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Joe Timms, of Picton, began as a rowboat whaler about 1906-07, four years before the Peranos began with their motor-powered whalechasers at Yellerton, Tory Channel in 1911. Joe whaled for the Peranos when they began at Tipi Bay from about 1912. He died in his 90th year [1978]. Joe was among the Marlborough whalers who whaled at Campbell Island in the Sub-Antarctic 1909-12. Original in a box of Perano photographs lent to Don Grady for his book, The Perano Whalers of Cook Strait 1911-1964, published in 1982. This image from a DVD titled "Perano Whaling Photos - 17th Feb. 2014 - John Penney".
Joe Timms -Perano Collection of Whaling Photographs -Copyright Picton Heritage and Whaling Museum

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