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Box 6: Lucy Dobson (nee Lough) Collins Octavo diary for 1915. Starts with pages of addresses, then January 1 1915 to 31 December 1915, then pages of accounts. There are loose items in the front of the dairy (these images are first): Undated (1915?) newspaper clipping, Mr. Cawthron's Will, a great bequest, industrial and technical institute and museum. On the other side, roll of Honor, New Zealand casualties (October 4). Undated (1915?) newspaper clipping, Attacks on Meuse Heights, Germans gain footing in one trench (July 18). The struggle in the Vosges, fighting on Hill 627, two Bavarian battalions wiped out (July 19). Enemy's claims, French attack in the Argonne fails, bloddy losses inflicted, 7009 French captured (July 17). In a small blue envelope addressed: Mrs. Dobson. A small note signed "A Friend". In a white envelope, date stamped 9 December 1913, addressed: Mrs Alfred Dobson, Blenheim. A note to "My dear old friend" and signed from "H.M. Baillie" - has information about the building of Blenheim's Church in 1862. Between 20 December and 26 December 1915: a note headed, "Christmas Day". In the back a personal name card: Mrs. C.G. Teschemaker-Shute. This diary has mentions of WW1 from 1 February to 31 December 1915. ................................................................................................................. 1915 Diary Monday 1 Feb Ernie[Dobson] - Down to drill Wednesday 10 Feb Ernie - In to drill Wednesday 24 Feb Lucy [Dobson] - Went to the Service at the Wesleyan Chapel Wednesday 3 Mar Lucy - Went to the Church Service Monday 12 Apr Sister M (Marian) [Dobson nee Lough] - Went to Prayer Meeting Saturday 17 Apr Daisy and family [Dobson] - All went to see the men off to Trentham Thursday 29 Apr Fire Bell - Suddenly rang and the whistle blew Church bells rang a terrible din, the Allies had got the Dardanelles. Kept it up for about an hour. Band out & speeches from Rotunda Monday 3 May Mrs Mead - A cablegram to say Captain O. Mead is wounded Wednesday 5 May Lucy - Went to Church for Interesssary Service, a very good attendance Amy Hudson - ran in for a few minutes she was going to the Service Monday 17 May (?) - Was wounded Sunday 6 Jun We all - Went down to see National Reserve march to Church crowds of people Thursday 10 Jun Mrs Macey -Told me news had just come of Mr Goulding killed - in action, "It is very sad" Millie [Dobson] - Has gone to hear the addresses Friday 11 Jun Mrs Bagge - Told me her brother had his leg amputated Monday 28 Jun Mr Chaytor & Isabel - Had a good chat, Edward [Chaytor] gone or sent to England Wednesday 30 Jun Hattie Jenkins - Going to the Service Sunday 5 Jul Ernie - Brought a Dobson just back from the Dardanelles, quite a stranger, had a very interesting talk Monday 2 Aug Mrs Jenkins & Elsie - They were going to the Service for the soldiers Wednesday 4 Aug Lucy - Anniversary of declatation of War. Everybody Off to Public demonstration in Market Square [see archives 2005.184.0016 for an image of this event]. Tuesday 17 Aug Retta & Lawrence [Grace] - Came to tell us sad news, Hami [Grace] was killed in action Dardanelles, he was a Lieutenant. Friday 10 Sep Mrs Chaytor & Jack - He is off to England in the Ionic to go to the front. Dear Boy, I am so sorry he is going Wednesday 15 Sep Amy Hudson & Mrs Jenkins - They were both going to the Sevice Wednesday 29 Sep Mrs Jenkins & Elsie - On her way to Service Friday 8 Oct Henry [Dobson] (age 46) - After drill just gone Saturday 9 Oct Norman Dodson - saying good bye, going into camp Tuesday Thursday 21 Oct Mrs Innes - Collecting for "British soldiers" Wednesday 3 Nov Returned Troopers - Train in with, Boy Mowatt among them (see Notes) Monday 15 Nov Charlie [Dobson] - In London hospital, Telegram from Hobart Saturday 20 Nov Charlie - Cable from, in London Sunday 28 Nov The children & Daisy [Dobson] - Up to see the Service in Cricket grounds, National Service. Tuesday 30 Nov Miss Girdwood - Coming back from morning service Intercessory for millions Friday 31 Dec Norman Dodson - To say Good bye, he leaves Monday or Tuesday will not return again
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