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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
0000.500.0225 Clipping       29/4/1987
0000.500.0226 Clipping       12/11/2002
0000.500.0241 Bankdraft       27 March 1984
0000.800.1204 Whistle        
0000.900.0740 Photograph Mail Coach outside Government Buildings, Blenhem 1894     1894
0000.900.0889 Photograph Sorting parcels in the Post Office     1950s
0000.900.1203 Photograph The mail coach leaving Molesworth Station Brayshaw, Norman Henry   copied 1966
0000.900.1220 Photograph Havelock Post Office and Town Hall about 1880     copied 1961
0000.900.1221 Photograph Havelock Post Office 1927     March 1927
0000.900.1222 Photograph Miss Dollimores Post Office, Rai valley about 1914 - 1918     Copied 1960s
0000.900.1223 Photograph Opening the Post Office, Rai valley     1924
0000.900.1224 Photograph Royal mail truck outside the Post Office, Rai valley     8 October 1957
0000.900.1225 Photograph Deep Creek Post Office and Hotel     October 1904
0000.900.1226 Photograph Canvastown Post Office about 1950     1950s
0000.900.1227 Photograph Canvastown Post Office about 1950     copied 1960
0000.900.1228 Photograph Okaramio Post Office about 1925     copied 1962
0000.900.1229 Photograph Okaramio Post Office about 1925     1920s
0000.900.1230 Photograph Opening of the Post Office at Tira Ora Homestead Akersten, James Raglan   1914
0000.900.1231 Photograph Post Office and Customs Department at Picton     Copied 1961
0000.900.1232 Photograph Portage homestead in the Kenepuru Sounds in 1908     Copied 1963
0000.900.1234 Photograph Portage homestead in the Kenepuru Sounds in 1908     1940s
0000.900.1235 Photograph Mr Bernard Robert Paton collecting his mail from the mail boat Brayshaw, Norman Henry   1962
0000.900.1236 Photograph Delivering mail and supplies to the homestead and batch owners in Elaine Ba Brayshaw, Norman Henry   1962
0000.900.1237 Photograph Robin Hood bay     1890s
0000.900.1238 Photograph Endeavour Inlet antimony mine Burton Brothers   1880s
0000.900.1239 Photograph Blenheim central Post Office     1880s
0000.900.1240 Photograph Maypole in front of the Marlborough High School, 1913     1913
0000.900.1241 Photograph Tua Marina's first Post Office.      
0000.900.1242 Negative, Film Top Valley Post Office.     1910s
0000.900.1243 Photograph Te Rou homestead     copied 1960
0000.900.1244 Photograph Jordan Accommodation House      
0000.900.1245 Photograph Wairau Valley Coach outside the Waihopai Hotel     copied 1960
0000.900.1246 Photograph Hapuku Store, R.F. Spensley & Co.      
1984.028.0001 Switchboard        
1991.124.0033 Plaque        
1995.015.0185 Album, Photograph Blenheim Post Office through the years   Marlborough  
2000.062.0001 Flag        
2000.215.0035 Stamp, Date        
2005.008.0003 Newspaper Marlborough Express flood special   Blenheim July 15 1983
2005.193.0008 Bankbook        
2009.067.0005 Photograph Mud whare on Hillersden Brayshaw, Norman Henry Wairau Valley/Hillersden copied 1962
2009.067.0069 Photograph Aniseed Village Camp late 1930s   Kaikoura/Aniseed late 1930s
FSA2009.001.0001 Shed       1850s
L2012.008.0001 Photograph Budge Street Post Office   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0002 Photograph Grove Bush Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0003 Photograph Rapaura Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0004 Photograph Redwoodtown Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0005 Photograph Spring Creek Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0006 Photograph Tua Marina Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0007 Photograph Grove Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0008 Photograph Koromiko Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0010 Photograph Momorangi Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0011 Photograph Para Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0012 Photograph Picton Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0013 Photograph Picton Post Office post box.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0014 Photograph Resolution Bay Homestead Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0015 Photograph Waikawa Bay Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0016 Photograph Mahakipawa Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0017 Photograph Clova Bay mail boxes.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0018 Photograph Elaine Bay Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0019 Photograph French Pass Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0020 Photograph French Pass Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0021 Photograph Manaroa Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0022 Photograph Wakatahuri Post Office with Elspeth Wells.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0023 Photograph Wakatahuri Post Office.   Blenheim  
L2012.008.0024 Photograph Kaituna Post Office.     23 December 1972
L2012.008.0025 Photograph Kaituna Postmaster     23 December 1972
L2012.008.0026 Photograph Renwick Post Office      
L2012.008.0027 Photograph Wairau Valley Post Office      
L2012.008.0028 Photograph Woodbourne air force Post Office     1950s
L2012.008.0029 Photograph Kekerengu Post Office     1930s
L2012.008.0030 Photograph Oaro Post Office     1925
L2012.008.0031 Photograph Seddon Post Office     1980s
L2012.008.0032 Photograph South Bay Post Office, Kaikoura     1960s
L2012.008.0033 Photograph Clarence Bridge Store and Post Office     1960s
L2012.008.0034 Photograph Kaikoura Post Office     1983
L2012.008.0035 Photograph Kaikoura Post Office, 1953     1953
L2012.008.0036 Photograph Ward Post Office     1960s
L2012.008.0037 Photograph Closed Mangamaunu Post Office     1959
L2012.008.0039 Plaque       1912
L2012.008.0042 Box, Money        
L2012.008.0043 Bankbook        
L2012.008.0044 Box, Money        
L2012.008.0045 Bankbook        
L2012.008.0046 Bankbook        
L2012.008.0047 Book        
RML0.900.0770 Photograph Picton Post office     circa 1930
RML0.900.0850 Photograph High Street in Renwick   Renwick  
RML0.900.1050 Photograph Renwick Post Office New Mail Delivery Sevice   Renwick  

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