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Record 16/67
Billy Carr's Hardware shop: No caption, but includes various tools and hardware. There are two unreadable labels, one is on a bristle brush. Labels that can be read include, Treadle grinder, Metal butter churn, 8-pint Kenrick relic from a gold site, "Stop that banging door with a Simplex", Milk or butterfat tester 1903, Auger used by carpenters, "The Acme 14 inch" washing machine wringer. On the right side near the top is a white and black label which has hand written on it, "Code 500 W.Carr. This refers to the Bernice Adams list of 1984 made of items then in W.Carr's shop. Bernice doesn't use the Carr code, however, instead she started at 1. Part of the Brayshaw Park, Beavertown photographic inventory, taken by Roger Thwaites about 1985 (see accession notes).
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