiss McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4645 Negative, photographic MacDonald and Green families. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4646 Negative, photographic Jack D. McDougall and Irene Trevella. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4647 Negative, photographic Mr. McFadden and Thora Jarvis. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4648 Negative, photographic L.C. McFarlane and his bride (identity unknown). McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4649 Negative, photographic Robert Patrick McGlinchey and Dawn Lillian Williams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4650 Negative, photographic Alexander MacDonald McGregor and Dorothy Adelaide Lucas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4651 Negative, photographic W.R. McHale and F.E. Rutland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4652 Negative, photographic Robert Lyford and Beryl Mary McIsaac. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4653 Negative, photographic Alister Donald McKay and Patricia Lesley McIsaac McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4654 Negative, photographic Ronald Henry McKay and Ena McKay McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4655 Negative, photographic McKee and Hounsell wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4656 Negative, photographic Roy Ernest McKenzie and Enid Mabel Cresswell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4657 Negative, photographic McKernan and Thompson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4658 Negative, photographic J. McKie and Satherley wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4659 Negative, photographic A.T. McLaren and Shirley J. Oliver McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4660 Negative, photographic Ian William McLauchlan and Nita Merle Smart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4661 Negative, photographic Lyell John McLaughlin and Ailsa Adele Wallace. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4662 Negative, photographic William McLaughlin and Vyvian Edith Maud Brown. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4663 Negative, photographic A.N. McLay and Corral Neal (later Webster). McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4664 Negative, photographic R. McLennan family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4665 Negative, photographic McLennan and Farnell family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4666 Negative, photographic B. McLeod and J. Mogridge family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4667 Negative, photographic P. McLeod and C. Gheorgheoui family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4668 Negative, photographic Kenneth Brian McMahon and Thelma Edna Godsiff. McCusker, Gordon   14 July 1947
1966.049.4669 Negative, photographic P. McMahon and A. May. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4670 Negative, photographic McMillan and Gledhill family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4671 Negative, photographic McNabb and Roberts. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4672 Negative, photographic R. McPartlin and McMahon wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4673 Negative, photographic R. McPhail and V. Rogerson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4674 Negative, photographic J. McPherson and M. O'Brien wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4675 Negative, photographic I. McQueen and C. Muchison bridal group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4676 Negative, photographic McRae and M. Fisher wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4677 Negative, photographic Don Naylor and Edna Glover McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4678 Negative, photographic Neal family wedding. No further information supplied. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4679 Negative, photographic Neal family wedding. No further information supplied. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4680 Negative, photographic D. Neal family wedding. No further information supplied. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4681 Negative, photographic Trevor Graham Neal and Colleen Catherine Faulding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4682 Negative, photographic Ernest William Neal and Ellen Theresa Neal. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4683 Negative, photographic G. Neal family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4684 Negative, photographic A.J. Neal and B. Grigg. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4685 Negative, photographic A.J. Neal and B. Grigg. Edgar Vernon Neal and Eleanor Barbara Smith McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4686 Negative, photographic A.E. Neal and Schumaker wedding group. Edgar Vernon Neal and Eleanor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4687 Negative, photographic Harold Henry Crane Neal and Eunice Duckworth Edgar Vernon Neal and Ele McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4688 Negative, photographic R.V. Neal family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4689 Negative, photographic Rex Basil Neal and Nolene Beryl Shipley family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4690 Negative, photographic B. Neal and E. Jennens. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4691 Negative, photographic Basil Eric Neal and Grace Isabel Coleman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4692 Negative, photographic Neal and M. Halton wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4693 Negative, photographic Neal and V.M. Carter wedding party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4694 Negative, photographic A. Neal and B. Webster. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4695 Negative, photographic Hubert Ross Neal and Monica Mary Woolley of 'The Throne". McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4696 Negative, photographic Neal and L. Stewart wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4697 Negative, photographic W. Neal family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4698 Negative, photographic I. Neal family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4699 Negative, photographic Carl Nees wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4700 Negative, photographic Kenneth Charles George Nees and Helen Catherine Lang. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4701 Negative, photographic Neighbours family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4702 Negative, photographic Peter Clifford Neilson and Isabel Annie Storey. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4703 Negative, photographic Woodill and Orchard McCusker, Gordon   21 March 1949
1966.049.4704 Negative, photographic Newcombe wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4705 Negative, photographic C. Newman family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4706 Negative, photographic Cecil Joseph Newman and Monica Kathleen Branton. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4707 Negative, Glass-plate Newman and McKay wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4708 Negative, photographic Rex Newman and Miss Hooper wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4709 Negative, photographic B. Newman and J. Barland. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4710 Negative, photographic D.R. Newman and K. Goudion. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4711 Negative, photographic Newman and Miller. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4712 Negative, photographic R. Newman and A. Blick. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4713 Negative, photographic Newman and Barnes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4714 Negative, photographic J.R. Newport and P.J. White wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4715 Negative, photographic Earle George Nicholas and Beula Ruth Ewart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4716 Negative, photographic Earle George Nicholas and Beula Ruth Ewart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4717 Negative, photographic Bertie Edwin (Ted) Nicholas and Valma Joyce Nicholas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4718 Negative, photographic E. Nicholas and A.J. Pope. