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Helen Stace Family Album

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Collection Gamble [Stace Collection]: Photograph Album 1
Description Photograph Album belonging to Mrs Helen Stace.
Inscribed on inside cover of album: Helen Stace, from her Husband, April 21 1880

Images are in the same order as the descriptions below and captioned with page number-photograph number and catalogue reference.

Page-Photograph (PastPerfect image number from) Description
1-1 (3) Annette Beaumont, born December 1880, died in England 1922.
2-1 (4) F.J.W. Ball B.A., Trinity College Cambridge
3-1 (5) Mary Barriford, nee Lockhart.
4-1 (6) Colonel W. Stace.
4-2 (6) Colonel W. Stace.
4-3 (6) Captain G. H. Stace, 75 Regiment.
4-4 (6) Walter Stace.
5-1 (7) Colonel E.V. Stace, R.A.
5-2 (7) Kenny Phin Stace.
5-3 (7) Willie, George, Edward, Walter and Henry (assumed to be Stace).
5-4 (7) Alfred Stace, Civil Engineer.
6-1 (8) John Mellies, Civil Engineer.
6-2 (8) Alice Mellies (Aunt Alice).
6-3 (8) Colonel W Stace, Mrs Stace, JohnMellis, Alice Mellis, Alfred and Ina.
6-4 (8) Reverend Mr Vincent (Uncle).
7-1 (9) Reverend Mr Vincent (Uncle).
7-2 (9) Anne Vincent (Aunt).
7-3 (9) Willie Stace (son of Colonel Henry Stace, grandson of Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley).
7-4 (9) Georgie Stace (daughter of Colonel Henry Stace, granddaughter of Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley).
8-1 (10) Mr A Mowat, Senior.
8-2 (10) Mrs Mowat, Senior.
8-3 (10) Tom Mowat.
8-4 (10) Harry Mowat.
9-1 (11) Mrs Stace, nee Helen Mowat.
9-2 (11) Mrs Alex McRae, nee Kate Mowat.
9-3 (11) Mrs Nicholson, nee Barbara Mowat.
9-4 (11) Mrs W Sinclair, nee Sarah Mowat.
10-1 (12) Alex, Jack and Tom Mowat.
10-2 (12) Tom Mowat, died at Ashburton (Manager Bank).
10-3 (12) Mrs W Stace ? ? Otago.
10-4 (12) Mrs Forte Seymour, nee Alice May Stace.
11-1 (13) H.J. Stace, 1885.
11-2 (13) Mrs Hiley.
11-3 (13) Rev Willie Stace, Mrs Forte Seymour (Alice).
11-4 (13) Mrs Hiley, later Lady Chaytor.
12-1 (14) R Beaumont.
12-2 (14) M Wharton.
12-3 (14) H Westmacott Esq.
12-4 (14) Captain and Mrs G Buck-Heine.
13-1 (15) H A Ingles, 78th Highlanders.
13-2 (15) H.A. Ingles, 78th Highlanders.
13-3 (15) Mr Fred W Trolove, England.
13-4 (15) Mr Fred Trolove, Peter Trolove and Willie Trolove.
14-1 (16) Alfred Rogers.
14-2 (16) Alfred Rogers.
14-3 (16) Mr Pat Owen.
14-4 (16) Arthur Grimstone.
15-1 (17) R.E. McRae, (Uncle Dick).
15-2 (17) Mrs R.E. McRae, (Aunt Florrie).
15-3 (17) Nelson McRae, killed on the Bulls Race Course.
15-4 (17) H.A.I. Mowat.
16-1 (18) Uncle Nehemiah, drowned in Awatere River 1870. [1872]
16-2 (18) Mrs H McRae, (Aunt Hettie) died 1923.
16-3 (18) John Nicholson.
16-4 (18) Mrs Nicholson, nee Barbara Mowat.
17-1 (19) Mr Sandy Ingles, R.N.
17-2 (19) Mrs Ingles.
17-3 (19) John McRae, died in Australia.
17-4 (19) Lin Stace.

