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Page 9 of 27: One view of The Marlborough Express Office in 1975. And three views of Sinclair Street, Blenheim. 1. On the left in image 1 is a coloured photograph of The Marlborough Express building in High Street taken in 1975 (see page 8 for other information about The Marlborough Express.) 2. This is a now view, probably taken in the 1980s. It is taken from the Dillons Point Road intersection where it crossed the railway lines. The railway station can be seen in the distance and in the distance on the right is the Sinclair Street-Auckland Street-Grove Road intersection. The Caltex Service Station with the red roof is in the triangle where Grove Road and Sinclair Street meet. What was once Dalgety's Stores is the tall white building beyond the service station. 3. This is the then photograph. It shows the big concrete building that was Dalgety's Stores, erected AD 1912 in the sections between Sinclair Street and Grove Road. There are at least five horse and cart teams, with drivers, ready to unload their massive loads of sacks of grain, brought from various outlying farms. 4. This is another now photograph, probably taken in the 1980s. It shows the relatively new Caltex Service Station on the corner of Sinclair Street and Grove Road, standing where the horse and cart team on the right is standing in the previous photograph.
Dalgety's Stores and The Marlborough Express building -Don Furness - Marlborough Then and Now -Copyright Marlborough Museum - Marlborough Historical Society Inc

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