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Record 27/83
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Collection MHS (unaccessioned) Archives
Date 1876
Abstract A sepia photograph originally taken by William Henry Macey and made into a postcard. On the front is, "Cabinet Portrait, William H. Macey, Blenheim." On the back is, "From the studio of William H. Macey photographer Blenheim, N.Z. Copies may be had."

Allen Hale has written on the back in pencil, "A.M. Hale." And postcard is stamped with, "A.M. Hale Collection".

Information about the picture as typed by Norm Brayshaw: "A flood swept Market Square about 1876. The Presbyterian Church is in the distance on the left. The bridge over Collie's hollow is at the back of the group of people by Scott's bakery shop. The name Collie's hollow arises from the position of Collies early photo[graph] studio which was on the bend of the line of shops as Market Street leaves Market place."

There are three copies of the photograph in the same packet as this postcard (see catalogue records 0000.900.0771 for the Brayshaw copy photograph and 2009.067.0030 for the two unknown copies).

Caption 28
Central Blenheim flood, about 1876. The muddy foreground takes in the Northern corner of unsealed Market Place. Looking along Market Street North, we see the Presbyterians' first-built St Andrew's Church, standing at the far end of Russell Terrace.

The middle group, on the right, are on the bridge over Collie's Hollow. Most of the flood water is sitting in this low lying area, which was eventually filled in. Pedestrians usually kept clear of Collie's Hollow by walking along either side of Market Street North, on raised board walks. We can see that the board walk is just clear of the water, and that it continues round the line of shops on Market Street North continuing from Market Place.

Object ID 0000.500.0084
Object Name Postcard
People Macey, William Henry
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