18-1 (20) George McRae, grandfather. [Label for Pioneer Portraits exhibition 2011: George McRae
Serious Accident. An accident, which might have been attended with the most serious consequences, occurred, about a fortnight ago at the Wairau, to Mr. Gr. McRae. He was engaged in superintending the preparation of some tobacco water for sheep dipping at his station at Blairich-when, in reaching over one of the boilers, his foot slipped, and his leg and thigh were plunged into the boiling liquid. Dr. Stuart was promptly in attendance, and, although at first the most serious apprehensions were entertained as to the result of the accident, we are happy to be able to state that Mr. McRae is now, it is hoped, out of danger, although a considerable time will probably elapse ere he thoroughly recovers.Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 19 May 1858.]

18-2 (20) Uncle William McRae, Alex McRae's father.
18-3 (20) P.R. McRae (Uncle Philip).
18-4 (20) Mrs P R McRae, Aunt Bertha.
19-1 (21) Aunt Bertha and Captain Scott, her father.
19-2 (21) Mrs P R McRae (Aunt Bertha).
19-3 (21) Mrs W McRae, Mrs Cannings mother.
19-4 (21) Mrs Canning (Kate and Bessie).
20-1 (22) Willie Sinclair, Uncle Willie.
20-2 (22) Mrs E.W Rose nee Katie Sinclair.
20-3 (22) Tom and Harry Mowat when at Nelson College.
20-4 (22) Mrs Alex McRae, nee Kate Mowat.
21-1 (23) Mrs George McRae, nee May .
21-2 (23) Mrs Hanna, nee Laura McRae.
21-3 (23) Mrs Hendrick, nee Miss Bailie.
21-4 (23) Mrs John Aiken.
22-1 (24) Mr Arthur MacAdam.
22-2 (24) Mrs MacAdam.
22-3 (24) Miss Simpson.
22-4 (24) Mrs Blackett, nee MacAdams.
23-1 (25) Mr Lockhart, May's Uncle.
23-2 (25) Mrs Barrisford, nee May Lockhart.

23-3 (25) Fred Bigg-Wither. [Label for Pioneeer Portraits exhibition 2011: Frederick Bigg Wither.
Frederick captained the Nelson College team in the first football match against the Nelson club played at Victory Square on 23 June 1869. On 1st July, 1874, he began work as an engineer to on the transalpine Railway Survey line from Amberley to Brunnerton, and later on the Hurunui-Waitaki Railway, including the Rangitata Bridge.].

23-4 (25) Mrs Hensthouse, 1867, nee Mary Fearon.
24-1 (26) P.R. McRae (Uncle Philip).
25-1 (27) Mrs P.R. McRae, Aunt Bertha.
26-1 (28) Harry Watson Stace.
27-1 (29) Mrs Swaby, nee Hilda Stace.
28-1 (30) Mr Gaynth.
28-2 (30) Mr Burke.
28-3 (30) Mr Collinson, Cefton.
28-4 (30) Lord C. Beresford.
29-1 (31) Mr I.G. Deck, Senior.
29-2 (31) Miss Deck.
29-3 (31) Alice Deck.
29-4 (31) Bishopdale, before it was added to.
30-1 (32) Mrs Welfrid.
30-2 (32) John Welfrid.
30-3 (32) Mrs Turner, nee ? Morris.
30-4 (32) John Welfrid.
31-1 (33) Willie, Frank and Fred Trolove.
31-2 (33) Uncle Dick McRae.
31-3 (33) Ken Mowat, 1865.
31-4 (33) Mrs Alex McRae, nee Kate McRae.
32-1 (34) John Drummond.
32-2 (34) Mrs Bennett, nee Helen Drummond.
32-3 (34) Mr Bennett.
32-4 (34) Tom Drummond.
33-1 (35) Willie Bennett.
33-2 (35) Miss McAdam.
33-3 (35) Willie Fannaurq, died 1918.
33-4 (35) Wilie Fannaurq, 1865, died 1918.
34-1 (36) Mr Aikinson.
34-2 (36) Mrs Aikinson.
34-3 (36) Mrs Carkeek, nee Edith Muller.
34-4 (36) Tom Nicholson.
35-1 (37) Mr George Henderson.
35-2 (37) Mrs George Henderson.
35-3 (37) J.B. Green, died 1920.
35-4 (37) Dr Johnston.
36-1 (38) Arther Orton, the pretender, 'Butcher'.
36-2 (38) The Real Sir Bergen Fichbornne.
36-3 (38) Mr Marce, the only two saved from the wreck of the 'Loch Ard'.
36-4 (38) Miss Carmichael, the only two saved from the wreck of the 'Loch Ard'.