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4719 Negative, photographic Nicholls and Wadworth wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4720 Negative, photographic R. Nicholl. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4721 Negative, photographic K. Nicoll and M. Neal family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4722 Negative, photographic C. Nicolls and J. McMahon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4723 Negative, photographic Wilfred Nicholl and Carol Workman family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4724 Negative, photographic John Christian James Neilson and Catherine Grace Mary Gee McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4725 Negative, photographic Edgar Maxwell Nilsen and Mary Edith Cochrane. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4726 Negative, photographic J. Nieuwendyk and N. Hilhorst. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4727 Negative, photographic H.F. Ninnes and Rodley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4728 Negative, photographic Wedding portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Norman and group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4729 Negative, photographic Lawrence John North and Margaret Wadsworth. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4730 Negative, photographic Louis Manson North and Joyce Adelaide Cook. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4731 Negative, photographic W.J. North and Miss Black. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4732 Negative, photographic W. Nyholt and V. Thomas. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4733 Negative, photographic J. Oakley and June Spiers. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4734 Negative, photographic T. Oben family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4735 Negative, photographic A.B. (Cyril) O'Connor and Gaye Hickman wedding group McCusker, Gordon   1947
1966.049.4736 Negative, photographic P. O'Connor family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4737 Negative, photographic E. O'Connor family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4738 Negative, photographic Paddy O'Connor and Eileen O'Brien wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4739 Negative, photographic O'Connor and Hastilow wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4740 Negative, photographic O'Donoghue family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4741 Negative, photographic O'Dwyer family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4742 Negative, photographic O'Dwyer family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4743 Negative, photographic Austin Patrick O'Halleran and Patricia Edwina Higgins. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4744 Negative, photographic O'Leary and Connolly wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4745 Negative, photographic Oliver family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4746 Negative, photographic A.E. Oliver family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4748 Negative, photographic W.G. Olsson and Joy Eyles. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4749 Negative, photographic Brian O'Neill and M. Calder. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4750 Negative, photographic Orange family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4751 Negative, photographic Orchard family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4752 Negative, photographic P. O'Rourke and P. Maher family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4753 Negative, photographic Mervyn Keith Osgood and Joyce Isabel Hughes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4754 Negative, photographic Mervyn Keith Osgood and Joyce Isabel Hughes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4755 Negative, photographic R. O'Sullivan family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4756 Negative, photographic James Noel O'Sullivan and Alison Joan O'Connor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4757 Negative, photographic Oswald and Finch family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4758 Negative, photographic P. Owens wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4759 Negative, photographic Packard family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4760 Negative, photographic Mr. Palmer and Dorothy Robb. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4761 Negative, photographic Brian Arthur Palmer and Melva Louise Simpson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4762 Negative, photographic S.J. Palmer and J. MacDonald. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4763 Negative, photographic H.B. Palmer and Griffiths wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4764 Negative, photographic D. Pallesen and P. Braddock wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4765 Negative, photographic Parkes and Chapman wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4766 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. M. Parkes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4767 Negative, photographic Arthur William Parkes and Mavis Victora Steele. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4768 Negative, photographic Russel Fazakerly Parker and Ruth Alison Pattie. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4769 Negative, photographic Keith Parker and Miss Simson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4780 Negative, photographic R.L. Parker and Lyndall A. McCallum wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4781 Negative, photographic Patchett family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4782 Negative, photographic Patchett family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4783 Negative, photographic Patchett and Ryan family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4784 Negative, photographic R. Patchett family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4785 Negative, photographic G. Patchett and B. Becconsall family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4786 Negative, photographic Ian Graham Patchett and Lynda Annie May. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4787 Negative, photographic Charles Pateman and Beryl Joan Newman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4788 Negative, photographic E. Patterson wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4789 Negative, photographic T. Patterson and Gregory family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4790 Negative, photographic D. Pattie and M. McAndrew family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4791 Negative, photographic John Campbell Pattie and Evelyn Amelia Boyle. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4792 Negative, photographic N. Paul and Mullins family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4793 Negative, photographic Douglas Henry Paynter and Rita Randall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4794 Negative, photographic Albert (Bert) Francis Paynter and Alice Helen Paynter. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4795 Negative, photographic K.S. Payton family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4796 Negative, photographic A.J. Peart wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4797 Negative, photographic Walter Franklin Pearce and Doris Eva Pearce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4798 Negative, photographic Raymond Perret and Joan Audrey Harris. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4799 Negative, photographic John James (Jock) Penney and Thelma Elizabeth Collins. McCusker, Gordon   20 May 1944
