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Record 104/499
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Collection Dobson Collection
Description 1 large box of surveyor's equipment and ?books. These items were kept by Archives.

A large flat wooden box was found in Archives by Manager Megan Ross in March 2012, on Bay 275/Shelf A, that is part of the Dobson collection. It is the box in record 1993.116.0386. A note in this box has the following:

"Instruments used by Alfred Dobson, Civil engineer, Surveyor in Marlborough, etc., Architect.

Oblong protractor as used in early times and also during 1939-45 war a surveyor of then saw this older type used. The half circle type were in common use at schools etc. in the 1920s etc.

Parallel ruler.

2 Keys - 1 brass, 1 iron would be used to adjust or lock into position survey instrument such as a theodolite.

The 3 pointed instruments would be used for fine drawing and writing, e.g. in colour, instruments.

The glass ovals and spheres. Some are magnifying ones. ?used in a telescope - observing comet Transit of Venus etc. The brass in a double layer is a paper fastener or holder of early type, when it is opened out flat projections are found onto which papers can be fastened."

The objects mentioned above, except for the protractor, are in a chocolate box located in the Museum storeroom by Jenny Pierson in August 2012.

Dobson's surveying chain is not in the box and may have been donated at an earlier time. Object 0000.800.0165 is believed to be Dobson's chain, with no corroborating evidence, apart from being known as Dobson's Chain.
Object ID 1993.116.0004
Object Name Box
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