37-1 (39) Alfred Bigg-Wither. [Label for Pioneer Portraits exhibition 2011: Alfred Bigg Wither.
Nelson College member of the First XV 1881-86. Captain 1883-86.].

37-2 (39) Lily Mellies.
37-3 (39) Tom and Willie Trolove, taken at Nelson College.
37-4 (39) Mr Firth, Leslie & ? McHardy.
38-1 (40) Miss Stace (Aunt Sophy).
38-2 (40) Mrs N McRae, (Aunt Hettie).
38-3 (40) Colonel E.V. Stace.
38-4 (40) Mrs Colonel E.V. Stace, Aunt Amy.
39-1 (41) Mr Bolton.
39-2 (41) Mr Jennings.
39-3 (41) Alex Mowat.
39-4 (41) J.T. Mowat.
40-1 (42) W Graham, B.A., Dublin University.
40-2 (42) Ronald Muir Grant.
40-3 (42) Mrs Maddox, Senior.
40-4 (42) Mr Maddox, Senior.
41-1 (43) Hugh Mellies.
41-2 (43) Mrs Colonel Walter Stace, Aunt Janie, daughter of Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley.
41-3 (43) Gordon Gibson.
41-4 (43) Mrs Gordon Gibson, Katie McRae.
42-1 (44) F. Bakewell, M.A.
42-2 (44) I.M. Smith, Durham College England.
42-3 (44) A.W. Blake, B.A. Trinity College Cambridge.
42-4 (44) Harold Ellis, Nelson College.
43-1 (45) Tom Nicholson.
43-2 (45) Alfred Stace, Civil Engineer, Nigeria.
43-3 (45) Mrs Breen, nee Amy Sinclair.
43-4 (45) Ken Phin Mowat.
44-1 (46) Alex Mowat.
44-2 (46) Miss Helena Rothery, aged 27 years.
44-3 (46) Major Edmund Lockyer, 57th Regiment, 1784-1860 (collectable card).
44-4 (46) Major General H Lockyer, 97th Regiment (collectable card).
45-1 (47) John Nicholson.
45-2 (47) Mrs Sandy Ingles.
45-3 (47) Bertha Stace.
45-4 (47) Kenny Stace.
46-1 (48) Memorial plaque for Jessie Herbertina, wife of Captain George Ruck-Keene, R.N.