1966.049.4800 Negative, photographic Perry family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4801 Negative, photographic Trevor George Perry and Joyce Ellen Price wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4802 Negative, photographic Nigel Ernest Perry and Eileen Mary Trueman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4803 Negative, photographic Miss Gloria Peters wedding group, with Donna Peters as one of the flower gi McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4804 Negative, photographic Pethbridge wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4805 Negative, photographic K.C. Pettitt family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4806 Negative, photographic Phillips and Sciascia. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4807 Negative, photographic W. Phillips and Peggy Wood. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4808 Negative, photographic Philpot and D. Murray wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4809 Negative, photographic Gerald G. Pigou and Jane Fisher. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4810 Negative, photographic Pike family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4811 Negative, photographic Platt family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4812 Negative, photographic J. Podd and Muriel Hammond. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4813 Negative, photographic Hugh James Poff and Eileen Mary Harnett McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4814 Negative, photographic R.J. Poff and M.E. Marshall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4815 Negative, photographic E. [Pridham or Poidham?] and McHarie family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4816 Negative, photographic Paul E.W. Porter and Lola Robinson. McCusker, Gordon   18 July 1940
1966.049.4817 Negative, photographic Paul E.W. Porter and Lola Robinson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4818 Negative, photographic Wilfred John (Joe) Poswillo and Shirley Joyce Fea. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4819 Negative, photographic Adrian Lex Prentice and Eleanor Lorraine Gardeyne. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4820 Negative, photographic John William Prendergast and Edna Joyce Prendergast McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4821 Negative, photographic Sydney Morris Price and Iris Mary Price. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4822 Negative, photographic Jeffery Joseph Price and Valda Kathleen Anglesce. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4823 Negative, photographic Charles Marshall Proffit and Phyllis Lillian Thompson. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4824 Negative, photographic Edmond Lister Pryor and Sylvia Ella Thorne. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4825 Negative, photographic J.A. Pullan and Helen Johnston. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4826 Negative, photographic Putman and Smart. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4827 Negative, photographic Mr. Quillian and Ellison Gill with Kathleen Gill on of the bridesmaids. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4828 Negative, photographic Mr. Radd and S. Ashwood. The best man is Kenneth Balfour Radd. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4829 Negative, photographic D. Radstone and J. Priddle. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4830 Negative, photographic Rainbird family wedding. One of the attendants is Elgar Parkes. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4831 Negative, photographic G. Rainey and Vi Grigg with Jean Grigg attending. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4832 Negative, photographic Rainsford family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4833 Negative, photographic A.W. Raiston and Mary Payne. Miss Payne attending. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4834 Negative, photographic William Hugo Randall and Elva Joy Saul. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4835 Negative, photographic Rayner and Matthews wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4836 Negative, photographic Kenneth Noel Reardon and Joyce Adams. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4837 Negative, photographic Ellis Laurence Reader and Hazel Jean Squire with Lorna Squire attending. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4838 Negative, photographic N. Reed family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4839 Negative, photographic James Bernard Rees and Violet Isabel Hughes McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4840 Negative, photographic T. Rees and M. Woolley. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4841 Negative, photographic Robert Reginald Register and Dorothy Myrtle (Dolly) Bowden. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4842 Negative, photographic Leonard Ormand Register and Beryl Daphne Taylor McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4843 Negative, photographic Noel Rex Register and Nancy May Harris, Leonard Ormand Register is on the l McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4844 Negative, photographic Joseph Robert Register and Elizabeth Norah Beavon. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4845 Negative, photographic Ronald Charles Register and Joan Marjorie Chandler. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4846 Negative, photographic C. Reid and Daphne Rayner, April Rayner is on the right. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4847 Negative, photographic R.T. Reid and Miss Mitchell. On the right is Marjorie Mitchell (later Mathe McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4848 Negative, photographic Mark Reid and Shirley McDonnell. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4849 Negative, photographic Robert James )Jock) Rentoul and Annie Margaret Lang. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4850 Negative, photographic P.W. Rennell family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4851 Negative, photographic Mr. Reynolds and Olga Phillips. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4852 Negative, photographic John Harvey Rice and Lorna Muriel Squire. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4853 Negative, photographic Gordon Taylor Ritchie and Jean Alice Tindall. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4854 Negative, photographic Peter Lionel K. Rive and his bridal party. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4855 Negative, photographic Desmond Douglas Robbins and Ngaire Simonsen. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4856 Negative, photographic E.W. Robert and Val Burtenshaw with Phyllis Elsa Burtenshaw attending. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4857 Negative, photographic G. Roberts wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4858 Negative, photographic G. M. Roberts wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4859 Negative, photographic Robertson wedding group. On the left is Miss Beryl Andrews. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4860 Negative, photographic G. M. Robertson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4861 Negative, photographic G. S. Robertson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4862 Negative, photographic Duncan Robertson and Pamela Lucy Mills. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4863 Negative, photographic Robinson family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4864 Negative, photographic Alex Robinson and his bridal group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4865 Negative, photographic Curtis Vincent Robinson and wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4866 Negative, photographic W.J. Robinson and Zita Loveday with wedding group. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4867 Negative, photographic Robinson and Thomas family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4868 Negative, photographic Robinson and Wiblin family wedding. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4869 Negative, photographic Bruce George Robinson and Jean Margaret Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4870 Negative, photographic Ian Walter Robinson and J. Wilkinson. Ian Walter Robinson and J. Wilkins McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4871 Negative, photographic Robinson and Whitehead wedding group. Ian Walter Robinson and J. Wilkins McCusker, Gordon    
