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Reichert Microscope

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Collection Dix
Photographer Dix, Rennie
Description Digital image from Yellow box 2. Slide 2: Unknown microscopist using a state-of-the-art Reichert Microscope. Wairau Hospital Laboratory 1955-56.

(Notes from Rennie Dix 2012)
Bacteriology (now known as Microbiology).

A large amount of the work done in a 1950s Laboratory was Bacteriology, the analysing of the various bacteria found in wound and other swabs and body fluids. Material was spread on Agar plates prepared from Beef extracts and incubated at 37degrees Celsius for 24 hours. Individual bacteria grow into visible colonies that can be readily identified by trained Staff and tested against various antibiotics for sensitivity.

Sometimes it is necessary to incubate the cultures in an absence of Oxygen using Anaerobic Jars this technique was used for diagnosis of Gas Gangrene


The microscope was commonly used to examine slides of Bacteria for characteristic shapes (Morphology) which was an aid to identification.

The Microscope was also used to count and examine blood cells looking for red cells deficient in iron, white cells for an indication of infection morphology, or other diseases such as leukaemia.
Year Range from 1955
Year range to 1956
Object ID 2013.001.0016
Object Name Slide, Photographic
Subjects Wairau Hospital
Title Reichert Microscope
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