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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
0000.900.0444 Photograph Marlborough Rugby Football Union   Blenheim 1963
0000.900.0446 Photograph Marlborough Primary Schools Rugby Team   Blenheim 1959
0000.900.0788 Photograph Marshlands camp,1912. Cameron, J.J.   1912
0000.900.1291 Negative, Glass-plate A rugby field.   Blenheim  
1966.049.0917 Negative, Photographic Rugby champions Marshland Camp 1912. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim 1912
1966.049.1107 Negative, Photographic Mr. Noel Casey. McCusker, Gordon Blenheim  
1994.107.0009 Badge       1930
1994.107.0010 Badge        
1995.146.0011 Photograph   Irvin, J. junior Tua Marina  
1996.191.0002 Slide, Photographic       c.1954
2008.113.0002 Photograph        
2009.135.0492 Photograph Rugby team      
2010.009.0010 Photograph   Cameron Photo   1912
2010.039.0001 Photograph Marlborough Rugby Football Union 1974   Blenheim 1974
FSA0.800.0108 Plaque       1910
MEX0.900.0036 Newspaper Incidents in yesterday's Rugby match   Marlborough 5 September 1957
MEX0.900.0099 Negative, Photographic Lansdowne Park Development Work   Marlborough 18 October 1957
MEX0.900.0193 Negative, Photographic Boy Entrants Camp   Marlborough 23 November 1957
RML0.900.0633 Photograph Marlborough Rugby Representatives   Blenheim  
RML0.900.0902 Photograph Thomas Renwick Rugby team      
RML0.900.0994 Photograph Renwick School Rugby Team 1920   Renwick  
RML0.900.1063 Photograph Renwick Rugby Team   Renwick  
RML0.900.1066 Photograph Renwick Junior Rugby Team   Renwick  
RML2012.002.0023 Photograph Renwick Rugby Club, Senior Reserve1991      

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