1966.049.4872 Negative, photographic Rogers family wedding portrait. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4873 Negative, photographic Rogers family portrait. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4874 Negative, photographic H. Rose and A. Tait family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4875 Negative, photographic R. Rose and Cresswell family wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4876 Negative, photographic William Edward Glennie and Jean Miriel Rose. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4877 Negative, photographic John Douglas Rose and Joyce Millicent Girling. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4878 Negative, photographic Anthony James Rose and Enid June Anders. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4879 Negative, photographic S.G. Ross family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4880 Negative, photographic Ross family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4881 Negative, photographic Philip Frederick Rothwell and Joan Louisa Hay. Attendants are Mavis Hay and McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4882 Negative, photographic Ian Henry Rothwell and Alice Sophie Murphy. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4883 Negative, photographic Cyril Patrick (Charlie) Roughan and Barbara Edith Haycock. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4884 Negative, photographic Indexed as Row or Rom. ie; B. Row (or B. Rom) and Jellyman. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4885 Negative, photographic Bernard Jack Rowe and Aileen Rona Schultz with possibly a Mr. Dew on the le McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4886 Negative, photographic E. Rowe and Tudor. (Possibly Edgar and Isabel Rowe. Electoral Roll 1960) McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4887 Negative, photographic Corporal Steve Ruck and Joyce Soper with Mary Soper in uniform. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4888 Negative, photographic (Peter) Maxwell George Rudd and Johanna May Lunan. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1945
1966.049.4889 Negative, photographic Leslie Vincent Ruffell and Daphne Florence Ruffell. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4890 Negative, photographic Jack Ian Ruffell and Yvonne Peggy Gill. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4891 Negative, photographic L.A. Rule and Fiona McFarlane McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4892 Negative, photographic C.T. Russell and Wallace wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4893 Negative, photographic Mr. Rutherford and Joan Botham. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4894 Negative, photographic Leicester Elder Rutherford and Deane Allison McCallum. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4895 Negative, photographic John Johnstone Rutherford and Betty Noline Wemyss. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4896 Negative, photographic (Possibly Donald Ian Rutledge (Electoral Roll 1954,) and Zoe Rutledge nee McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4897 Negative, photographic Roger William Ryan and Aileen Patricia Williams. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4898 Negative, photographic Paul Ryan and Nola Coleen Healy. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4899 Negative, photographic R.J. Ryan and G. Lowe wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4900 Negative, photographic Sanders and Whiteford family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4901 Negative, photographic Sanders family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4902 Negative, photographic Charles Edward Saunders and Merle Moore. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4903 Negative, photographic Kenneth Bruce Martin Satherly and Marie Maud Fayden. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4904 Negative, photographic J. Satherly family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4905 Negative, photographic Mr. Satherly and Joan Prendergast. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4906 Negative, photographic Colin George Saul Ruby Hazel Gleeson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4907 Negative, photographic Saul and FitzWinter family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4908 Negative, photographic John Arnold Saul and Noline May Jenkins. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4909 Negative, photographic Douglas James Saul and Anne Marie Falvey. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4910 Negative, photographic Lester Bryan Saul and Margaret Rose Forsyth. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4911 Negative, photographic C. Saunders family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4912 Negative, photographic Alan Henry Schroder and Pearl Gertrude Wells McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 28 June 1947
1966.049.4913 Negative, photographic Ronald Leslie Joseph Schroder and Dorothy Joy Stade. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4914 Negative, photographic Donald Vernon Schroder and Patricia Aileen Prentice. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4915 Negative, photographic Charles Edward Noel Schroder and Barbara Mary Fitzpatrick. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4916 Negative, photographic Schwass family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4917 Negative, photographic Cyril Albert Walter Scott and Colleen Elsie Smith of Kaikoura in 1947. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim October 1947
1966.049.4918 Negative, photographic Scott family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4919 Negative, photographic C. Scott family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4920 Negative, photographic Mr. Scimshaw and Valerie Archibald. Jack Archibald and Ngaire Archibald are McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4921 Negative, photographic Shallard family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4922 Negative, photographic Patrick John David Shannon and Tasma Dawn Gill. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4923 Negative, photographic Staff Sargent E.G. Shave and Averil D. Cately. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim May 1950
1966.049.4924 Negative, photographic Bruce Wilbur Shaw and Zena May Green. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4925 Negative, photographic Sheard and Stephens family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4926 Negative, photographic Sheeehan family wedding photograph. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4927 Negative, photographic Henry John Shepherd and Jean Millicent Shepherd. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4928 Negative, photographic Sheridan and Davies wedding. (Possibly the bride's name is Sheridan.) McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4929 Negative, photographic L.E. Sherriff family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4930 Negative, photographic Sherwood and Hale family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4931 Negative, photographic J. Sheild and B. Judd family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4932 Negative, photographic Mr. A.A. Shields and Miss D. Tomlinson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4933 Negative, photographic Mr. A.A. Shields and Miss D. Tomlinson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4934 Negative, photographic (Jack) John William Sidaway and June Lorraine Philpott. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4935 Negative, photographic Harold Leslie Sidaway and Ngaire Mildred Sidaway McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4936 Negative, photographic Richard Norman Silcock and Phyllis Nola Simson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4937 Negative, photographic Richard (Dick) Silver and Dorothy Fallows. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4938 Negative, photographic J. Simmons and E. Wells. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4939 Negative, photographic J. Simmonds family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4940 Negative, photographic Neil Rasmus Simonsen and Mona Mayfield Daines. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4941 Negative, photographic Simonsen and Rush wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4942 Negative, photographic Peter John Simson and Margaret Joyce Lowe. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4943 Negative, photographic R. Simpson family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4944 Negative, photographic Simpson and McKay family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4945 Negative, photographic Lester Allen Simpson and Edith Mabel Wadsworth. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1943
