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Page 7 of 27: Two views of High Street taken from the Seymour Street intersection looking down and through Market Place to Lower High Street. And two views of Market Place looking through into Market Street North. 1. A view of High Street from Seymour Street looking through Market Place into Lower High Street taken in 1870. The sign on the building on the left is not quite readable. The two-storied brick building beside it is the BNZ (Bank of New Zealand), sold to them by the Union Bank in 1868. Later, in 1878, the BNZ sell this building and site to The Marlborough Express and the new BNZ takes over the site of the Royal Oak Hotel, visible here on the right hand side on the corner of Market Place and Lower High Street with a large awning across the front. Back on the left hand side the General & Furnishing, Ironmongers, seen on page 2, is visible across the road from the Royal Oak Hotel. The large building on the right, with the ladder (presumably the fire escape) and the lamp on a pole outside, is John Ewart's Club Hotel. 2. This is the now picture taken from the Seymour Square intersection. It is undated, but probably taken in the 1980s, the "Boulder Banks" can just be seen through the band rotunda. The third Post Office is gone and what used to be the bottle-neck into Queen Street is opened up. Queen Street itself has replaced the two furtherest away buildings on the right, before the Royal Oak Hotel. The Club Hotel has been replaced by the cream and green Seymour Building on the right. A glimpse of the Lower High Street traffic bridge is visible in the far distance with the Give Way signs and the Phoenix palm. 3. An undated view of Market Place looking North down Market Street North. It is a Macey photograph, taken in the early 1900s. In the middle of the square, a man with his bicycle and pet dog stops and chats with an elderly man with a walking stick. The National Bank is on the extreme left. Next to it is L. Rabone & Co., printers, and next to them is merchant, John Holmes and Co. The white horse stands outside the New Zealand Clothing Factory, and the little girl is outside Healys. The Criterion Hotel is big and proud on the corner with Alfred Street and the Presbyterian Church is on the opposite side of the road. A sign for W. Curtis can be seen before the right hand side corner building with the large awning. On the back, this postcard is addressed to Miss L. Sheat, Richmond, Nelson, and it is postmarked Seddon, 23 July 1907. "Just a few lines to ask you if you are coming over at Christmas. If you are Mum said that you must come out and stay a week with us. We are having our winter holidays from school now. Love from all [from Olive has been crossed out] Avery. Write soon, give my love to [name crossed out]." 4. This is the now view of Market Place looking North down Market Place North. On the left hand side, the National Bank building is still there, spruced up with white paint and a brown awning. Rabone's and John Holmes have been taken over by Telecom. Hallensteins and Millers take up much of the rest of this side, with the Criterion Hotel still at the end of the street. On the right hand side, the large building with the awning is still there, now painted white with new windows. The rest is obscured by the "Boulder Bank".
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