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Page 11 of 27: Three views of the Alfred Street bridge and two views of the High Street, Seymour Street intersection. 1. Black and white photograph of the wooden Alfred Street Bridge with a horse drawn vehicle crossing it. This bridge crossed the Omaka river (now Taylor River) and connected Alfred Street to Grove Road. The Literary Institute (later Blenheim Borough Council chambers) can be seen with the two pillars on the left hand side. The Criterion Hotel is in the distance and Frank Paine Decorator is on the tall building on the right, next to the Refreshment Rooms. 2. & 3. The two coloured now photographs are taken at a similar time, probably the 1980s, and show the same view but with modern buildings. The bridge is now iron, painted blue, and Frank Paine's place has been taken over by a Bakery. The Criterion Hotel is still there. The Alfred Street bridge still crosses the river here. The High Street bridge was demolished when the new road bridge was put in beside the railway bridge. 4. Then view of the High Street intersection with Seymour Street, possibly taken in the early 1900s. Power poles line the left hand side of the street and a horse drawn vehicle competes with a motor car on the street. The wooden fence on the left hand side is in front of the Marlborough Gentlemen's Club, at this time run by George and Annie Dwyer. The fence on the right hand side is along the side of Seymour Square. The big white concrete building on the left, receiving attention from some workmen, is Dalgety & Co., Stock and station agents, auctioneers, grain and seed merchants, who's warehouse can be seen on page 9. 5. The coloured now view, probably taken in the 1980s, has a round-about in the middle of the intersection. The wooden fence along the side of Seymour Square has been replaced with a concrete one. Cars are much more prolific. The Marlborough Club and its fence have gone and Dalgety's has been replaced by a new building housing Solicitors Gascoigne Wicks and Co.
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