1966.049.4946 Negative, photographic R.L. Sin and R. Shea wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4947 Negative, photographic Ronald William Slade and Gladys Mona Hart McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4948 Negative, photographic D.N. Small and F.J. Morrison. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4949 Negative, photographic Thomas Edward Smart and Rachel Mary Healy. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4950 Negative, photographic Terence Rex Smart and Beverly Alice Rutledge with Melva Rutledge on the rig McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4951 Negative, photographic Smart family wedding. Rex Smart and Beverly Alice Rutledge with Melva Ru McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4952 Negative, photographic Smart and Thomas family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4953 Negative, photographic Smith and Brunetti wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4954 Negative, photographic James Keith Smith and Margaret Rosina Ham. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4955 Negative, photographic James Cecil Smith and Dulcie Ethel Warburton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4956 Negative, photographic P. Smith and A. Delany wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4957 Negative, photographic Smith family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4958 Negative, photographic F. Smith family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4959 Negative, photographic James Edwin Smith and Betty Colleen Gardiner. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4960 Negative, photographic Garnet Lawrence Atherton Smith and Monica Mary O'Connor. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4961 Negative, photographic Gordon Stuart Smith and Edna Margaret Gardner. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4962 Negative, photographic John Allison Smith and Joyce Duckworth McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4963 Negative, photographic A.L. Smith, a family wedding in the garden. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4964 Negative, photographic H.P. Smith and J.H. MacDonald. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4965 Negative, photographic Smith and Martin wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4966 Negative, photographic B. Smith and MacDonald wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4967 Negative, photographic Gordon Francis Snowden and Vera Betsy Vincent McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4968 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Peter Snushell on their wedding day. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4969 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. Soper on their wedding day. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4970 Negative, photographic Vernon Mark Soper and Margaret Nanette Gledhill. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4971 Negative, photographic Geoffery Travers Sowman and Rita Margaret Ashton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4972 Negative, photographic Sowman bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4973 Negative, photographic Sowman bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4974 Negative, photographic Sowman bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4975 Negative, photographic N. Sowman bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4976 Negative, photographic F. Sowman and Bartlett wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4977 Negative, photographic C. Spargo family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4978 Negative, photographic Double wedding of the Mapp sisters; Lesley and Janet. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 21 April 1956
1966.049.4979 Negative, photographic William David Speedy and Noline Dorothy Eves. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4980 Negative, photographic R. Spencer and Foley. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4981 Negative, photographic Arnold Hale Spencer and Jean Evelyn Grigg McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4982 Negative, photographic E.R. Sprosen and Vorback family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1948
1966.049.4983 Negative, photographic Howard Wilfred Squire and Margaret Florence Cordan McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4984 Negative, photographic Stallard and Andrew family wedding. Harold Gordon Andrew is on the left. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4985 Negative, photographic Thomas George Beavon and Ngaire Noline Stanley. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4986 Negative, photographic Mervyn Gordon Staples and Nancy Zita Joyce Harris. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4987 Negative, photographic Maurice Peter Stapp and Isabel Nixon Chapman. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4988 Negative, photographic Mr Louis Stannard and Aileen Elizabeth Gane. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4989 Negative, photographic St. Clair and Buckland family wedding during wartime? McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4990 Negative, photographic Mr. Stevens and Arlene Gluyas wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4991 Negative, photographic J. Stevenson and Margaret Braddock wedding group McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4992 Negative, photographic Donald James Richard Stewart and Coral June Stewart. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4993 Negative, photographic Archibald George Stewart and Grace May Palatchie. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4994 Negative, photographic R.A. Stewart and A.F. Patchett wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4995 Negative, photographic D.C. Stewart and G. Cruickshank. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4996 Negative, photographic Francis Godfrey Stewart and Sadie May Fenemor. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4997 Negative, photographic R.J. Stewart and W. Donaldson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4998 Negative, photographic Neville Stitchbury and Beryl Jackson bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.4999 Negative, photographic A. Stokes wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5000 Negative, photographic W. Stocks and W, Glover. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5001 Negative, photographic Douglas Stockwell and Dorothy Webster McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5002 Negative, photographic G. Storey wedding group McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5003 Negative, photographic Strang and Thomas. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5004 Negative, photographic L. Stratford and bride with Bob Barton on the left. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5005 Negative, photographic Brian Michael William Gill and Melva Amelia Jessie Stratford. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5006 Negative, photographic P. Streepkerk (or possibly Streefkerk) and M. Doyle. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5007 Negative, photographic Brian William Stretch and Patricia Anne FitzPatrick. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5008 Negative, photographic Francis Stretch and Lorinda Mary McDonald. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5009 Negative, photographic Nora Strickland and Hodson family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5010 Negative, photographic L.G. Stuart and Norma Guest. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5011 Negative, photographic H. Stuart and N. Foster wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5012 Negative, photographic Sutherland family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5013 Negative, photographic Sutherland and Turner family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5014 Negative, photographic G. Sutherland and Cameron family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5015 Negative, photographic J. Sutherland family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5016 Negative, photographic Sutherland family wedding. no further information available. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5017 Negative, photographic J.A. Sutton and Gifford family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1 Dec 1947