Year Range from 1880
Object ID 2009.135.0010
Object Name Album, Photograph
People Aiken, John Mrs.
Aikinson, Mr.
Aikinson, Mrs.
Bailie, Miss (later Hendrick)
Bakewell, F. Mr.
Ball, F.J.W. Mr.
Barrisford, Mary (nee Lockhart)
Beaumont, Annette
Beaumont, R. Mr.
Bell, Sarah McRae (formerly Sinclair, nee Mowat)
Bennett, Helen (nee Drummond)
Bennett, Mr.
Bennett, Willie
Beresford, C., Lord
Bigg-Wither, Alfred
Bigg-Wither, Frederick
Blackett, Mrs. (nee MacAdams)
Blake, A.W. Mr.
Bolton, Mr.
Breen, Amy Mildred Alice (nee Sinclair)
Buck-Heine, G., Captain
Buck-Heine, G., Mrs.
Burke, Mr.
Canning, Bessie
Canning, Kate
Carkeek, Edith (nee Muller)
Carmichael, Miss
Chaytor, Jane (later Stace)
Chaytor, Louisa Jane (formerly Hiley, nee Collins)
Collinson, Mr.
Deck, Alice
Deck, I.G. Senior
Deck, Miss
Drummond, Helen (later Bennett)
Drummond, Helen (later Bennett)
Drummond, John
Drummond, Tom
Ellis, Harold
Fannaurq, Willie
Fearon, Mary (later Hensthouse)
Fichbornne, Bergen, Sir
Firth, Mr.
Gaynth, Mr.
Gibson, Gordon
Gibson, Gordon Mrs.
Graham, W. Mr.
Grant, Ronald Muir
Green, J.B. Mr.
Grimstone, Arthur
Hanna, Laura (nee McRae)
Henderson, George Mr.
Henderson, George Mrs.
Hendrick, Miss (nee Bailie)
Hendrick, Mrs. (nee Bailie)
Hensthouse, Mary (nee Fearon)
Herbertina, Jessie (later Ruck-Keene)
Hiley, Louisa Jane (nee Collins, later Chaytor)
Ingles, H.A. Mr.
Ingles, Mrs.
Ingles, Sandy Mr.
Ingles, Sandy Mrs.
Jennings, Mr.
Johnston, Dr.
Leslie, Mr.
Lockhart, Mary (later Barrisford)
Lockhart, Mary (later Barrisford)
Lockhart, Mr.
Lockyer, Edmund Major
Lockyer, H. Major General
MacAdam, Arthur Mr.
MacAdam, Mrs.
MacAdams, Miss (later Blackett)
Maddox, Mr., Senior
Maddox, Mrs., Senior
March, Mr.
McAdam, Miss
McHardy, Mr.
McRae, Alex Mr.
McRae, Bertha (nee Scott)
McRae, Dick
McRae, Florrie Mrs.
McRae, George
McRae, Hettie Mrs.
McRae, John
McRae, Kate (nee Mowat)
McRae, Kate (nee Mowat)
McRae, Katie
McRae, Laura (later Hanna)
McRae, Marjory (May) (later Mowat)
McRae, N. Mrs.
McRae, Nehemiah
McRae, Nelson
McRae, Philip
McRae, Philip Roderick
McRae, R.E. Mr.
McRae, W. Mrs.
McRae, William
Mellies, Alice
Mellies, Hugh
Mellies, John
Mellies, Lily
Morris, Miss (later Turner)
Mowat, Alexander (Junior)
Mowat, Alexander (Senior)
Mowat, Barbara Gunn (later Nicholson)
Mowat, Helen McRae (later Stace)
Mowat, Henry Anthony Ingles (Harry)
Mowat, John Tinline
Mowat, Kate McRae (later McRae)
Mowat, Kenneth Phin
Mowat, Marjory (May) (nee McRae)
Mowat, Sarah McRae (later Sinclair, later Bell)
Mowat, Thomas Renwick
Muller, Edith (later Carkeek)
Nicholson, Barbara Gunn (nee Mowat)
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, Tom
Orton, Arther
Owen, Pat Mr.
Rogers, Alfred
Rose, Kate Lilian (Katie) (nee Sinclair)
Rothery, Helena, Miss
Ruck-Keene, George Captain
Ruck-Keene, Jessie (nee Herbertina)
Sabine Pasley, Thomas, Sir
Scott, Bertha (later McRae)
Scott, Captain
Seymour, Alice May (nee Stace)
Simpson, Miss
Sinclair, Amy Mildred Alice (later Breen)
Sinclair, Kate Lilian (Katie) (later Rose)
Sinclair, Sarah McRae (nee Mowat, later Bell)
Sinclair, William
Smith, I.M.
Stace, Alexander William Crawley (Will)
Stace, Alfred
Stace, Alice May (later Seymour)
Stace, Amy M.
Stace, Bertha Helena
Stace, Edward
Stace, Edward Vincent
Stace, G.H., Captain
Stace, George
Stace, George Everard Maunsell
Stace, Harry Watson
Stace, Helen McRae (nee Mowat)
Stace, Henry Joseph (Harry) (Junior)
Stace, Henry Joseph (Harry) (Senior)
Stace, Hilda (later Swaby)
Stace, Ina
Stace, Kenneth Phin (Kenny)
Stace, Mrs.
Stace, Sophia
Stace, W. (Colonel)
Stace, W. Mrs.
Stace, Walter Henry Alexander (Lin)
Stace, Walter M.
Swaby, Hilda (nee Stace)
Trolove, Frank
Trolove, Fred
Trolove, Fred W.
Trolove, Peter
Trolove, Tom
Trolove, Willie
Turner, Mrs. (nee Morris)
Vincent, Anne
Vincent, Reverend
Welfrid, John
Welfrid, John, Mrs.
Westmacott, H.
Wharton, Mr.
Title Helen Stace Family Album
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