Gold Mining Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
0000.500.0079 Ticket       copied unknown
0000.800.0305 Apparatus, Assay        
0000.800.0306 Gad        
0000.800.0307 Mortar & Pestle        
0000.800.0308 Tripod        
0000.800.0309 Tin        
0000.800.0310 Drawing Miner with Sluice Box Matthews, Prudence J.   c.1997
0000.800.0311 Drawing Miner with water pump Matthews, Prudence J.   c.1997
0000.800.0312 Truck, Tub        
0000.800.0313 Wheelbarrow        
0000.900.0757 Photograph Gold Sluicing at Kumara     copied unknown
0000.900.0758 Photograph Gold from Deep Lead Claim, Waikakaho     copied unknown
0000.900.0759 Photograph Never Surrender Claim, Mahakipawa Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0761 Photograph Wakamarina Gorge Claim Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0762 Photograph Cullensville, Mahakipawa Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0763 Photograph Hibernian Claim, Mahakipawa Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0764 Photograph Grand National Hotel, Cullensville     copied unknown
0000.900.0765 Photograph Cullensville in late 1888 Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0766 Photograph National Bank, Cullensville, 1890 Tyree   copied unknown
0000.900.0767 Photograph Miner's Arms Hotel, Cullensville.     copied unknown
0000.900.0768 Photograph Greensill & Co. General Store, Cullensville.     copied unknown
1958.005.0001 Pan, Miner's        
1996.090.0011 Apparatus, Assay        
1996.090.0012 Drill        
1996.090.0013 Shovel        
1996.090.0014 Helmet        
1996.090.0015 Apparatus, Assay        
1996.090.0016 Pick        
1996.090.0017 Candlestick        
1996.090.0018 Mould, Ingot        
1996.090.0020 Spoon        
1996.090.0021 Crusher, Ore        
2005.080.0002 Billy        

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