1966.049.5018 Negative, photographic W.R. Sutton and Margaret Hille. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5019 Negative, photographic L.C. Sutton family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5020 Negative, photographic A.F. Swan and Natalie Watson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5021 Negative, photographic Sykes and Wratt family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5022 Negative, photographic Symonds bridal portrait. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5023 Negative, photographic Mr. Symons and Miss M. Godwin bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5024 Negative, photographic Alec Tait and Annette Priddle wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5025 Negative, photographic Tapp family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5026 Negative, photographic Ronald HoraceTapp and Eleanor Mary Tapp after their wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5027 Negative, photographic Alan Leonard Saywell Tarrant and Elsie Myra Prentice. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5028 Negative, photographic Mr. Tate and Shirley Priddle. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5029 Negative, photographic Taylor and Boyd family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 7 Nov 1947
1966.049.5030 Negative, photographic Taylor and Gilbert family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5031 Negative, photographic L. Taylor and Rita Ward family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5032 Negative, photographic Thomas John (Jack) Taylor and Linda Evelyn Andrews of Ward. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5033 Negative, photographic Colin Stuart Taylor and possibly Lorna Anne Daines? McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5034 Negative, photographic DenisTaylor and Valmai Harris. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5035 Negative, photographic Maxwell Ernest Taylor and Lucy Myrtle Warburton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5036 Negative, photographic Stanley George Taylor and Loris Patricia Dawn Neal McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5037 Negative, photographic Portrait of a bride; Miss Taylor. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5038 Negative, photographic Ernie S. Terlesk and Margaret Boyle. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5039 Negative, photographic R. Thomas and Hodson, family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5040 Negative, photographic W. R. Thomas and B.H. Robinson, family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5041 Negative, photographic K. Thomas, family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5042 Negative, photographic Thomas, family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5043 Negative, photographic L. Thomas and J. Tarrant, family wedding. L. Thomas and J. Tarrant, famil McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5044 Negative, photographic L. Thomas and J. Tarrant, family wedding. L. Thomas and J. Tarrant, famil McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5045 Negative, photographic Alan Arthur (Digger) Thomas and Lorna Evelyn Powell. L. Thomas and J. Tar McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5046 Negative, photographic E. Thomason and B. Boyle, (or possibly Val Boyle) L. Thomas and J. Tarrant McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5047 Negative, photographic Murray Edwin Thomson and Dulcie Elaine Smith, McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5048 Negative, photographic Donald Gillespie Thomson and Gwennyth Maud Kennington. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5049 Negative, photographic Colin Septimus Thompson and Vera June Warburton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5050 Negative, photographic Charles Henry Thompson and Ivy Goodman. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5051 Negative, photographic Ian Douglas Thomson and Beryl Jessie Smith. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5052 Negative, photographic Hugh McGlashan Thompson and Moira McBeth. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5053 Negative, photographic Gordon Noel Thomson and Hazel Lilian Anderson McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5054 Negative, photographic Thomson family wedding. (Possibly Thompson?) McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5055 Negative, photographic Arthur Henry Hepworth and Nancy Park Thomson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5056 Negative, photographic Thomson and N. Adams family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5057 Negative, photographic J.K. Thorpe family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5058 Negative, photographic Ronald Malcolm Thorne and Betty Margaret Verry. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5059 Negative, photographic Charles Lloyd Thwaites and Nancy Ellen Parker. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5060 Negative, photographic Raymond Richard John Tindall and Betty Bowman. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5061 Negative, Glass-plate Arthur Ian Todd and Eileen Mary Neal. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5062 Negative, photographic Tombs family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5063 Negative, photographic Ronald Tombs and Eileen Browning. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5064 Negative, photographic Richard Lewis Townley and Norma Barbara Gray. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5065 Negative, photographic E.H. Trainor and Carol Ashton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5066 Negative, photographic Maurice Dustin Trail and Lois Alison Pike. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5067 Negative, photographic Mr. Tregertha (or Tregurtha?) and Peggy Simson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5068 Negative, photographic Mr. Trevett and Betty Wensley. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5069 Negative, photographic D. Trevor and Betty Akersten. Joan Akersten bridesmaid. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5070 Negative, photographic E. Trethaway and Pauline McIntosh. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5071 Negative, photographic A. Tringham and V. Schultz wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5072 Negative, photographic J.E. Tucker and Hutchinson family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5073 Negative, photographic Alfred Charles Tuckerman and Ada Emily Lane wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5074 Negative, photographic Frank Robert Tuckerman and Rosalie Isabella Simmonds. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5075 Negative, photographic David Reuben Tuckerman and Alexis Olga McMahon. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5076 Negative, photographic Turnbull family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5077 Negative, photographic Leo Turnock and Shona O'Brien. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5078 Negative, photographic Bruce Menzies Turner and Fay Margaret Poidevin. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5079 Negative, photographic Ronald John Turner and Colleen Dawn Morrison. