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IBM Selectric II electronic golf ball typewriter [as written in 2001 - there is nothing on the machine to say it is a Selectric]. Has a cover as well. This is an electric typewriter with a typing ball and platen. It uses a high yield correctable film ribbon. Machine has a green metal casing. There are no visible numbers. Has IBM on the right front. Its full name is IBM Selectric II Correcting Electric Typewriter. Included with the donation was: 1 booklet (2 IBM Selectric II typewriter booklets, one with this number, were found 2013, plus one box of Nova printer ribbon). 1 IBM Electronic tape-box - of correcting ribbon, found 2013 1 carbonium tape - found 2013 3 type golf balls - [1 box , with 5 tpyewriter golf balls, was found 2013] All found in Marlborough Express Office in Beavertown 2012 and 2013. Deaccessioned [in error] at MHS 28 November 2012 committee meeting. Retained January 2013. The booklets, printer ribbon, tapebox, tape and golfballs have been kept as props. ....................................................................... 1961 The IBM Selectric Typewriter is unveiled in July. This product replaces typebars and the moving carriage with a spherical printing element [source:].
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