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Copyright Marlborough Museum - Marlborough Historical Society Inc
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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) Archives
Date 19 October 1923
Abstract 25.5 cm disk, 78 rpm. In a paper phonograph record cover with "Tempo, Tanza, Artransa, Tasman", on both sides. Magic Notes trademark. This record must not be sold below price fixed by patentees. Patents Australia 2251, 25/8/1911; 18909, 19/10/1923; New Zealand 30041, 2/2/1912; 5265.., 19/10/1923. Columbia Gramophone (Australia Limited, Sydney, New South Wales. Made in Australia. Chappello & Co. Limited, Sydney is part of the record label. Number (T 599) and 01063 is on the label, T.599 abd 1429 is etched into the record on side 2. Numbers (T 598) and 01063 are on the label on side 1 and T598 and A1428 are etched into the record on side 1.

Maori music by Ernest McKinlay and Gilbert Dechelette.
Side 1: Pokare Kare
Side 2: Waiata Poi
Object ID 0000.500.0259
Object Name Record, Phonograph
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