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5080 Negative, photographic C.H. Turner family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5081 Negative, photographic Percy Roworth Turner and Sylvia Grace Fissenden. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5082 Negative, photographic Derek Turner and Lilian Victoria Webster wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5083 Negative, photographic E.D. Turner wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5084 Negative, photographic Turrell wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5085 Negative, photographic Twidle wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5086 Negative, photographic Brian Tyacke and Molly Sheridan wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5087 Negative, photographic Raymond Arthur Tyson and Freda Margaret Yarrall. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5088 Negative, photographic Ian Tasman Van Asch and Margaret Helen Shirtcliffe. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5089 Negative, photographic W. Van Grisnven and S.J. Cresswell wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5090 Negative, photographic Harold Hugh Vavasour and Margery Constance Goulter, later from Ugbrooke. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1939
1966.049.5091 Negative, photographic Vercoe family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5092 Negative, photographic Vincent James Kevin Vickers and Mary Benignus Murphy from Kaikoura. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5093 Negative, photographic John Selwyn Vile and Zella Frances Gardiner. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5094 Negative, photographic J. Voss and Joan MacIntosh McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5095 Negative, photographic Randal Ivan Wilfred Wackrow and Fay Ellen Wells. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5096 Negative, photographic Mervyn Alfred Wadsworth and Stella Maxted wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5097 Negative, photographic Ronald Charles Badman and Leonie Elizabeth Miriam Wadsworth. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5098 Negative, photographic Cyril John Wadsworth and Thelma Doreen Dawes. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5099 Negative, photographic Lewis William (Lou) Wadsworth and Eliza Miriam Hamilton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5100 Negative, photographic Moston Henry Wadsworth and Betty Moreen Jones McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5101 Negative, photographic Ron Waghorn and Chris Davidson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5102 Negative, photographic Wain and Wratt family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5103 Negative, photographic A. Walding and S. Knight wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5104 Negative, photographic Stephen Anthony Waldron and Helen Marie Moreland. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5105 Negative, photographic Len F. Walker and Dulcie Bradley. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5106 Negative, photographic Walker and O'Connor family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5107 Negative, photographic Walker family wedding. Len Walker appears on the right. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5108 Negative, photographic L.M. Walker and D. Johnston family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5109 Negative, photographic Walker and M. Pope family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5110 Negative, photographic Ernest Ross Walker and Shirley June Mears. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5111 Negative, photographic P. Walker and Pope family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5112 Negative, photographic Norman Ernest Wallace and Myra Pearl Jennens. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5113 Negative, photographic James (Jim) Michael Walsh and Eva Mary Anne O'Leary McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5114 Negative, photographic Robert A. Walsh and Naomi (Billie) Best. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5115 Negative, photographic William Leahy Walsh and Barbara Mary Soper McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5116 Negative, photographic Frank A. Warburton and Joan Falvey McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5117 Negative, photographic Cyril Charles Ward and Audrey Phyllis Patchett family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5118 Negative, photographic Ward family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5119 Negative, photographic Clarence George Ward and Betty Dawn Gibson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5120 Negative, photographic H. T. Ward and Mavis Bensemann McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5121 Negative, photographic Sargent G. Ward and his bride. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5122 Negative, photographic Walter Henry Ward and Dorothy Elizabeth Bailey McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5123 Negative, photographic John Frederick Ward and Melva Frances Elizabeth Palk McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5124 Negative, photographic Ray J. Ward and Miss Symes (or Simms). McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5125 Negative, photographic Raymond Gilbert Wareham and Florence Anne (Fay) Patchett. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5126 Negative, photographic Robert Ian Warren and Gwendolene Wratt. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5127 Negative, photographic Horace Warring and Dorothy Litchfield. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5128 Negative, photographic D. Warrick (possibly Des Warwick?) and Norma Cruickshank. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5129 Negative, photographic Phil Wastney and Natalie Prentice. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5130 Negative, photographic Victor Noel Waters and Dorothy Margaret Waters (nee ?) McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5131 Negative, photographic D. Waters and J. Neal wedding group McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5132 Negative, photographic H.E. B. Watson wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5133 Negative, photographic J. Watson and Boyd wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5134 Negative, photographic Robert Alexander Watson and Jean Elizabeth McKenzie. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5135 Negative, photographic Malcolm Joyce Watson and Fay Joy Looms. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5136 Negative, photographic Donavon Norman Watson and Avril Winifred Louise Middleton. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5137 Negative, photographic Stanley John Watt and Edith Annie Powell. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5138 Negative, photographic B.B. Watts and Jane Western wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5139 Negative, photographic J. Way and Shirley Poidevin. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5140 Negative, photographic Laurence Arthur Weaver and Elsie Lorraine Cresswell. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5141 Negative, photographic Weaver family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5142 Negative, photographic Webb and Marfell family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5143 Negative, photographic Allan Gordon Webb and Grace Elizabeth Jean Harris. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5144 Negative, photographic Robert Edwin Webb and Ena Beryl Andrews. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5145 Negative, photographic Alan Joseph Webb and Norman Josephine Godsiff. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5146 Negative, photographic William (Bill) John Webb and Betty (Elizabeth) Mary Dempsey. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5147 Negative, photographic Webb family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5148 Negative, photographic Harry Webster and Eris Mary Simmons. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5149 Negative, photographic Frederick Albert Wedde and Linda Ogilvie Horne. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5150 Negative, photographic Paul Alexander Wedde and Kathleen Margaret Jones McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5151 Negative, photographic Robert Peter Weir and Phyllis May Wells. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5152 Negative, photographic Robert Gerald Weir and Thelma Cresswell Cozen. Robert Gerald Weir and Thel McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5153 Negative, photographic N. Weller and Audrey Coker with Margaret Coker attending. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5154 Negative, photographic B. Wells and Bennett. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5155 Negative, photographic M. Welsh and Bernice Marshall. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5156 Negative, photographic W,G, West and Young wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5157 Negative, photographic Mr. and Mrs. R. Westbrook . McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5158 Negative, photographic John Gordon Western and Alison Grace Liley. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5159 Negative, photographic R. Wheeler and J. Wilson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5160 Negative, photographic J. Whitchurch family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5161 Negative, photographic J.L. White family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5162 Negative, photographic Basil K. White and Lilian Jackson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5163 Negative, photographic Francis (Frank) Craig White and Ethne Joan Stade. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5164 Negative, photographic Erwin John Kelsall White and Kathleen Betty McCusker, 1944. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1944
1966.049.5165 Negative, photographic Charles Greenshields Whiteford and Lois Grace Gee. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5166 Negative, photographic Daniel Edward (Ted) Whiteford and Joan Elizabeth O'Sullivan. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5167 Negative, photographic John Brian Whiteman and Doris Rona Isobel Thompson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5168 Negative, photographic Eion Wimsett and Valerie Hammond. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5169 Negative, photographic John Renall Wintringham and Lorna Amy Best. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5170 Negative, photographic Wintringham family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5171 Negative, photographic Ernest George Windleburn and Jessie Mabel Davis Granville. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5172 Negative, photographic Myles Thomas Wilkins and Patricia Avis Thompson. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim October 1962.
1966.049.5174 Negative, photographic Wilkie family wedding. The wedding portrait of the Wilkinson and Mackle f McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5175 Negative, photographic The wedding portrait of the Wilkinson family. The wedding portrait of t McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5176 Negative, photographic Vincent Joseph Wilkinson,his unamed bride and family group. The wedding p McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5177 Negative, photographic Williams family wedding. The wedding portrait of the Wilkinson and Mackle McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5178 Negative, photographic R.L. Williams and Young. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5179 Negative, photographic Ronald James Charles Williams and Jean Beatrice Simmons. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5180 Negative, photographic H. Wientjens and Smits wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5181 Negative, photographic Arthur Gordon Wicks and Isabel Marriott Bishell. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5182 Negative, photographic Woodrow Wilson and Maroa Jean Mackle. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5183 Negative, photographic A.F. Wilson and Pressefoot wedding group . McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5184 Negative, photographic J. Wilson and M. Mills wedding group . McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5185 Negative, photographic Bryan Watson Wilson and Alison Josephine Costello. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5186 Negative, photographic Wooding and Roberts wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5187 Negative, photographic Woodhead and Stretch. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5188 Negative, photographic Woodhead and Stretch. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5189 Negative, photographic Maurice Wilford (Gundy) Woolley and Janet McNichol Brown. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5190 Negative, photographic John Alfred Woolley and Marjorie Williams. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5191 Negative, photographic L. Woolley and P. Rowe. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5192 Negative, photographic Kenneth Leo Woolley and Edrie Joan McNabb. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5193 Negative, photographic Richard Claude Woolley and Doris Eileen Botham McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5194 Negative, photographic Bruce Henry Woolley and Annette Batty, McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5195 Negative, photographic Woolley and Reid family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5196 Negative, photographic Stanley William Woolley and Audrey Eileen Rush. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5197 Negative, photographic C.G. Workman family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5198 Negative, photographic Lindsay Angus Workman and Dorothy Grace Tyerman. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5199 Negative, photographic Wilfred Peter Ross Workman and Marie Emma Cameron. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5200 Negative, photographic Worthington and Hope family wedding. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5201 Negative, photographic Ivan Lindsay Wratt and Edna Jane Foster Baxter. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5202 Negative, photographic Miss Wratt and bridal group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5203 Negative, photographic Mervyn John Wratt and Patricia Fay Stewart McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5204 Negative, photographic Lewis (Lou) Alexander Wratt and June Iris Leslie McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5205 Negative, photographic Robert Donald Wratt and Betty Mollie Coleman McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5206 Negative, photographic H. Wratt and M. Elliott. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5207 Negative, photographic Wright and Paul wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5208 Negative, photographic Eric George Wyatt and Gladys Emma Gardiner. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5209 Negative, photographic Lewis Harold Wyatt and Marie Holdaway wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5210 Negative, photographic Keith Budgewell Yealands and Doris May Davies McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5211 Negative, photographic Kenneth George Maurice Yealands and Nola Jean Dawes. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5212 Negative, photographic C.E. Yule and Peggy Pattie. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5213 Negative, photographic Alister George Yule and Doreen Mary Holdaway. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5214 Negative, photographic Allan William Thomas Young and Marjorie Hyam McConnell Young. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5215 Negative, photographic J. Donald Young and Mary Pattie. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1966.049.5216 Negative, photographic Zetty wedding group. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  

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